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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Eyes

Someone might say that the "bags" under the eyes - this is only a cosmetic problem.Some people think, well, do not get enough sleep today and tomorrow, I know and I do not remember.But if looking in the mirror every morning, you see swelling on the face, this is reason to think, but only whether lack of sleep is the reason?

To make it clearer, let's say a few words about the anatomy of the eye socket.Eyeball - quite fragile body and needs to be protected.Therefore, in the orbit it is surrounded by fatty tissue that protects and absorbs it.From the delicate eyelid skin is an impressive amount of fat, called periorbital fiber separates the thin layer of connective tissue (membrane).It does not allow the periorbital tissue extend beyond the orbit.

Anatomy of the eye socket.Figure 1 periocular tissue, eyeball 2, 3 membrane

Causes of bags under the eyes

reasons for the appearance of "bags" under the eyes is a decrease in elasticity and hyperextension of the membrane and the formation of its bulging

herniation, which we see as "bag".About three years ago and proved Another reason is the expansion of the most fiber, increasing its volume and protrusion beyond the orbit.Even a slight bulging of fat would not be as much, if not its ability to accumulation of fluid.

swelling significantly increase the amount of adipose tissue of the orbit and caused by many reasons.Here are some: salt and alcohol abuse, which lead to fluid retention in the body, excessive UV exposure (skin, defending, stores moisture), eye strain.

If the cause of "bags" under the eyes is fluid retention, then in the afternoon they usually disappear.This is due to the activation of blood circulation during wakefulness and relief diversion of excess fluid from the upper half of the body.

If the "bags" under the eyes do not change during the day, then blame the proliferation of fiber here.Most often observed genetic predisposition to this defect, the skin over it gets dark, it only exacerbates the problem visually.

With age also there is a decrease of tissue elasticity and the gradual increase in the amount of fiber, and it is in the lower half of the eye socket.Therefore, with age the appearance of "bags" under the eyes become more frequent and requires less trigger factors.In addition, the older the patient, the greater the likelihood of disease promoting fluid retention.

the photo eye bags

disease caused by the appearance of bags under the eyes

The first thing the doctor thinks it is accessed a patient with "bags" under the eyes - it kidney disease.In such a case, swelling of the face appear quickly (within a few hours), combined with the general weakness, fever, pain in the lumbar region, the change in color, transparency and the amount of urine.All of the above is typical for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, which are often complications of colds, tonsillitis, cystitis (bladder inflammation).

additional factor for the occurrence of edema in this case is the loss of the protein albumin in the urine.Albumin is a plasma, and it contributes to the retention of water.Healthy kidneys do not let it get in the urine.But kidney disease and impaired function in the laboratory can identify the selection of a particular protein in the general analysis of urine.You can also recommend a complete blood count, which shows signs of inflammation and renal ultrasound.Do not interfere, and blood pressure control.

Inflammatory diseases of paranasal sinuses nose also can cause swelling of the tissue surrounding the eye.Respiratory sinus - a saccular expansion of bone associated with the nasal cavity and performing the function of moistening and warming inhaled air.If marked pain in the projection of the paranasal sinuses (with one or two sides), rhinitis (sometimes reinforced on the affected side), fever, headaches, it speaks for the diagnosis.Inflammation can be a viral or bacterial origin.Diagnosis is based on survey and examination of the patient, supported by the data of X-ray studies and a general blood test (to detect signs of inflammation).Inflammation of the maxillary (maxillary) sinuses called sinusitis.She paired and located on either side of the nose under the eye sockets.The front is an inflammation of the frontal sinus, which is located on the right and left of the bridge just above the eyebrows.

For allergic diseases also characterized by swelling under the eyes.Allergic inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes (conjunctivitis) may develop hypersensitivity to certain substances (allergens) and manifested by redness and swelling of the eyes, itching in the eyes.Marked seasonality of these symptoms are associated with flowering trees and grass.In such a case as a contact with the alleged (or known) as soon as possible to stop the allergen and to see a doctor for treatment.

Conjunctivitis can be allergic not only nature, but also infectious and chemical.The bacteria enter the sensitive mucous membrane of the eyes in case of violation of rules of hygiene with dirty hands, cosmetics and make-up appliances.Irritability has dust and air pollution, poor-quality cosmetics.The causes of conjunctivitis will understand ophthalmologist and prescribe treatment in accordance with the identified cause of the disease.

separate line in the group of swelling around the eyes is an acute allergic nature allergic swelling (angioedema).This is a rapidly developing an allergic reaction, which can be life-threatening.If you notice that after contact with any substance suddenly appears very quickly swelling of the face and neck, dry hacking cough, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, the urgent need to call an ambulance.Angioedema affects not only the subcutaneous tissue, and muscle and mucous membranes.During an allergic reaction allocated substances which greatly increase vascular permeability and liquid protein.If laryngeal edema walls hindered the penetration of air into the lungs and people can suffocate.During the summer Angioedema often develops after the bite of insects (wasps, bees, flies), especially if the bite occurred in a place rich in blood vessels and close to the head.

Some acute respiratory viral infection (ARI) also occur with symptoms of conjunctivitis, periorbital edema, and fiber.They combine themselves phenomena eye irritation, runny nose (rhinitis), fever and sore throat.This is characteristic of adenovirus infection.

A few words should be said about hypothyroidism .Lack of production of thyroid hormones is manifested by nonspecific symptoms, among which is swelling of the face, arms, legs, internal organs, violation of general metabolism in the deceleration side (obesity, constipation, slow pulse, and speech, loss of memory and attention, dry skin, hair loss andnails).In the advanced form miksedema- develop swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue in its entirety, elastic without leaving holes.It confirms the diagnosis by laboratory study in which detected reduction in thyroid hormone levels in the blood and using adequate doses endocrinologist appointed replacement therapy.

If the "bags" under the eyes combined with pain in left side of chest, palpitations, shortness of breath on exertion, swelling of the feet, then the most likely cause of the disease is heart.Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to cope with the pumping of blood through the body and organs (including the heart itself) suffers from lack of oxygen and nutrients.Swelling in heart failure first appear on the feet and gradually "rise" above, if not treated appropriately.Swelling of the face and around the eyes can be a sign of threatening anasarca - edema throughout the subcutaneous tissue and internal organs, which threatens the life of the patient.To confirm the ECG is assigned to heart disease and heart ultrasound (echocardiogram), control of blood pressure and blood lipids.

Equally often bags under the eyes occur in both women and men, but men are much less likely to pay attention to this symptom and, as a consequence, later to seek advice from a doctor.Often there are bags under the eyes and in children.

bags under the eyes of the child

appearance of bags under the eyes of a child does not necessarily indicate a health problem.Bags under the eyes of healthy children appear in the following cases: after long crying or screaming child after excessive fluid consumption or salty foods, after sleeping in a position where the baby's head is located below the torso.

If the bags under the eyes of the child is not related to the disease, they are on their own after eliminating the causes.The appearance of bags under the eyes of a child can be caused by the same diseases as adults, and in this case the medical consultation is required.You should consult a pediatrician in the event that:

  • bags under the eyes of the child suddenly appeared, accompanied by watery eyes, redness of eyes, clear nasal discharge, anxiety.In this case, likely to have an allergy (angioedema), in which the immediate help of the doctor is required.
  • under eye bags are combined with fever, headache, back pain, violation of urination (frequent or infrequent urination, blood in the urine).These symptoms indicate renal disease.
  • Bags under the eyes are accompanied by a bulging fontanelle, anxiety, crying baby.The probable cause of swelling under the eyes of the child in this case is the increased intracranial pressure.
  • Bags under the eyes do not go for a long time, are increasing over time, observed throughout the day.

bags under the eyes in pregnancy

appearance of bags under the eyes often during pregnancy is normal and is caused by water retention in the body solii pregnant.Excess fluid accumulates in adipose tissue and subcutaneous fat, causing the appearance of bags under the eyes, weight gain, increased skin moisture.

But the appearance of swelling under the eyes in a pregnant woman can also indicate kidney disease, preeclampsia (dropsy) pregnancy or other diseases, life-threatening not only the expectant mother, but also the fetus, therefore, need timely consultation of obstetrician-gynecologist and always Urinalysisfor pathology exception.

Treatment of bags under the eyes

Treatment of "bags" under the eyes in the home is possible only if it is the cause of swelling of the fiber, not the pathological proliferation, and if the swelling does not appear due to an illness.In this case, from folk remedies recommend the restoration work and rest, avoiding harmful habits, diet with the correct salt content, trace elements, vitamins and fiber.

From beauty of folk remedies can help remove bags under the eyes, cold and hot compresses with tincture of herbs (sage, chamomile, tea, dill, fennel).Perhaps the use of self-massage and daily exercises to strengthen the eye muscles.After consulting the doctor-cosmetician you professional hardware can be recommended.The most radical means of combating the "bags" under the eyes is a surgery - blepharoplasty

I would like to warn against irrational use of drugs not intended for the treatment of edema.In my practice was a case where the swelling on the face (on the advice of friends) patient applied the ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids.Needless to say that this has led to disastrous results in the form of irritation and long-term treatment by a dermatologist.Skin age is very delicate and requires special care.

Without the advice of a doctor should not be used, and diuretics.This can lead to imbalance in the body of trace elements such as potassium and sodium, which is fraught with serious violations of the heart.

«bags» under the eyes by themselves do not bring them to the carrier no pain, no discomfort and only spoil the appearance.But if they are the cause of serious diseases, the delay in the time of circulation to the doctor may adversely affect their prognosis.Incorrect treatment of kidney and heart disease often leads to irreversible changes in these organs, life-threatening.Allergic diseases may signal the start of asthma.

To which the doctor ask for bags under the eyes

All nuances to understand the power of the doctor only.In such cases, in addition to the doctor - cosmetologist, to eliminate disease as a cause of edema periorbital fat, you need to visit the doctor - therapist.Consulting specialists are suitable only after further examination, if they are needed.