Change the color and shape of nails - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

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Symptoms like discoloration and nail shapes:

• Black nails
• Fungal
nail infections • Fungal nails
• Green nails
• Ingrown toenails
• Ingrown nail
• Ingrown nail
toe • runner nails (Jogger's nails)
• nail Fungus

nail infection • ringworm;ringworm;tinea;mycosis caused by red trihofitonom;fungal
disease of the skin • redness nails
• The build-up on the nails
• Ringworm
polish • White nails
• White spots on the nails
• Yellow nails

Change the color and form of nails (white, yellow or greenish spots, growths) can beas a result of diseases of the skin and nails, and in the factors affecting the entire body.Approximately 50% of the color change and the result forms nail fungal infections that can be found in the air, dust and soil.There are many species of fungi, which may affect the fingernails.The most common are Trichophyton (ringworm fungus).This type of fungi tend to infect the skin and belongs to the category of dermatophytes.Pseudomonas (pseudomonas) - a type of bacteria that infe

cts the base of the nail and can lead to greenish nails.

Chronic disease also may affect the shape and color of the nails.Changes in nail color can be a sign of diabetes or liver disease, kidney, heart and others. That is why doctors pay special attention to your nails during a routine physical examination.Other rare causes of discoloration and nail forms include "yellow nail syndrome" - a hereditary disease, which leads to slow-growing, yellow nails, as a consequence of lymphedema (tissue inflammation due to accumulation of fluid), and pulmonary diseases.Nails may turn white if there has been separation of the nail from the nail bed - onycholysis.

Change polish color can be caused by different reasons.These include nicotine, liver and gallbladder problems, infectious diseases, often nails darkened by the frequent use of dark nail polish without a basis under a varnish.

yellow-brown color nail may indicate a fungal disease, chronic administration of antibiotics is considered a symptom of psoriasis, dermatitis and other diseases.

whitening, or bleaching, nail may be caused by traumatic manicure or presence of air pockets under the nail.It is also observed as a result of smoking, poor health (anemia and so on. D.).

Blackening nail shows subungual hematoma.Red or black nails can be the result of a hematoma (collection of blood) under the nails as a result of injuries (including ingrown toenail).

The appearance of pigmented spots on the skin of the hands is often caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.In the solarium or when visiting the beach should apply sunscreen.

Conditions that may change the color and shape of nails

• Fungal nail disease - the most common reason for changing their colors and shapes
• Atopic dermatitis
• Diabetes
• Ingrown nail
• Jaundice
• Lichen planus
• Psoriasis
• dermatoses
• subungual hematoma

Possible cause nail changes

• Bacterial infection
• Candidiasis
• yellow nail syndrome
• onycholysis;onycholysis (detachment of the nail plate from the nail bed - Onycholysis)
• senile ischemia (onihogrifoz - curvature of the nail plate)
• hypersensitivity to certain drugs (such as tetracycline)
• Malnutrition
• Chronic diseases
lungs • Disease
liver • Cardiovasculardisease
• kidney disease
• Injury
• Stains from nail polish or cosmetics
• Smoking

by the way physicians treat when there is nail changes color:

- Dermatologist
- Mycology