The first signs and symptoms of cancer ( cancer ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Common Symptoms

Unfortunately, potential patients are not aware of the need to slit each year undergo a complete diagnosis of the organism, and this must be done necessarily, especially in the age of 30-40 years.The cancer - can develop in almost any organ, and early signs of cancer have different properties, for it is only possible to suspect organ dysfunction.What are the symptoms can say that oncological process started in the body?

Of course, there are some common symptoms that are characteristic of any cancer.Any of these symptoms can be signs of other diseases that are not related to cancer, but better "perebdet" than "nedobdet", the more that any disease requires treatment.

Remember, anyone can stop the cancer if caught him right at the beginning!

would seem that such a deadly disease at the beginning to be manifested by pain, but it is not so.The pain - a sign of advanced cancer stage, when the process is drawn into the nerve cells.At the beginning of a cancerous tumor growth only person to notice the fe

eling, which had not noticed before, and if you listen carefully to your body, all sensations, which previously did not have, should alert in terms of cancer.

Unusual sensations

Some people recognize that within 2-3 months prior to the detection of the tumor, they feel pain or discomfort in the body, which subsequently found cancer.Very carefully to relate to such characters in my head as in a vital organ.Many people are beginning to take painkillers and think that to blame the magnetic storm, but it only delays the access to a doctor.

dramatic weight loss as the first sign of cancer

If you notice that the steel to lose weight without changing the lifestyle, it can be a clear sign of cancer.Most often it is a rapid weight loss, for example, 10 kg of 2-3 months.The growing tumor causes the body to ensure that it begins to produce biologically active substances that interfere with the normal metabolism.


person may feel a constant weakness and quickly tired.The fact that distinguishes cancerous tumor in his vital blood products, which leads to intoxication.The cancer in the early stages of the sprouts in small blood vessels and begin anemia, which causes weakness, too.For the same reasons likely dizziness and nausea.

Subfibrilnaya temperature as a sign

cancer is often an early sign of cancer is unexplained fever.Cancer "confusing" the immune system and therefore an increase in temperature occurs.If the cancer is already at an advanced stage, the temperature is a consequence of many metabolic disorders and poisoning the body.

deterioration of the skin and hair

If you notice that your hair and skin is changed, it may also be the first sign of cancer.The changes are due to the fact that the tumor is penalized for normal metabolic processes in the body.

early visible signs

cancer Sometimes, in order to identify the signs at the tumor sufficiently attentive attitude.Make a habit of doing monthly self-examination.Pay attention to your birthmarks - they did not change the shape and color, do not look whether suspicious.Women - special attention to his chest.Any changes to the skin, seals of any size, allocation - to the doctor immediately.

If you have noticed at some similar symptoms, be sure to go to the doctor, hand over analyzes and do an MRI.If cancer treatment is started at an early stage, you have all the chances to live a very long time.