Menstruation - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pelvic Organs

If we consider that today the ladies menstrual function is switched on after 11 years and ends on the fifties, the average for the whole life "accumulates" about 8 years of continuous critical days.Let us try to live them with maximum comfort!

Rules during menstruation

not find a reason to cancel the monthly sessions in the fitness club, or an intimate encounter?In vain.Modern means of feminine hygiene invented not to continue to super-active life, swimming in the pool and even having sex with a tampon into the vagina, although some inahodyat is very convenient;
Allow yourself to relax and "cheer" at least for the sake of prevention of this unpleasant and very common diseases such as endometriosis.His connection with menstruation proved.

During the critical days of the menstrual blood flows through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal cavity.Along with it there too and can get pieces of the endometrium, to settle down and continue to maintain the same "way of life", as in the uterus, through all s

tages of the menstrual cycle, up to the expected menses.When it comes time to allocate blood, it accumulates in the confined space, the response of tissues begins, forming nodules.Can be struck and the uterus and tubes, and ovaries, and even other organs.Although the latter is rare - the farther from the body of the uterus, the unlikely "shot" of the endometrium.However, this is not happening at all, but who of us ever does not hurt, not zastuzhal appendages or not subjected to any intrauterine procedure?

It all risk factors.More than half of the ladies, alas, has endometriosis in one stage or another.Its development provokes any overload during menstruation.Try a smaller move at this time.Avoid exercise, charge housework like washing floors to one of the relatives, do not run for the trolley bus and feet come off unless absolutely necessary.Even in the critical days you feel on five points - the body still continues to work, getting rid of "waste material".For the same reasons, avoid using tampons at least most days of bleeding.

hygiene during menstruation

Most beautiful women are able to contain the secluded parts of the body clean, but often do it with soap, tap water and a syringe.

use special means for intimate hygiene from us as it is not accepted.But soap and chlorinated water destroys the natural microflora of the vagina and completely deprived of protection against bacteria.It is proved that a woman with a healthy vaginal mucosa is even a risk of contracting AIDS is less than one 150 contacts!

most common cause of disturbances of acid-base balance in the vagina - hit him while cleaning the suds.It does not matter if it happens once.But the constant alkaline "blows" lead to serious disturbances of the microflora and, accordingly, to dysbacteriosis.

Approximately half of the cases the first symptom of dysbiosis - an unpleasant "fishy" odor, not eliminate any home remedies.But dysbiosis from time to time and can not smell, perhaps a little more abundant will be the usual daily allocation.

Gynecologists claim that the simple procedure of cleaning the usual, especially during menstruation, should be carried out according to certain rules:

  • to wash with warm water washed clean hands at least 2 times a day in the direction away from the pubic area back use for this purpose only intimate gelswith plant extracts which do not cause dryness and irritation, refresh and remove odors.Look for a gel with the oil of bitter almonds.Even in ancient times, women know that the fragrance neutralizes unpleasant intimate odors.Soap can only wash the skin around;
  • not direct a jet of water into the vagina.It not only washes away the protective lubricant, but also promotes the ingress of harmful bacteria in uterus, increasing the risk of inflammation;
  • sponges and washcloths you absolutely do not need.They can cause microscopic scratches on the delicate and sensitive skin.For the same reason, the moisture after washing do not rub and soak through a soft towel.