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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pelvic Organs

irregular periods - one of the most common symptoms of gynecological diseases, as well taking place and extragenital diseases in women.The term "irregular periods" reflects only a temporary glitch in the system, not reflecting all other possible menstruation disorders.Irregular menstruation is always combined with the violation of their character: they become more abundant, sharply painful, and so, therefore, correct to speak about violation of the menstrual cycle, and the diagnosis will sound that way.However, it is irregular occurrence of regular menstruation is the most common reason for seeking medical attention to all violations of the menstrual cycle, so we consider them in detail.

irregular menstruation can be physiological and pathological, be a symptom of a plurality of gynecological pathologies and neginekologicheskih, be the cause of infertility, as it is often accompanied by anovulation or do not bother the woman and not to cause her any pathological phenomena.All this shows the importance

of elucidating the nature of the collection of the monthly medical history and physician need to consider this factor in the planned treatment.

menstrual cycle normally lasts between 21 to 31 days, with a possible deviation ± 5-7 days.If the break between periods of 40-60 days, or on the contrary it is less 21-25 days, with it, so that monthly flows have this woman for a long time - it is possible to speak of an irregular cycle.

Causes of irregular menstruation

irregular periods may occur for the following reasons:

1. The physiological - abortion and curettage, after delivery cycle can get off and on for some time to become irregular.As a rule, all repairs itself, but sometimes it takes a minor treatment, limited, often the appointment of oral contraceptives.It should also be noted that the monthly, which since menarche (the establishment of the cycle) were irregularly after birth can get a regular basis.Related to this is the fact of non-interference in the cycle in young girls, irregular menstruation without any other symptoms cycle disorders and other abnormalities before pregnancy and first birth.

2. Pathological:
• Tumors of the pituitary damage and disturbance at the level of the hypothalamic-pituitary system - irregular cycle with associated primarily with hormonal deficiency.
• cysts, ovarian tumors - disorders of ovarian function - one of the main causes of irregular cycles.Often with polycystic ovarian tumor formations.
• endometrial polyps, chronic inflammatory diseases and myocardial endometrial, uterine fibroids • Endometriosis
.The characteristic symptom - brown spotting of the lower genital tract before and after menstruation;endometriodnyh possible formation of ovarian cysts, and therefore sometimes the cause of violations of the cycle may be recognized ovarian cyst (under the mistaken diagnosis by ultrasound), and may not be properly decided on further tactics of treatment.
• Pathological gormonsekretiruyuschie tumor.
• Iatrogenic causes - so that long-term use or improper selection contraceptives may disrupt the cycle.

To which the doctor ask for irregular menstruation

examination and treatment has been gynecologist or gynecologist-endocrinologist.

patient survey with irregular menstruation

diagnostic methods are:
1. Clinical data
2. Hormones - altering their content may suggest a primary focus
3. pelvic ultrasound and abdominal
4. MRI (if necessary,rarely).
5. Hysteroscopy

Complications irregular menstruation

The most important complications include infertility, as irregular cycle can often be accompanied by anovulation (lack of ovulation - release of the egg from the follicle in the ovary tissue) and, less frequently deficient hormones second phasein which the child bearing becomes extremely difficult.Therefore, the physician should recommend the patient to test for ovulation.

Treatment of irregular menstruation

main and the main treatment is to identify the primary causes of disorders and treatments to its fullest possible elimination.Also, do not forget about the fact that young girls and women after a 45 month long period of time may be irregular, which is due to a physiological unpreparedness or, respectively, the depletion of the organism.In the case where irregular periods require medical intervention (mean inability to get pregnant for example), treatment begins with an explanation of the root causes.The main treatments used for irregular menstruation:

1. Oral contraceptives, usually containing progesterone: Duphaston - 1 tab.2 times a day, one capsule Utrozhestan 2-3 times a day, etc.Perhaps the appointment of intramuscular injections.
2. Antibiotics in inflammatory diseases (Ofloksotsin 1 tablet 2 times a day, 7 days)
3. If necessary: ​​scraping the uterine cavity to remove polyps.
4. Surgical treatment if necessary (removal of ovarian cysts, for example)

Important factors in the treatment of irregular periods also include changes in the image of the patient's life.For example, giving up smoking, reducing the stress influence, refusal to debilitating diet and exercise can lead to normalization of the menstrual cycle without any medical treatment.

In addition, there are methods fitoteropii.These include infusions and decoctions of vervain, St. John's wort, motherwort.This method of treatment is not contraindicated for young patients with no serious pathology.

necessary to proper nutrition, food should be high-calorie.Required to eat protein foods, and foods containing carbohydrate.Any diet is draining directly contraindicated in case of irregular menstrual cycle.

must try to reduce stress at work and home, if need be shown spa treatment.Preference is given to balneological resorts.

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