The absence of menstruation ( no periods ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pelvic Organs

Symptoms are similar to the absence of menstruation:

  • no monthly
  • amenorrhea Secondary amenorrhea
  • missed menstruation

Although delayed menstruation is a sign of early pregnancy, amenorrhea may be due to a variety of factors and conditions.The term amenorrhea used by doctors to describe the absence of menstruation.Primary amenorrhea (when a woman has never had menstruation) is very rare, while secondary amenorrhea (absence of menstrual periods in a previously menstruating woman) is much more common.Menstruation can be irregular during the first few years after the onset of first menstruation and women in menopause (or the period prior to menopause).Secondary amenorrhea - no more than 3 consecutive menstrual cycles.Causes of secondary amenorrhea, usually the same, which may lead to delay menses.

If a woman is not pregnant, the absence of menstruation may be due to a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, which range from lifestyle to a rare and severe diseases.The most common caus

e of absence of menstruation are of hormonal balance of the body, especially in relation to levels of sex hormones.

use of modern oral contraceptives low in hormones often leads to bleeding after stopping the pill a specific cycle.Prolonged exposure to a small amount of progestin in the combination oral contraceptive contained, reduces the thickness of the inner layer of the uterus - the endometrium, which leads to a decrease in menstrual bleeding, and some women to its complete absence.

In any case, in the absence of menstruation you need examination to exclude pregnancy.

Diseases in which there is absence of menstruation

Pregnancy • Ectopic pregnancy
• Anorexia
• Bulimia
• Cyst
ovary • Menopause
• Swelling
brain • Obesity
• Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
• Premature menopause
• Premature ovarian failure
• Prolaktinoma (pituitary tumor, pituitary adenoma, microadenoma pituitary)
• Sexually Transmitted diseases in women (STDs)
• Stress
• Dysfunctional uterine bleeding

reasons for the lack of menstruation

• diseases /
pelvic infection • Extremediet / malnutrition
• perenervnichal

tobacco smoking • Hormonal imbalance
• Medications (eg, oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera, Norplant)
• pituitary tumors
• Rapid loss or set
weight • menopause

What you should know andperform during menstruation absence:

Before taking oral contraceptives with low hormonal components you need to prevent the possibility of scanty menses or delay.If you delay menstruation during treatment with contraceptive pills you all the same, you must first conduct research on pregnancy and then again with the onset of menses start taking contraceptive pills because no one do not give a 100% guarantee of contraceptive.

measurement of basal body temperature only in the absence of menstruation also does not give any information about pregnancy and ovulation (and do not believe unverified sites, says the opposite, where the authors of the articles do not have a medical specialty!)

Determine chorionic gonadotropin hCG in the urine (pregnancy test) and serum - exclusion of pregnancy, is the most important part of diagnostics at a delay of two or more "menses".

Ask your doctor to prescribe another kind of oral contraceptives with a low content of hormones.Your doctor may prescribe another contraceptive containing more active progestin, or birth control pills high in estrogen.

When "menstruation" delay for 8-16 months and there is no change in the clinical picture, despite the appointment of another type of oral contraceptive, conduct more in-depth examination after consultation with the doctor.As

cause monthly folk remedies

menstrual delay or absence in the first step is to do a pregnancy test, even if you are protected.The absence of menstruation is usually caused by serious illnesses (endocrine or gynecological), requiring immediate treatment.

Calling monthly folk remedies without first consulting a doctor is dangerous.Before using any popular recipes you need to know your exact diagnosis and to consider the contraindications used by traditional therapies.

Examples of drugs for lack of menstruation

Medications are selected depending on the cause of absence of menstruation.

To what doctor to address the absence of menstruation?

  • gynecologist gynecologist-endocrinologist