Treatment of hot tubs

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Water Treatment( Hydrotherapy)

For the treatment of rheumatism

For full bath, take 1 kg of rot, for half - ½ kg, for a sit - ¼ of kg, bath hands or feet - 4 handfuls.The deadline for the bath with water at 37 ° C -5-20 minutes, depending on the patient's condition.In the treatment of rheumatism and certain other diseases, many healers recommend a hot bath of hay dust duration of 20 minutes, and more often - 45 minutes, sometimes an hour.If the heart is strong, it is necessary to take these baths a day, and with a good heart - every day.For the treatment of rheumatism requires from 30 to 50 baths.

Bay hay dust with cold water, bring it to a boil and boil for half an hour.Typically, for simplicity, dust prior to boiling in a canvas bag is placed and cooked therein.A decoction of it is added to the bath.This kind of bath is very beneficial effect when starting blood poisoning, when the frozen member, with scrofulous condition.

the treatment baths with hay dust is recommended to drink grapefruit juice.This juice eliminates fluid in jo

ints and sinuses.Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day.

Hay trash is rich in various essential oils, thus producing skin irritation.Extremely useful in the treatment of metabolic, during injection of sand and stones, with podagrorevmaticheskom state, with cramps, colitis gallbladder, stomach.


Hot baths for arms used in the local inflammatory processes, chronic skin diseases and as a reducing agent after injuries and limb fractures.This procedure is of great benefit when panaritiums, dislocation of the wrist, asthma, seizures and pulmonary emphysema.

water temperature for a hot bath should be 40 ° C or above, so that it put up your hands.Water should be poured into a bowl and immerse it in his hands.Taking a bath is useful to move the fingers: it increases blood circulation and makes the procedure more efficient.After the bath, you need to rinse your hands with cold water and dry them with a towel.

procedure can be repeated for 12-14 days, 2-3 times a day.

With hot baths for hands can significantly alleviate the condition of asthma.Those who suffer from this terrible disease, it is recommended to do hot baths for hands 3-4 times a day.Brushes need to be immersed in water for a few seconds, then immediately rinse with cold water and dry with a towel.

local Hot baths help to quickly get rid of a disease like felon.The greatest effect can be achieved if the felon has not yet begun to fester: then the procedure will relieve the pain and relieve inflammation.To enhance the effect of the bath, you need to be immersed in hot water is not just one finger, and the whole hand around the elbow.The frequency of procedures - 3-4 times a day, time - 10 seconds.

Hot baths for arms used in the treatment of sinusitis, chronic colds, flu and bronchitis.To do this, strip to the waist and lower your hands in a basin or bucket with water temperature 37-38 ° C.The back and the chest should be bundled up with a blanket, which is necessary to cover the pelvis and that the water does not cool down longer.When the tub begins to cool off, you need to add in a basin of hot water, gradually raising the temperature to 41-42 ° C.

procedure to complete, when on his forehead sweat, then it is recommended to take a shower, rub the whole body with a towel, go to bed and drink a glass of sweatshop tea with honey and lemon.SPA baths for hands with colds should take one day, preferably at bedtime.


feet Hot foot baths - the perfect remedy for colds.In a bucket, pour hot water at such a temperature that can endure, and lower legs in it.As the cooling poured into the bucket of hot water.To bath operated more efficiently, to add to the water a little mustard powder.The procedure should continue until such time until the forehead does not deliver perspiration.Take a bath, wash in the shower, and then lie down in bed and drink a glass of sweatshop tea.

Gipertemicheskie bath

Indications: polyneuritis, iridocyclitis, polyoma in predparalichesky period septitsemin, salpingitis, otitis, gonococcal arthritis.

Contraindications: increased cerebrospinal pressure, brain edema, open tuberculosis, extensive pneumonia, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, koronarity, hypertension, phlebitis acute cirrhosis.

Simple or with leaves of walnut or yellow turpentine solution.Sit in the tub (T 37 ° C).gradually raising the temperature to 41-43 C (12-15 minutes).Staying at the attained temperature for 4-5 minutes, then get out, wrapped in a sheet and 2-3 woolen blankets and 45 minutes to sweat, taking a hot drink.Then dry off and go to bed (well sheltered) for at least 2 hours.