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acne (acne, acne) - a chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, resulting from their blockages, and an increased sebum production.

Causes Acne

The formation of acne vulgaris play the role of the following factors:

  • hormonal changes, increased levels of male sex hormones (androgens), which cause an increase in the sebaceous glands and increase their secretion of both men and women;
  • bacteria Propionibacterium acnes;
  • stomach and bowel disease;
  • liver disease;
  • genetic predisposition.

provoke aggravation:

  • fluid retention.Aggravation of acne during the premenstrual period is due to the swelling of the sebaceous glands as a result of fluid retention;
  • food.Means sessions foods, for example.chocolate, carbonated beverages, nuts, coffee;
  • external factors, such as pollution of the skin oils, tar, DDT.And the wrong skin care;
  • abuse hormonal agents;

Diagnostics acne

For diagnosis quite a visual inspection, and for the detection of acne causes can help the following tests:

  • blood test for hormones (free testosterone, FSH, LH, estradiol, 5-testosterone (dihydrotestosterone, DHT) and5-androstenediol).Analyses have to take on an empty stomach for women at 5-7 day from the beginning of the menstrual cycle, for men it does not matter, preferably before 10 am;
  • biochemical analysis of blood (especially liver counts), fasting for US women, and 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle (to exclude polycystic ovaries);
  • analysis on intestinal dysbiosis;when any change analysis - medical consultation for the correction state (gynecologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, physician, andrologist, a gastroenterologist);
  • blood count (if there is inflammation. Because it will exacerbate acne) the presence gnoynikov- analysis on pathogenic flora and sensitivity to antibiotics

Treating acne

  1. first pass all necessary inspections, if there isany changes - to consult a doctor to correct the state.
  2. In no case do not push, do not peel off the acne, thus you aggravate the disease.
  3. External use tools that reduce inflammation, cleanse the pores, have seboreguliruyuschim action (ie, influence the quality and quantity of sebum), inhibit the proliferation of microflora, eliminates peeling, moisturize the skin (eg: cream Sebium AKN, differin, baziron ASgel regetsin, skinoren, Zener, retinoic ointment dalatsin T Fucidinum, hlorgiksedin, metrogil.kuriozin and many others).In moderate and severe form - antibiotic pills.In severe use isotretinoin.
  4. also take additional macro and trace minerals, zinc (eg. Tsinkteral etc.), selenium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, chromium, vitamins C, E, B group

It is easy to get rid of acne?

method of medicine to offer, certainly can.And very efficient.But simple solutions to complex problems in life are much less common than in books and films.

Acne treatment by modern methods allows to achieve bright and stable results, but such treatment should be carried out comprehensively and individually.

metabolic processes in the human skin are closely linked to everything that happens in his body.Therefore, acne and rash can not be considered in isolation as purely skin disease.

Getting pimples and blackheads many perceive as a simple process of skin ointment or lotion, designed to eliminate the scourge quickly and inexpensively.When such a simple acne treatment fails, decide that no effective treatments exist.

basic principle, which is based on the treatment of skin prone to acne, - regulation of fat metabolism in the skin on the background of antimicrobial therapy.Depending on the intensity with which manifests itself acne treatment process can take place in various configurations.

In milder forms of acne treatment can be reduced to the use of local effects, but no less than two different preparations of action.If a person has been hard, resistant to topical treatment, atypical or leading to scarring acne, the solution of this problem must necessarily include, as a systemic application of specific drugs, and nonspecific measure the total correction of metabolism in the body.

Treatment of acne lesions with few or mild symptoms, usually starts with cosmetic procedures (deep skin cleansing, exfoliation), and topical antimicrobials.

for antibiotic therapy in this case is perfect Zinerit - a mixture of zinc and atsitata antibiotic erythromycin.Firstly, because of its antimicrobial component to resistance in bacteria, which are triggered by the presence of acne, develops slowly.Secondly, this antibiotic does not cause irritation, which is important for skin that is acne and acne treatment which thus becomes effective.Thirdly, the preparation contains zinc that promotes the removal of excess fat, both from the skin and from the sebaceous glands.

treatment of acne and acne with mild to moderate form of manifestation of drugs, reducing fat metabolism usually starts on the 7th - 12th day of the course.Proven clinical efficacy observed in preparations containing the latest generation of retinoids (izoretionin, adapalin) and azelaic acid.This acne treatment can be carried out, for example, retinoids and azelaic acid used for further maintenance therapy.

Treatment of problem skin using glycolic peel - also an effective way of maintenance therapy.Use this method with the recommended frequency of once a month.

When a person has severe forms that sometimes there is such a disease as acne and acne treatment is made on a strictly individual scheme that differs from previously described.A specific plan that should be treated in such a case must be determined by a specialist.The main thing is that the patient should know - is that regardless of the form and character of the acne must be treated systemically - antibiotics, cleansing the stomach drugs, etc.

Absolutely contraindicated use of any cosmetic procedure is not taken inflammation.

Well, and, of course, whatever - light or heavy - acne, the process of the treatment should include the use of multivitamin supplements and dietary correction.During treatment, it is necessary to take care that the skin is exposed to the least possible harmful, aggressive action.It is worth to try as much as possible to protect it from damaging factors such as ultraviolet radiation, friction and excessive drying.

In conclusion I would like to note that the serious and competent approach to the treatment of acne is sure to give positive results and returns the skin's health and fresh appearance.

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