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What, in your opinion, is indigestion?

With the help of a small survey of acquaintances, I found out that 90% liken this concept to the terms "diarrhea".The remaining 10% do not believe, becauseThey were doctors, like me.So, if the primary disorder of your stomach - loose stools (diarrhea, diarrhea) your problem is described in more detail in the article Diarrhea.More Articles of gastro-intestinal disorders: abdominal distension, abdominal pain, indigestion, vomiting.

And yet, if I was approached by a patient complaining of an upset stomach, I had no choice but to tell him. "Dear Ivan Meanwhile, what do you consider indigestion, and the fact that I believe there is a difference.Let's just talk about what you feel. "

Let's look at the causes of anxiety, it is associated with the stomach.Indigestion can be characterized as symptoms, in which there is a violation of the basic functions of the stomach, such as the promotion of food production and secretion glands for its digestion.This is manifested by p

ain in the upper abdomen, nausea, bloating, a feeling of an overflow in the stomach, heartburn, belching air, regurgitation, vomiting.

Allocate functional and organic disorders of the stomach functions.When organic irregularities in the examination can not find the specific cause dysfunctions.For example, an ulcer in the stomach wall.In functional disorders of the obvious reason can not be identified.It is noted that functional abnormalities are quite frequent, and found in about a third of the population.

Causes of indigestion

The causes of functional disorders are acute and chronic stress, lack of regular meals, long breaks in food intake, overeating, diet imbalance (the use of an excess of fatty, fried, spicy, sweet foods), as well as a sharp change of dietpower and abuse of unusual exotic foods.

considerable role played by alcohol intake and smoking.Alcohol has a direct irritant effect on the gastric mucosa.A smoking, in addition, contributes to failure of blood supply to the stomach wall by the general vasospasm by nicotine.

His contribution made by such external factors as ionizing radiation, climate change.

Diseases accompanied by indigestion

organic disease, as already mentioned, are under a very concrete basis for gastrointestinal disorders.And all these factors contribute to this only.The first thing I would mention infectious factor.It was found that almost 30% of the population are infected with Helicobacter pylori.This bacterium discovered in 1983 by a group of Australian scientists (for what they are, by the way, even received the Nobel Prize).It is proved that it is a major cause of gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.The fact that this microbe has learned to adapt to the most potent gastric protection - hydrochloric acid.It produces an enzyme that destroys bacteria around it.After that it is implemented under the gastric mucosa and multiplies there.A damaged mucosa such invasion is very vulnerable and easily exposed to inflammation and the formation of ulcers.

treatment of this infection for a long, multi-component, but effective.However, it does not protect against reinfection.

Consider the most frequent diseases of the stomach, arising under the influence of these factors.It GERD (gastroezofagealnoreflyuksnaya disease), gastritis (chronic and acute), peptic ulcer and \ or duodenum.

GastroEzofagealnoReflyuksnaya disease is a condition in which the cast of stomach contents back into the esophagus.Hydrochloric acid has a damaging effect on the esophageal mucosa unprotected, causing the appearance of inflammation and ulceration.What disorder patient feels at the same time?He is concerned about heartburn, worse after eating, receiving carbonated drinks and alcohol;air belching and regurgitation, and chest pain when swallowing food.The main reason is the weakening of muscles at the junction of the esophagus to the stomach, so the lower esophageal sphincter.This is a group of muscles, which is a tight squeeze ring normally passes food only in one direction.If the ring is compressed tightly, then the increase in intra-abdominal pressure (flatulence, pregnancy, Pathology of other organs), or when the pressure in the stomach (with overeating, abuse of carbonated drinks at elevated muscle tone at the output of the stomach) food with gastric juiceis thrown back into the esophagus.
Chronic gastritis in 90% of cases is caused by Helicobacter pylori.At the same time there are pains in the stomach proektsii while eating, loss of appetite, belching and heartburn, and sometimes anemia.

appearance of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer , other than Helicobacter pylori, promote gastric hyperacidity, taking painkillers group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, analgin and others), and reduction of the protective factors of the organism as a whole and mucousin particular the shell, as described above.There are complaints of pain in the upper abdomen (sometimes very strong, rezhuschie- "dagger"), "hungry", night pain, nausea and vomiting, pale stools and darkening.The most severe complication of peptic ulcer disease is considered ulcer perforation (ie, the appearance through a defect in the wall of the stomach and bleeding, which may be strong enough. Long-existing ulcer, due to the fact that it constantly is irritating to the gastric juice and food, prone to degenerationcancer. Therefore, if in any doubt sure to see a doctor.

structure of the gastrointestinal tract

survey in disorders of the stomach

chief physician weapon at diagnosis in the case of diseases of the stomach is FibroEzofagoGastroDuodenoSkopiya (EGD). It is a visualresearch method in which with the help of an optical instrument can see the wall of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, and take a small piece of the mucous membrane in the analysis. In people it is called "the light bulb to swallow." The research method is very reliable, secure, affordable.On the basis of data obtained from FEGDS, diagnosed, and hence the treatment is prescribed.When the functional state of organs doctor will see absolutely normal pattern;with organic - and inflammation, and ulcers, and poor functioning of the muscles, and cancer at the earliest stage.A biopsy, which is held at the same time, will help further clarify the diagnosis more.The doctor will take a piece of tissue from the most suspicious area and examined under a microscope.

Complete blood count able to tell a lot.When indigestion it will help to identify the signs of inflammation, anemia.Sometimes, to avoid gastrointestinal bleeding is required to check the stool for occult blood.To detect Helicobacter pylori breath test is carried out, or take blood for the detection of antibodies to the bacteria.

stomach diseases to be distinguished also by diseases of the non-gastrointestinal tract.

So, pain in the epigastric region may be the first sign of heart attack.In this case, the pain is not associated with food intake, and directly dependent on the presence and intensity of physical activity.For accurate diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe an ECG and immediately send the patient to the hospital.It should be noted that some of the drugs used for diseases of the cardiovascular system are contraindicated in patients with diseases of the stomach.Therefore it is necessary to entrust a professional treatment issues.

Just pain in the projection of the stomach can occur when diaphragmatic hernia.But often there is pain behind the sternum, without strict periodicity, but is associated with eating.It appears a burning sensation in the esophagus, and the area behind the breastbone during or immediately after a meal.Often in this case, given the pain in the back, the left shoulder.To clarify the diagnosis, X-ray examination is required.

treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

The treatment of diseases of the stomach is determined by the physician based on the survey and the survey results.What can help yourself to a visit to a specialist?First, give up bad habits.Second, diet and nutrition.Eating should be a regular, small meals, but often.Avoid foods that cause heightened sokoobrazovanie in the stomach, such as hearty soups, fish soup, grilled meat, coffee, etc.It is necessary to limit the consumption of foods that contain a lot of fiber, as well as containing acid and irritants (cabbage, turnips, radishes, sorrel, onions, radishes, sour fruits and berries, mushrooms, etc.).Methods of cooking, too, should be as forgiving.Preference should be given to steamed, boiled, in extreme cases, stewed food liquid and pasty consistency.Excluding very cold and very hot dishes.

From non-pharmacological methods of treatment of diseases of the stomach the most effective method I would call an infusion or decoction of flaxseed.With a shielding effect, it is a folk remedy for soothing pain, without causing increased gas or constipation.

Medications prescribed by the doctor only.Each of them has contraindications and side effects, the dose selected individually, too.Prior to receiving a doctor can be taken once preparations of antacids (Almagel, Maalox, Gaviscon).Be sure to stop taking the painkillers!

If the doctor diagnosed erosive gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, be prepared for long-term treatment.As described above, the main culprit of the disease (H. pylori) - a bacterium.The infection responds well to antibiotics.But because of its location in the submucosal layer, not all drugs can get there.Therefore, the treatment regimen included at least 2 of the antibiotic, which would need to take about two weeks.There are several standard schemes, which the doctor uses depending on the pattern of the disease.Efficacy of from 70 to 98%.

Again, without self-assess the severity of the patient's condition the doctor may not be safe.Only a doctor can distinguish functional from organic disease.For minimal symptoms can disappear ulcer or cancer. Cancers detected at an early stage, completely cured .Peptic ulcer disease, in case of complications can lead to death due to bleeding ulcers at break, with perforation (breakthrough) it into the cavity of the abdomen, and the development of peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum).

To which the doctor ask for indigestion

conditions listed above are in the competence of the therapist, and a gastroenterologist (a specialist in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract).

immediate treatment to a specialist is required, if the intensity of pain increases, appears uncontrollable vomiting, if present in the vomit blood, loose stools appear black.All this is a sign of gastrointestinal bleeding.You should also see a doctor if the pain long, poorly cropped usually take the drug, accompanied by weakness, weight loss.

I note that you should not underestimate the gastric symptoms.Any pain and discomfort is a malfunction signal in the body.If the cause of indigestion persists, it disturbed the whole digestive cycle.In the stomach, food is not sufficiently digested, thus increasing pressure on the intestines.It gets rougher than usual food fragments that can injure its wall, to change production of intestinal enzymes, etc.

As O. Khayyam wrote: "... It is better to starve than eat it ...."Take care of your stomach.

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