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fluid in the interstitial fluid space, which gives them increased volume and changing their shape, called edema.Normally, the amount of fluid flowing to the fabric equals the number of liquid withdrawn therefrom.The liquid comes out of the tissue waste products and brings nutrients from the blood.Blood vessels have a porous wall, but the pores are so small that they do not allow blood cells, proteins, and salts thereof extend beyond the vascular bed.

Causes edema

main causes of edema - this imbalance maintain fluid exchange systems between tissues and blood vessels, supported by a pressure gradient.

Heart during his work creates a hydrostatic pressure in the blood vessels (arteries positive and negative in the veins).If it is not doing its job, the pressure builds up in the veins and fluid remains in the tissues.So there is edema in heart failure.A similar mechanism operates and varicose veins.

The larger lymphatic vessels have pores compared with the veins.Therefore, their task - to bring out larg

e molecules fabric: proteins, salts.When they are damaged, too, there are swelling - dense, pale and difficult to treat.

The very large molecules of proteins and salts create an osmotic pressure in the vascular lumen, attracting to itself the liquid from the tissue.They accumulate around him water molecules and transport them on the vessels.If such molecules is not enough, it can cause edema.This mechanism is relevant in renal disease, starvation, hormonal disorders.

diseases, accompanied by edema

consider the main group of diseases, accompanied by edema syndrome.

edema occur most frequently when cardio - vascular system .Heart failure in the outcome of coronary heart disease is manifested by swelling of the hydrostatic type, localized in the lower limbs.The higher the swelling spreads, the disease is more pronounced.

swelling accompanied by shortness of breath, weakness, pain in the left half of the chest, extending to the left hand, which are enhanced by physical effort.These patients know that they will be easier after a short rest, and will accelerate the normalization of the status of nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.

When varicose veins edema appear after a long period of "on his feet", walking in high heels.Manifestations of them are not symmetrical and more, where changes in the veins more pronounced.Accompanied by such swelling vascular "stars" and "snakes" on the calves and thighs, worse after a hard day, the weight and pain in the legs.

When edema caused by lymphatic pathology system, the problem is only visible in the zone of the "work" of the affected vessel.Treatment of edema very difficult: the lymphatic vessels are very thin, often accumulate in the lymph nodes themselves and inflammatory agents that damage them.Recent retained and neutralized in the lymph nodes, which "takes the fire itself."Often

lymphatics accidentally displaced or damaged during surgery, which leads to disruption of the outflow from the tissue metabolism products located on the periphery of the treatment site.Thus, during the removal of the cancerous tumor to be removed and nearby lymph nodes, since they may contain tumor cells.

For kidney disease also characterized by swelling.Because the kidneys - is the main organ responsible for removing fluid from the body.During disease organism loses not only protein in the urine, and defensively, the program sets the generation of substances that enhance the reabsorption of water and salts from the primary urine filtered by the kidneys.These swellings appear two weeks after undergoing cold suddenly and are more visible on the face.The skin over them pale, "soft" swelling, do not leave pits.

Along with edema there are complaints on the pain and change in urine color changes and transparency.Laboratory protein detected in urine and signs of inflammation.

One of the most dangerous is allergic swelling.It develops so fast, which could threaten human life, if there is in the area of ​​the neck and face.Because of excessive reaction to the penetration of foreign substances (allergens) sharply expands blood vessels in the introduction, which leads to the fluid outlet into the surrounding tissue.In the area of ​​the neck that leads to swelling and compression of edema of the larynx and vocal cords, trachea - or fails completely air flow into the lungs, and the patient can die from suffocation.Such a state is commonly referred to as angioedema.

When hypothyroidism (decrease thyroid function and the lack of development of its hormones) also appear edema.They are spread evenly throughout the body and are expressed in pastosity, puffiness.

These swellings do not leave pits.Patients usually are weak, passive and sluggish, overweight, pale skin, complain of hair loss and brittle nails, constipation, and problems with childbirth.

If insufficient intake of protein from food, exhaustion, and abnormal liver function to develop blood proteins appear swelling osmotic nature.Liver failure may develop in the outcome of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.It is accompanied by indigestion, pain in the right upper quadrant, changes in skin color, feces and urine.

Regardless of edema disease is any component inflammation, along with the pain, redness, fever.The reason for this distension of the veins due to increased blood flow, reducing their effectiveness by retraction of fluid from an inflamed area and increased permeability of the wall under the action of proteins that respond to inflammation.

Diagnostics edema

to conduct effective treatment of edematous syndrome, it is necessary to find out its cause.There can not do without a specialist.Most often enough to appeal to the GP or GP.For the primary diagnosis is necessary to obtain a common blood test results of urinalysis, and electrocardiography (ECG).Thus, the physician will be aware of the state of the heart, the urinary system and the presence \ absence of common inflammatory changes in the patient.Further examination is appointed strictly individually in each case.

treatment for edema

edema Treatment is also the prerogative of the physician.It is assigned depending on the disease causing fluid retention.

In any case will not harm reduction in salt consumption (it is possible to confine 5g per day - 1 tsp no slides) and a balanced diet with adequate calories, vitamins, trace elements.Drinking milk and foods rich in potassium, it has a slight diuretic effect.These are the fruits and vegetables like bananas, grapes, cherries, peaches, apricots, parsley, potatoes, cabbage.Equally useful and dried made therefrom.It is worth noting that the diet with potassium salts is not for everyone.Patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency should avoid it.

Any medication, including herbal, should be taken exactly as prescribed and supervised by a doctor.

Edema can be the first sign of a serious disease that requires immediate treatment.Do not rely on chance and to self-medicate.

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