Shoulder pain ( sore shoulder) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Arms

Shoulder pain may be the result of injury or disease of the shoulder joint.Injury can affect any of the ligaments, joint capsules, tendons, or tissues surrounding the shoulder joint and the bones of the joint.Shoulder pain can also occur due to diseases, it is not directly connected to the joint (pain while "giving" into the joint).

diseases, where there may be pain in the shoulder

• Angina
• Arthritis
• Bursitis
• calcification (lime) bursitis
• Dislocated shoulder
• Fracture
• Heart attack
• Lung cancer
• Pain in the muscles (Myofascialpain)
• radiculopathy
• Impingement syndrome humeroscapular periarthrosis, sickness rotator
belt • shingles, herpes zoster

Possible causes of shoulder pain

• bone tumors (rare)
• brachial plexus
injury • cartilage break
• Irritation of the diaphragm
• Septic arthritis (pyogenic arthritis - rarely)
• Stretching
• tendonitis (inflammation of the tissue tendon)

Sometimes it is enough to take advantage of warming up ointments or anti-inflammatory dr

ugs, or go through a simple course of treatment, as well as simply to eliminate the source - for example,strong overload.For this type include the following cases, the pain in his shoulder.

Excessive overvoltage joints , in particular, the shoulder.This can happen for the people of heavy physical labor, loader, for example.Sometimes at school because of the excessively heavy portfolios.Discomfort can be temporarily mute by means of warming ointment, but not only reasonable use ointments, but also reduce the load.
This problem has a medical name: tendonitis tendovagint - inflammation of the tendons surrounding the joint.Drawing and aching sensations often occur suddenly.

Another cause of shoulder pain can be injury."Pulled" muscle, hit, made a sudden movement, and as a result - a bruise, sprain, perhaps - tendon rupture.When driving there is a sharp pain in his shoulder.However, torn ligaments, you will immediately feel yourself go to the doctor because the pain in this case is sometimes unbearable.And as for bruises and sprains, often quite tight bandaging with an elastic bandage or a joint lock.

intercostal neuralgia .The disease is quite serious and you must treat it with a doctor.With proper treatment of neuralgia it passes pretty quickly and leaves no consequences.Often the pain, stabbing like shoulder pierce thin long needle.It is difficult to move by hand, and later it becomes difficult to breathe.

chill muscles (myositis) .To help - warming ointments and pepper patch.But you need to be treated immediately, as it is one of the causes of neuralgia.

neuritis also a serious disease, but most often successfully treated with medical intervention.The reasons are varied: inflammatory and infectious processes, tumors, trauma.The pain - sharp, occurs suddenly.

Bursitis (inflammation of the joint capsule), purulent bursitis .The pain is not too intense, chronic.In the area of ​​the joint capsule appears edema, you feel uncomfortable and can not sleep on the affected shoulder.A sharp pain during abduction hands to the side or behind their heads.

happens that the cause of joint pain is much more serious and may be caused by diseases, to cure that is not so simple.At the same time the longer the pull, the greater the likelihood of complications, can suffer for years, and then become disabled.The cause of shoulder pain may be a problem with the spine .When the nerves supplying the shoulder infringed arthritic bones or protrude at the exit of the spinal discs, you will feel the pain, not only in the neck, and pain at the site of the end of the nerve fibers - in your shoulder.So, what are the causes of shoulder pain can be considered extremely serious, though in appearance a person just hurts shoulder joint?

osteochondrosis .Severe pain radiating to the arm, worse when turning the head.It can also occur at night, gradually grow to intolerable.When complications eventually hand loses the ability to work, sometimes it is impossible to raise.

Pain in the shoulder can result disorders of calcium metabolism.Permanent intense pain in the shoulder, increasing the motion hand, may be a sign of calcification of ligaments.There is more common in people older than 30 years.

Osteoarthritis - another common cause of pain in the shoulder area.Usually it is seen in the elderly.The symptoms - acute pain as a result of almost any hand and arm movements.Touches cause severe discomfort.

Arthritis - joint inflammation.Its origin can be different - an infectious, allergic, reactive consequence of old injuries.Shoulder pain acute and sometimes unbearable, often appear edema.It is accompanied by the appearance of temperature.

arthritis and osteoarthritis require separate consideration.Most of the population believes that the disease is not hazardous, and therefore in no hurry to heal them.Some experimenting with alternative methods of treatment, someone just "forgets" about the illness and episodic pain in the shoulder.In the future, you can greatly regret that time did not go to a doctor.

Periarthritis .Pain radiating to the arm and neck, enhanced by a show of hands up or you try to start behind.Most often it occurs at night, burning, aching, accompanied by chilliness brush.Develops muscle atrophy - "frozen" shoulder, a feeling of pins and needles, tingling, disturbed sensibility shoulder, arm and shoulder.The disease is serious and can last up to several months.

Angina pectoris (angina) and / or myocardial usually accompanied by a feeling of squeezing, heaviness or pain behind the breastbone.Sometimes, however, because the nerves in the chest close to each other, instead, you can feel the pain in his left shoulder.The pain in his shoulder - a reason to immediately call the emergency doctor.

pneumonia, liver disease, a tumor in the chest and muscular reflex syndromes (formerly called cervical radiculitis) can produce referred pain in the shoulder.

In severe or chronic shoulder pain medical consultation, diagnosis and treatment are needed.

To which the doctor ask for pain in his shoulder

  • therapist (general practitioner)
  • trauma (if the shoulder pain is associated with trauma)
  • orthopedic