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Month each body healthy women of childbearing age undergoes cyclical changes that occur due to the action of many hormones, the main of which - progesterone and estrogen.These hormones have a direct effect on breast tissue.In the first phase of the menstrual cycle, usually in the first 14-15 days of the first day of menstruation, it is an active cell proliferation of mammary glands under the influence of estrogen - so-called proliferation.In the second phase of the "reign" of progesterone that counteracts estrogen, inhibiting proliferative processes.Given the above, it is easy to guess that in the occurrence of mastitis is key hormonal imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels.To be more precise, due to an excessive amount of estrogen and progesterone deficiency there is considerable (higher than normal) tissue glands proliferation, which eventually becomes a cause of mastitis.

The most common signs of mastitis

usually manifests breast aching dull character in the breast that occur before th

e onset of menses.This symptom is also called mammalgia or mastalgia.Also, an increase in volume of the mammary glands in the second half of the cycle, their engorgement.These symptoms are associated with the development of edema in the connective tissue of glands.Such symptoms may also be in healthy women, but they are more pronounced in the presence of mastitis.

Sometimes mastitis swollen lymph nodes in the armpits.This is an occasion to see a specialist to rule out breast cancer, but this feature is inherent and mastitis.


When the diffuse form of mastitis symptoms brighter, some patients indicate an intolerable pain in the chest in the second half of the menstrual cycle.In some rare cases, marked green, clear or white discharge from the nipple.And if there is a symptom of how the allocation of a drop of blood from the nipple, an urgent need to address in a specialized medical center for detailed inspection, as this alarm.In addition, suspected oncology need if modified form of the chest or the skin over the breast.

you can imagine at a mastopathy, having BSE.Typically, it is performed on the 5th day from the start of menstrual bleeding, breast palpated with the opposite hand from the armpit and clockwise in the standing and lying down.When nodal form of mastitis is possible to detect a single cancer formation in the interior.When mastitis diffuse palpable small seal (uzelochki) in the chest. When a seal in the breast need to consult a doctor immediately!

When and to what doctor to address when it detects signs of mastitis

Many women accept the symptoms of mastitis symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, which is why all the unpleasant sensations blamed on the physiology of women, not seeing anything abnormal.Unfortunately, this way the disease gets worse.If there is suspicion of mastitis, as well as probing deep in the breast of an entity, an urgent need to consult a doctor or physician endocrinologist mammalogy, and counseling online in this case is not suitable, because the crucial inspection and palpation of the breast.

What analyzes to hand over a suspected mastopathy

In order to apply the diagnosis of mastitis:

1. inspection and survey. lying and standing This mammolog carries deep and superficial palpation of the gland in position.It is necessary due to the fact that some of the nodes in the breast can be displaced when changing body position.It is important to be sure to inspect the area of ​​the nipple and make sure that there is (or are) abnormal discharge from them.Also palpate the lymph nodes in the armpits, in the supraclavicular and subclavian areas, as well as inspection and palpation of the thyroid gland location area.

2. Mammography. This is a special method of investigation (X-ray) of the mammary glands, which is carried out on 7-10 day cycle.At the same time an X-ray should be done in two different projections (oblique and direct).Thanks to mammography can determine the severity of pathological changes in the mammary glands, as well as learn the form of mastitis.

3. Ultrasonography. ultrasound significantly less dangerous method of investigation than mammography, and it can be carried out more frequently.It gives the opportunity to learn the structure of tumors in the prostate.For more informative if there is suspicion of mastopathy this study is carried out on 5-10 day cycle.

4. biopsy. If the doctor is suspected a cancer, a biopsy is needed.Thus the needle is removed using a small piece of tissue from the prostate area, in terms of the suspect cancer.Further, this material is studied histologist under a special microscope.

5. analysis on hormones. Usually the direction of delivery of the analysis is issued after consultation with the endocrinologist.Here we investigate the level of progesterone, estrogen, and if necessary - adrenal and thyroid hormones.

6. Consulting oncologist if necessary - in identifying fibroadenoma).

7. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs to rule out ovarian pathology

8. Inspection of the liver (recommended).

Video for the diagnosis of breast diseases

diffuse breast rather well to treatment, if correctly determine the cause of disease and treat its accounting.Treatment is usually surgical nodal mastopathy.Details about the causes and treatment of mastitis in the article "Mastopatia" & gt; & gt;