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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Chest

symptoms like cough:

• Coughing
• Chronic cough
• Dry cough
• Allergic cough

Cough - a quick breath of air from the lungs, usually to clear the airways of the lungs of fluid, mucus or foreignbody.Coughing is essentially a protective mechanism, aimed at cleansing the airways of secretions, and various inhaled or aspirated particles.
According to studies conducted in Europe and the US, the cough is on the fifth place in frequency among the reasons that served as a pretext for treatment to the doctor.In 2008, US sales of OTC antitussives amounted to about 1 billion. Dollars, which shows the great importance of this issue for patients.

Depending on duration of symptoms, the cough can be acute (less than 21 days), infraspinous (up to 4 to 8 weeks) and chronic (lasting more than 8 weeks).If the cough is accompanied by sputum, it is called productive.If expectoration is not observed, it is considered a dry cough.

diseases that can cause coughing

• Asthma, allergy
• Chronic obstructive
lung disease • Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis
• runny
• Congestive heart failure
• Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, heartburn)
• Lung cancer
• Sinus infection
• Tobacco
• Tuberculosis

Possible causes coughing

1) Various viral and bacterial infections of the lungs or airways.Diseases: bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, whooping cough, viral infections, fungal infection of the upper respiratory tract (faringomikoz), etc.
2) Smoking.
3) Tumor diseases.
4) foreign body aspiration.
5) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
6) diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and especially gastroesophageal reflux.
7) Tuberculosis.
8) Mental.
9) Diseases of the cardiovascular system, causes blood stagnation of the pulmonary circulation (lungs), for example, ischemic pulmonary disease 4 functional class.
10) The occurrence of cough as a side effect of taking certain medications, such as drugs used to reduce the pressure (Enap, Enam, etc.).Chemical irritation (tear gas, fumes, smoke).

Allergic cough

When we can say that the cough is associated with an allergic process?

paroxysmal cough, starts suddenly, it can last a long time.Chronic Cough.If a patient starts coughing, it can not stay long.Attacks are more frequent at night.Cough mostly dry.Sometimes at the end of the cough attack may extend a small clot of light or clear sputum.Some patients notice that coughing is triggered by some external factors: contact with dust, animals, old books, pungent smell, etc.Bouts of coughing may be accompanied by a feeling of shortness of breath, choking.

very notion of allergic cough properly.This term in the modern classification of diseases there.If the cough is associated with an allergic process, we speak of the cough variant asthma.

cough medicine

Medications are selected individually depending on the cause of the cough.

most often have to treat the cough associated with acute respiratory infection (ARI) - what is called the common cold.Antitussives are divided into groups: thinning sputum and those that help her cough.

expectorant drugs prescribed for coughs with phlegm.From expectorants commonly used herbs: marshmallow, mother-and-stepmother, licorice, thermopsis.They reduce the viscosity of the mucus, while increasing its volume.Therefore, the appointment of expectorants patient should drink more than usual (water, tea, etc.).Marshmallow is a part Mukaltin.He is appointed by the tablet 4 times a day (previously dissolved in a third of a glass of water).Often used thoracic Elixir.It consists of liquorice extract, anise oil, and others. For a time prescribed by the number of years drops child.For greater effect, herbal infusions administered every 3-4 hours.Parents of children with allergies should be very careful to choose products that contain herbs.

Mucolytics.Funds in this group (acetylcysteine ​​Lasolvan, ambroxol, bromhexine), phlegm, mucus changing the structure itself.This important property, since children under 5 years old sputum viscous enough and it is difficult to cough up.

dry cough.Thus it usually happens at the beginning of ARI.In this case, the treatment strategy is changing.It is necessary to reduce the cough reflex stimulation that comes with the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract that is affected by the virus.With that help manage home inhalation, wetting the bronchial mucosa.Breathe like ordinary water vapor, and added to water for soda inhalation, infusion of eucalyptus, sage or mint.Extracts of these herbs are often part of the syrups, teas and lozenges in the mouth.

antitussive medication prescriptions eliminates multi-directional action, such as medicine and expectorant drug, reduces the cough reflex (sinekod, bronholitin).Do not believe that. "They all cough" On the one hand, increased expectoration, on the other hand, reduces the possibility of her cough.

To which the doctor ask if there coughing?

reasons that provoke such symptoms as cough set.I called a few of them. in addition, the frequent situation when the cough is triggered by a combination of several factors, such as cough variant asthma + gastroesophageal reflux + faringomikoz. Understand only a doctor can in this situation.

in the event of such symptoms as cough should consulttherapist (if the patient is a child - pediatrician) or pulmonologist