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Causes of hair breakage
Or maybe it is a symptom of the disease?
Where to go?
Treatment brittle, split ends

Brittle, dry hair, lifeless, gloss loss, deterioration, subtlety, thinning, change volosap structure, fragility, visited the - all these words are descriptions of the condition of hair, about which we'll talk in thearticle.

hair we see above the skin surface, as strange as it may sound - is already dead.They consist primarily of keratin, and we can restore them only by cosmetic.There are still a part of the hair, we do not see.It is located in the scalp and is very sensitive to all changes in the external and internal environment.

Brittle hair - a pathological condition dryness and hair thinning in which the hair bifurcate (whipped) and break off.

Causes of hair breakage

identify several factors that together or individually are detrimental to our hair:

1. Improper functioning of the sebaceous glands of the head.
2. Malnutrition.Hair needs zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and v

itamins.Without them, the hair becomes brittle, brittle, whipped, lose their luster.
3. Exposure to temperatures (sun, cold, hair dryers, curling irons, room air conditioning, dry air in the house)
4. Coloring the hair (especially when exposed to heat).
5. Frequent combing poor quality combs and brushes.
6. Use of low-quality cosmetics.
7. Hereditary predisposition.
8. Bad habits (alcohol, smoking).

diseases in which the common symptom

hair breakage sometimes brittle hair - is the only visible sign, the root cause of which is the existence of a serious chronic disease.Diseases, symptoms of which may be brittle hair:

- mental illness (neurosis, severe stress, trauma).
- diabetes - endocrine system disease.Damaged and brittle hair - a consequence of the disease.
- anemia - a blood disease characterized by low hemoglobin.It leads to a lack of iron, which is part of the structure of hair.
- ichthyosis and psoriasis - in this disease is characterized by excessive or abnormal keratinization, which is the cause of many diseases of the skin and hair.
- hormonal imbalance (reduction in the level of estrogen in women) - is the cause of metabolic disorders, as a consequence - thinning and brittle hair.
- thyroid disease (hypothyroidism) - leads to metabolic disorders, it is reflected in the structure of the hair.
- digestive disease (gastric ulcer, gastritis) - disturbed splitting and absorption of food in the digestive tract.Therefore, hair lacking nutrients.
- all kinds of allergies - hypersensitivity of the immune response, which is characterized by skin eruptions, can affect the scalp.

To which the doctor and when to contact with hair breakage

There are several warning signs that indicate that the hair need urgent help.In some cases, the sharp deterioration of the hair need to see a specialist - trichologist.This will help to keep the appearance of hair whiter and avoid serious health problems.

symptoms of brittle hair, in which the need to consult a trichologist:

  • At the touch of dry hair, brittle and rough.
  • Combing break off and fall.
  • knocks in lumps, especially after bathing.
  • is difficult to simulate hair - hair is unruly and fluffy.
  • secant and dry ends, which does not help moisturizing cosmetics.

necessary to distinguish the structure of curly hair from the fragile hair.This hair is also very fragile, it is necessary to treat them with greater care.

Treatment brittle and split ends

Damaged hair can not be recovered completely as a bad tooth or a broken nail.We can only improve the appearance and eliminate the causes that led to damage to the structure.Methods of treatment (recovery) of damaged hair:

Diet For healthy hair you must, above all, a balanced diet, rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially A, E and Group B. Even a small lack of them can cause a deterioration of the condition of the hair.

Pay special attention to your diet.Its basis should be fruits and vegetables.We need to eat every day, dairy products, meat or eggs, and 2-3 times a week, fish or other marine products.It is very important every day to eat cereals (2-3 slices of wholemeal bread from wheat flour, 2-3 tablespoons brown rice).

Still need to flush toxins from the body.From the daily diet should exclude products with a high degree of processing (crisps, fast - food, sweets).Fried foods and meats also contain toxins that damage the structure of hair and nails.Reduce your intake of strong tea and coffee - they "devour" vitamins and lead to dehydration.Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day.

hair are distinguished by their love of "minerals".Particularly important for them are zinc, copper and silicon.Thus, every day to eat nuts, almonds (a handful per day) or just the seeds.They contain zinc (involved in the production of protein, ensuring normal growth of hair and nails), copper (involved in the formation of melanin - natural hair dye).Radish, kohlrabi and celery - have a lot of silicon, which reduces brittle hair.

Eat salads food with red, orange, yellow and green vegetables.Tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, green onions, dill, parsley - they are a source of beta-kerotina, which the body converts into vitamin A. This will speed up cell renewal cycle, will contribute to the development of the basic building blocks of hair.


Drug keratin. Keratin is a protein which consists of the skin, hair and nails.

keratin fibers in the hair interconnected specific compounds that makes the hair more flexible and resilient.This protein is also part of the outer hair cuticle (surface), it is responsible for his appearance.Its deficiency can lead to damage to the epidermis, to break the hair structure, call posechennymi fragility.In this case, the treatment using special preparations containing hydrolysed keratin disadvantage that complement the natural substances involved in the formation of the structure of hair and nails.

Keratin is a part of cosmetics (shampoos, conditioners, lacquers and other hair styling products) as a keratin hydrolyzate.This water-soluble protein derived from animal wool.It contains amino acids that are the basic building blocks of proteins similar to those found in human hair (cysteine ​​and methionine).Through them, the hydrolyzed keratin is easily associated with natural hair proteins, it penetrates deep into the structure and restores the damaged areas.Pure keratin occurs as a clear liquid, slightly yellow or brown color with a characteristic smell.

Effects keratin treatment:
- hair becomes stronger;
- increases the volume;
- get shine;
- moisturizes hair and makes them softer;
- closes the scales and glues posechennye ends of the hair;
- facilitates combing;
- improves the condition of the scalp, has antifungal and soothing effect (including dandruff);
- protects against the harmful effects of oxidising agents in paints and other chemicals, and detergents;
- acts as a "shield" - prevents the negative effects of UV rays and wind.

Petroleum products for hair care. Cosmetic kerosene is suitable for the treatment of all hair types, especially dry, brittle or damaged.Kerosene allows for quick and impressive results in the form of shiny and healthy hair.

Cosmetic kerosene is valid from roots to ends.It strengthens and prevents the harmful effects of external factors, protects against moisture loss and eliminates cross-section of all, making the hair more flexible, reduces static electricity.Because of this, the hair cease to be dry and brittle.Cosmetic kerosene nourishes not only your hair, but your scalp as improves circulation.Additionally, the use in the treatment of dandruff.
Cosmetic paraffin (small amount) slightly rubbed into the scalp and through the hair for 10 minutes.Then, the oil forms on the surface of the hair that is on the similarity of the film (does not penetrate into the interior).After 10 minutes, wash off thoroughly kerosene.Unfortunately, kerosene, heavy washed off (normally the head should be washed with shampoo and several times more), leaving a characteristic odor and is highly flammable (make masks out of gas stoves, heaters, etc.).

Paraffin oil (Paraffinum Liquidum) in liquid form (prepared by multiple distillation of crude oil, peat, coal tar, tar shale - which explains its peculiar smell).It is a part of many cosmetic products.When applied to the hair prevents the evaporation of moisture, softens.

Vitamin therapy

Vitamins and minerals - building materials for hair, if you do not have enough of a component, may develop symptoms of dryness and brittleness.To form a good structure of hair need these vitamins:

A - (retinol, beta kerotin) - in the protein products of animal and vegetable origin.It is an essential vitamin for hair.In
(whole group) - contained mainly in vegetable proteins, legumes.It provides hair growth.
E (tocopherol) - contained in oils.We need to moisturize and improve circulation in the scalp.
C (ascorbic acid) - contain many fresh fruits and vegetables.It improves the condition of the capillaries and the power of the hair follicle.
miniralnoy elements - contained in almost all foods, especially nuts and seeds.Are the building blocks necessary for hair growth.

Phytotherapy for brittle hair

herbal treatments can be used to strengthen the hair and protect them from destruction.

  • Horsetail - is a component of many preparations to strengthen the hair.In phytotherapy horsetail, if not the only option just as superior to all other herbs for their therapeutic functions.It is well nourishes and strengthens hair.
  • Fresh spinach juice - has a good tonic effect on hair.
  • lemon juice and cabbage - rubbed into the hair roots.The systematic application will significantly improve the condition of hair.
  • nettle (decoction) -pridaet hair volume, tone, contains vitamins A and K.
  • Aloe vera (juice, pulp) - helps to improve hair, cleans, moisturizes.
  • Black radish (juice) - stimulates healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Yeast - contain protein and vitamin D required hair.Restores structure of hair.
  • Lipa (infusions, decoctions) - fill the hair shine, strengthen, give a darkish hue, get rid of dandruff.
  • Linseed (oil, broth) - contains a large set mikroelemetov necessary for hair.It is useful to rub infusion or decoction of the roots of the hair, as well as use vnuri.
  • Sage - making hair strong and sturdy.Good use a decoction or infusion after staining.
  • Colorless henna for hair - hair covers invisible film smoothes the scales, making the hair thicker.
  • Licorice (decoctions, infusions) - more commonly known in medicine as an antitussive and laxative.But the infusion of regular rinsing of the plant root will have a therapeutic effect on the hair.
  • Sambucus nigra - a decoction of dried leaves is drunk before meals.Moisten with broth hair during combing.This procedure will make the hair healthy and smooth.

The sensitive hair to rub the oil well.This is best done at night.For example, argan - oil contains fatty acids that moisturizes hair.

Masks for brittle hair

When breakage and dryness 1 time per week you need to nourish and moisturize the hair using masks.The mask is different from the air conditioner lotion and that it contains natural components and larger amounts of nutrients.For best results, use the exposure to heat.

  • gelatin mask - an alternative to the collagen mask, which is a salon treatment.Gelatin solution according to the instructions.Apply to damp hair, to close with cling film or a bag, wrap a towel.It is possible to heat a hairdryer.Hold for 30 minutes, then rinse with cool water.Hair will be heavy, shiny and healthy.
  • mask of egg white - separate some egg protein, add 1 spoonful of yogurt to mix, apply on hair, gently lather.Close cling film or put a shower cap that would not have dried proteins.In severe hair breakage this formulation can replace the shampoo.Mask rinse with warm water.Unpleasant smell of lemon juice will help to eliminate or apple cider vinegar, diluted 1 tablespoon per cup of water.Just rinse them head after applying the mask.
  • curd mask - mix 1 ripe banana and a packet of fat cottage cheese, apply on hair for 15-20 minutes, then rinse well with shampoo and rinse hair with a decoction of herbs.You can make such a mask in the sauna, mud bath, after wrapping the hair wrap.
  • mask of avocado - Take 1 ripe fruit, mash it (you can use a blender), add 2 tablespoons cream, 1 tablespoon of honey.Apply to the hair along the entire length.Leave on for 20 minutes, then wash off with shampoo.Exposure to heat also will improve the effect.

Cabin treatments for brittle, split ends hair

  • Lamination - coating the hair special colorless or color composition.It smoothes the hair and makes them more dense.
  • Keratin hair straightening - directed regeneration and rapid recovery of the hair.Richt, smoothes and nourishes its structure.Hair keratin composition is coated with heat.Thus, all the holes are filled and the hair damage keratin proteins.
  • haircut "hot scissors" - a procedure performed with special scissors are heated.As a result, the tips of the hair, like "zaplavlyayutsya", which prevents breakage and cross section.
  • Hair Treatment is a liquid collagen - is a professional tool.The procedure is similar to using hair balm.smoothness effect persists up to 2 weeks.
  • Hair extensions - only seemingly increase the volume, improve the appearance and amount of hair.Strong harm to hair, as has an additional burden on the hair follicle.Pasting procedure is a strand of artificial hair strands to a smaller hair roots.

prevention of hair breakage

preventive measures that will help prevent breakage, keep your hair healthy and strong:

1. Avoid invasive procedures (drying, perms, coloring, etc.) that can weaken your hair.
2. Regularly cut the end of the tips.
3. Before going to bed, and during washing to do small head massage to stimulate the sebaceous glands.
4. Do not wash your hair too often.
5. Use cosmetics (balms, conditioners, and so on. D.).On the hair must always be something done, whether it be a natural balm or a greasy layer.
6. Protect your hair from the heat and cold exposure (wear a hat or hood in winter, the sun protection using UF)
7. Improve your diet (eat foods rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins, minerals)
8. Do not paint hair chemical dyes.Instead of paint, use henna painting.
9. Properly comb the hair.Do not wait, do not make any sudden jerks.

Cosmetics for hair care.

conditioners and balms hair.

After washing your hair with shampoo, dry hair with a towel and apply conditioner.Not rubbing and stroking the hair from root to tip.Hold for 15-20 minutes and rinse.It is best to wash off first with warm, then cool water.This hair scales open, absorb balm and under the influence of cold water will close.If possible, dry your hair naturally.