Tremor ( shaking hands ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Arms

Benign tremors

Tremor, not having any apparent reason, or benign, is perhaps the most common motor disorder.It is called the family, juvenile or senile.However, the tremor is not always benign and can proceed very hard, and in half of the cases there is no indication of its family character.There is, as a rule, in youth or adolescence.It starts usually with one hand, then spreads to the other.Chance chin tremor of the head, tongue, body and legs occasionally.A person can write, hold a cup, spoon and other items.Tremor increases with excitement and alcohol use.Jitter is most pronounced when the arms are extended forward.If the process involves the muscles of the tongue and throat, then it is broken.The gait is not changed.Treatments of this kind of tremor in most cases not needed.Jitter is significant physician may prescribe propranolol or primidone.If tremor occurs only when the emotional stress, then limited to a single dose of drugs with sedative and hypnotic effect.For example, lorazepam 30 minutes

before the tremor provoking situation.

Postural tremor

can also wear a good character and be a manifestation of heredity, increased anxiety, thyroid disease, characterized by its hyperfunction.This type of tremor also provoke abstinence (breaking) as a result of alcohol or drugs (cocaine, heroin).Overdose of certain drugs or poisoning chemicals can also cause a vibrating conveyor.Postural tremor melkorazmashisty always better noticeable when a man pulls his hands and fingers rastopyrivat.Do not disappear when movement is enhanced by the concentration of attention (when the patient tries to reduce it.

intention tremor

As the cerebellum is known to be responsible for the balance when walking and with his defeat there is intention tremor. It is characterized by rough krupnorazmashistymi movements that are not alone and there are. with deliberate movements, especially at the end of a patient from a standing position with arms outstretched and eyes closed can not get up the nose

greatest concern is the type of tremor called asterixis Movement when it resemble the flapping of wings -.. a slow spasmodic flexion and extension of the limbs.

With which diseases occur tremor:

- poisoning by salts of heavy metals (eg mercury)
- Wilson's disease (a serious hereditary disease characterized by the accumulation of copper in the blood, liver and brain)
- hepatic, respiratory or renal failure
- midbrain defeat

By the way physicians treat when there Tremor:

- Neurologist

+ tiredness + weakness