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First of all, it is necessary to determine the notions of what it is - fatigue. Fatigue - is the process of a temporary reduction of the functional capacity of the organism under the influence of intensive or long-term work, reflected the deterioration of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the work, that is a decrease of efficiency, discoordination physiological functions and is accompanied by a feeling of fatigue.There are acute and chronic fatigue.

Acute fatigue occurs when too intensive, monotonous work that leads to physical or mental exhaustion of the body.

Chronic fatigue is characterized by prolonged fatigue that does not leave a person even after the holiday.Chronic fatigue syndrome is included in a number of diseases in 1984 after an epidemic in Nevada (USA).It is characterized by a decrease in performance, lose their ability to assimilate new material, increased susceptibility to various diseases, including bacterial and viral infections, constant feeling of weakness, decreased appe

tite and disturbed sleep, mood variability, turning into a depression, feelings of depression, hopelessness.Chronic fatigue syndrome may be suspected when a person maintaining the above-mentioned complaints for more than 6 months.

also distinguish physiological and pathological fatigue .Depending on the job are distinguished: physical, mental, sensory (visual or aural) fatigue.

Physical fatigue is characterized by a decrease in physical performance and after exercise is a variant of the norm.Quickens the heart rate and breathing rate, muscle weakness and inability to continue further work.

Mental fatigue is accompanied by a decrease in mental performance, reduced emotional tone, attention, interest in work, increased irritability, headaches.Mental fatigue is normal, you can watch the students.Students are forced to for a long time is in enclosed spaces, self-organization affects constant, utilization of the intellectual sphere, a constant feeling of lack of time.

Sensory fatigue is characterized by the deterioration of the sensory functions such as hearing impairment or visual impairment with prolonged exposure to bright light, noise, vibration.At long working at the computer there is fatigue, which is manifested by headache, blurred vision, weakness, a feeling of "sand" in the eyes.But normal after rest the body recovers.

Abnormal fatigue or asthenia means powerlessness, weakness.This term understand psychopathological condition, shows weakness, decreased mood, headaches, stress, sleep disorders.There are organic asthenia, which develops in somatic diseases (cancer, neurological diseases, gastrointestinal disease) and functional - not associated with organic physical illness (depression, neurotic disorders).

Normally after exercise, after prolonged operation, for example, a computer, there is a feeling of fatigue, accompanied by weakness, lethargy, decreased performance, but after the cessation of work and rest the body is restored and signs of fatigue disappear.But if a person continues to work systematically on the background nedovosstanovleniya long time, this leads to fatigue, which manifested a sense of fatigue even before the start of work, the lack of interest in work, apathy, increased irritability, decreased appetite, dizziness, headaches.It is manifested weight loss, digestive disorders, sweating, unreasonable increase in body temperature, heart palpitations, aching muscles.As a rule, it speaks about the presence of the disease, but it is difficult to determine what it is: fatigue as a manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome or a symptom of another disease.

most common causes of fatigue:

1. Diet.The use of a large number of fast utilizable carbohydrates (sugar, biscuits, cakes, chocolate) leads to spikes in blood glucose level, glucose level then decreases sharply as well.Drinking large amounts of coffee also leads to jumps in blood parameters.
2. Acceptance of certain medications, such as antihistamines (suprastin, diphenhydramine), sleeping pills, sedatives, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants (Mydocalmum), antihypertensive medications central action (reserpine, clonidine), oral contraceptives.
3. Chronic insomnia.Many people in today's world, trouble falling asleep that triggers chronic fatigue and fatigue.
4. Training.Physical exercise - a great way to deal with rapid fatigue under certain conditions.Exercise should be increased gradually, it is necessary to avoid the unbearable load during training.
5. Smoking contributes to the appearance of fatigue, blocking the flow of blood in a sufficient amount of oxygen and energy metabolism making more sluggish.
6. A strict diet for weight loss, especially with limited fluid intake.
7. Pregnancy is accompanied by fatigue, fatigue, most often manifested in the early stages of pregnancy and is one of the symptoms of toxicosis.
8. menopause.

Fatigue may be associated with diseases:

1. Anemia is a common cause of fatigue.Most common iron deficiency anemia.
2. Lack of vitamins and minerals.For example potassium deficiency, magnesium, B vitamins leads to fatigue.
3. Low blood pressure - hypotension is a symptom of disease, but in itself can provoke weakness and fatigue.
4. Thyroid problems, particularly hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism).
5. Diabetes.The initial symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination abundant, dry mouth, weakness, fatigue.
6. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.It is necessary to note, that if before the execution of habitual physical activities did not cause any changes in the state of health, and now you feel weakness, fatigue, pain and possible burning behind the breastbone, it is necessary to come to the reception to the therapist.
7. Depression.In this case, fatigue is accompanied by sorrow, anguish, loss of appetite, irritability, depression.The psychologist or therapist can help cope with the disease.
8. Infectious Diseases.For infectious disease characterized by fever, intoxication, for some - diarrhea, headache, and weakness.Fatigue can be the first symptom of infection and disease accompany some time after the treatment.Chronic fatigue syndrome also applies to infectious diseases.
9. Cancer.Weight loss, decreased appetite, fever, fatigue, weakness characteristic of cancer.

If you suspect a pathology, you must first contact your district physician or family doctor to get tested and to eliminate the disease, accompanied by symptom data.

List of surveys and analyzes:

1. Complete blood count (hemoglobin, red blood cells, platelets).When changes in the general analysis of blood (low hemoglobin) and accompanying complaints of general weakness, fatigue, pallor, must apply to the local doctor-therapist.
2. Analysis of blood sugar.Increased blood glucose levels gives grounds to believe the presence of diabetes.Further examination and treatment of the disease has been endocrinologist.
3. Biochemical analysis of blood (potassium, magnesium)
4. A blood test for thyroid hormones, with changes in the results of these analyzes as necessary to address to the doctor-endocrinologist.
5. Electrocardiogram.If there are signs of fatigue, weakness, when you are accustomed to physical activity should consult a doctor-cardiologist to undergo electrocardiography.
6. Immunogram.BecauseMany diseases (eg: infectious, autoimmune diseases, allergic diseases) are accompanied by rapid fatigue.
7. Examination of the head and neck vessels (vascular Doppler ultrasound of the head and neck).Sleep disturbances, fatigue, dizziness, headaches may be related to changes in blood vessels of the head and neck (atherosclerotic plaques, stenosis of blood vessels of the head and neck).
8. Examination of the fundus.Changing the fundus vessels characteristic of many diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hypertension.

General advice when fatigue

- Respect for the work and rest .It is necessary for an adult to sleep for at least 7-8 hours to go to bed not later than 23 pm.Not recommended before going to bed to work on the computer, watching television.
- Minimize stress .In today's world it is very difficult to execute the item recommendations.If you can not change the circumstances of life, change the attitude towards them.If it is impossible to independently cope with this problem, the psychologist can help.
- Refusal of bad habits .
- balanced diet .Recommended foods rich in protein (meat, fish, beans), slozhnousvoyaemye carbohydrates (cereals, wholemeal bread, fruit), dairy products, eggs.Reduce consumption of fats.
- Regular exercise .At least a daily walk or jog.When sedentary work breaks for 5-10 minutes every hour, it will be useful to stretch their legs or even get up and walk.

Medications for the treatment of fatigue

Normally, fatigue does not require treatment, you just need to relax.But if you think that you are still not enough capacity, and the doctor did not find you have a serious illness, you can use drugs for symptomatic treatment.For self-treatment fatigue is possible to use vitamin and mineral supplements, folic acid, L-Carnitine, herbal adaptogens.

adaptogen - a substance has a general tonic and restorative effect on the body, enhance the body's ability to adapt to the increased physical and emotional stress.By vegetable adaptogenes include ginseng, Siberian ginseng, Aralia Manchu, Chinese magnolia vine, Rhodiola rosea.

Reception adaptogens in high doses leads to increased excitation and gives a rush of motor and intellectual activity, excitation light during the day and sleep well at night, and small doses can cause lethargy, activity limitation, constant drowsiness.It should also be remembered that all herbal adaptogens with overvalued the medication may cause sleeplessness, stimulation of the nervous system, heart.

  • Alcohol tincture of ginseng root taking of 20-25 cap 2 times a day before meals.The course of 10-15 days.
  • tincture aralia take 30-40 kap 2 times a day.The course of 2-3 weeks.
  • alcoholate Chinese magnolia vine is taken 20-25 cap 2-3 times a day.The course of 2-4 weeks.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus alcoholate 10 Cap 1 time per day in the morning for 30 minutes before eating.The course of 2-3 weeks.

All drugs are taken in the morning.

General contraindications for receiving herbal adaptogens:

• Increased nervous irritability;
• Insomnia;
• High blood pressure;
• Disturbances of cardiac activity;
• Feverish conditions.

But adaptogens and vitamins - is not a panacea, the greatest effect can be achieved by an integrated approach, namely, the combination of drugs with a change in lifestyle for vyshepredstavlennym recommendations.

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