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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pelvic Organs

on condition of sexual female apparatus may affect the disease to adjacent organs, and, conversely, some abnormal changes in the reproductive system can cause a variety of disorders of the urinary tract and rectum.

in diseases of the urinary system the following symptoms:

Pain , often cutting, when urinating (write hurt, it hurts to urinate) observed in inflammatory diseases of the bladder and urethra.Pain early urinary characteristic urethritis (including gonorrhea), and at the end - for inflammation in the bladder (cystitis).

urinary retention is often the result of post-operative or post-partum paresis of the bladder.It may occur after injury of the bladder or urethra, with infringement of their tumor coming from the genitals, as well as a result of loss, and inversion of the uterus.

Urinary incontinence (enuresis) may be complete (with genitourinary fistula) and partial arising only when straining (with descent and prolapse of the uterus and vaginal walls, with an overall decrease of m

uscle tone, with severe debilitating disease in old age).

Change in urine color may be due to impurities in the blood of the urine (hematuria) or pus (pyuria).In the presence of pus, urine becomes cloudy, with flakes.A precipitate formed on standing in it.Characteristically, the admixture of pus in the urine samples of the first characteristic of urethritis .When cystitis , on the contrary, the pus contained in the latter portions of urine.In severe pyelitis or breakthrough in the bladder abscess adjacent organs observed total pyuria (pus content in all urine samples).The darkening of the urine may indicate elevated levels of bilirubin in it as a consequence of liver disease.

hematuria ( presence of blood in urine ) can be caused by various reasons.The source of bleeding can be in any of the urinary tract.In case of injury of the urethra during catheterization hematuria develops acutely, fresh red blood cells in the urine are determined.When nephrolithiasis hematuria accompanied by bouts of colic.Hematuria is also possible malignant tumors and renal tuberculosis.

When hematuria urine catheter study should be taken as when urinating in the urine can have blood from the vagina.

Painful urination and frequent urination can be a symptom of cystitis.Cystitis in no case can not be started, consult your doctor immediately to determine the cause and treatment of cystitis.

Blurred urine, nepryatno smell of urine also require a medical examination.

To which the doctor ask for urination disorders?

  • urologist
  • infektsionist