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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Common Symptoms

Osteoporosis - a disease in which bones become fragile.

reasons for the lack of calcium

1. Inadequate intake of calcium from food.
2. Violation of the absorption of calcium by the body.
3. Reduction in estrogen levels in postmenopausal women and
4. Smoking, drinking strong coffee, tea.Nicotine and caffeine
5. The disease pituitary hormone treatment, corticosteroids.
6. Disease thyroid - hypothyroidism.
7. Long-fiber diet in adults.
8. Sedentary lifestyle.
9. Hypertension.

What should I do to prevent osteoporosis

adult's need for calcium is 1000 mg per day.

In adolescents and pregnant women need 1200 mg calcium per day

need for post-menopausal women for calcium is 1500 mg per day

1. To prevent osteoporosis should consume milk or dairy products on a daily basis.A lot of calcium is found in fish, vegetables with dark green leaves, especially cabbage, broccoli, turnip.

2. Include vitamin D in your diet, so that the body effectively absorb calcium.Vitamin D is contained in the fish.In addition,

Vitamin D is synthesized in skin exposed to UV rays it.Suffice it to hold hands and face in the sun for 10 minutes to produce the daily value of vitamin D.

3. Follow a balanced diet.Limit the amount of carbohydrates and animal fats (sweets, sugar, bread, pastries, sugary drinks, fatty foods).Eat regularly, do not get carried away unloading diets.Constantly breaking the diet, we change the internal environment, creating conditions for the violation of the internal organs and the emergence of diseases.

4.Bolshe move.Especially dangerous to bone sedentary lifestyle.Movement is useful at any age, for example, in the amount of walking at least 2 hours during the day - a great incentive for strong bones.

5. Limit of one cup of strong coffee a day, it is better to drink in the morning.If you can not give up the strong coffee - add in a cup of milk, complementary calcium, which washes away from the body of coffee.

6. Give up smoking, which causes bone loss.

7. When calcium supplements, which will appoint a doctor after the test.

8. To diagnose osteoporosis using modern methods of examination - densitometry and X-rays.

Help, a doctor is required when a lack of calcium

Osteoporosis treating orthopedic trauma, endocrinologist, internist.