Obesity.The degree of obesity - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Common Symptoms

Obesity - a disease, the main feature of which is the excess deposition of fat in the body.

Common causes of obesity

1. Overeating, consumption of excessive amounts of carbohydrates, eating disorders - are rare and shifted to the evening meals.

2. Sedentary lifestyle.

3. Hereditary predisposition.

4. Injuries of the skull, the effects of neural infections, vascular disorders.

5. Reduced thyroid function.

6. Lowered function of sexual glands.

7. Obesity's disease and Cushing's syndrome - Cushing.

What should you do if you suspect obesity

necessary to determine the presence of excess body weight, it needs to measure waist circumference.Overweight there if waist circumference in men greater than 94 cm in females over 82 cm.

If overweight is present, it is necessary to determine body mass index.In determining body mass index, you can determine the degree of obesity.Body mass index is the ratio of the squared body weight to increase performance and is calculated as follows: body weight (kg): he

ight (sqm)

Classification of overweight and obesity (WHO, 1998). The degree of obesity

underweight & lt; 18,5 kg / sq.m.Normal weight 18.5-24.9 sq.m.

Overweight 25,0-29,9 kg / sq.m.

Obesity 1st degree 30,0-34,9 kg / sqm

Obesity 2 nd degree 35,0-39,9kg / m 2

Obesity grade 3 & gt; 40,0 kg / m 2

Please note that BMI is not valid in the elderly over 65 years,athletes, pregnant women and children.

If you have excess body weight is necessary to limit the intake of animal fats, carbohydrates (bread, sweets, cakes, sweet fruit, etc.) Daily calorie diet should be less than 2000 kcal.

Increase physical activity.A set of exercises and the degree of physical activity should be discussed with your doctor.

Help, some specialists may be required in case of obesity.

If you have overweight should consult specialists: endocrinologist, nutritionist.Obesity can be a symptom of some endocrine disorders, so the endocrinologist to visit more than desirable for the successful fight against obesity.

Individual approach to obesity treatment - the main principle of successful treatment.