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Increased blood pressure - excess pressure in the arteries of a person more digits that are considered the norm, and it is from 110/70 to 139/89 mmHg measured at rest, that is at least ten minutes after any physical and emotionalload.The transient increase in blood pressure after physical or emotional stress is the norm, and blood pressure numbers are recorded by doctors to determine the physical endurance of the organism.

main complaints and conditions that may suggest increase in blood pressure.

Recurrent headaches, dizziness, often accompanied by nausea.Noise in ears.Pulsation in the temporal part of the head, flickering flies in front of the eyes, fatigue.It is also possible attacks palpitations, sometimes pressing pain in the heart from a pretty long thirty minutes or more, the pain is not associated with physical activity.Often, high blood pressure occurs without every feeling (asymptomatic) and only detected during the medical examination.But, despite this, it should also be treated, as it ha

s a negative effect on the body and contributes to the emergence of other diseases.

causes of high blood pressure, a great many.But before you start them at identification, it is necessary to find out, and whether you have high blood pressure.

Causes of errors that you have high blood pressure:

1. Improper blood pressure measurement

left in the photographs shows the correct method of blood pressure measurement.

study should be conducted in a comfortable position, the hand should be placed on a table at heart level.The cuff is applied on the shoulder, the lower edge of it on two cm above the elbow.Ducts should be located freely, without compression, is on the inner side of the shoulder.Cuff size should match the size of your hands: rubber inflated portion of the cuff should cover at least 80% of the arm circumference.For adults, the average size of the cuff 12-13sm width and length of 30-35cm.But there is more to complete.When buying a product, ask to choose the right size.

need to pump up the cuff to a pressure value of 20 mm Hg higher after the disappearance of the pulse.Reduce the cuff pressure at a rate needed approximately 2 mm.HgThe magnitude of the pressure at which there is a first tone (push) is called the systolic blood pressure and corresponds to a maximum emission of blood from the heart into the vessels (systole).The disappearance of tones corresponds to blood pressure during diastole, that is when the ventricles of the heart a rest.Gap size between systolic and diastolic pressure is set to establish the causes A / D and selection of medicines.

once only on the basis of numbers of systolic and diastolic pressure rise is impossible to determine the cause.We need further examination.In some cases, large or small gap between the C / A / D and D / A / E explained by individual vessels feature.So give yourself this fact of particular importance is not necessary.

a) What should not be done before the blood pressure measurement:

* Avoid drinking coffee and strong tea for an hour prior to the study.
* Five, and if there was significant physical or emotional burden, then 10-15 minutes of rest before measurement.
* Do not smoke for an hour before the measurement (and generally better to be non-smoking).
* Cancel during the day receiving the nasal and eye drops (if accepted).

number of measurements of blood pressure should be no less than two, with an interval between the two measurements is not less than a minute.When there is a difference between the two measurements, carried out the third dimension.

for the final result accepted average.Naturally, a tonometer, which you use must be tested and certified.If the machine is new, it is sufficient certificate.

In the future, when in doubt, exactly, you want to check that you can perform in the medical equipment store.

2. Incorrect assessment of blood pressure measurements.

Even if the pressure increase was recorded doctor repeatedly, and even - that is no reason for a diagnosis of hypertension.The situation in the doctor's office is not always comfortable for you and can cause the well-known white-coat hypertension.Learn how to measure your blood pressure at home, on the basis of the above recommendations.There remain doubts?Then I advise you to spend ABPM - ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (performed in any medical facility).This is the same tonometer, only working around the clock and the fixing measurements every 15-30 minutes study carried out without departing from the basic activity of the patient.Today it is the most affordable and fairly accurate method to find out if you have high blood pressure.

you have done everything according to the recommendations and identified:

1. Average A / D during the day at the level of 110 / 70-120 / 80 and no krizovoe uplifts A / D

congratulations, you do not have high blood pressure.

2. Blood pressure during the day is kept at 130 / 80-139 / 89

this so-called "high-normal pressure."Even need to use non-drug methods of preventing the development of arterial hypertension.They are simple and accessible to everyone.This change in lifestyle.

* Quitting smoking.
* Normalization of body weight.
* Reducing alcohol consumption.
* Reduction of salt intake to 5 grams per day.It means dosalivanie food prepared without salt.If this is not possible given, at least not dosalivat normal food and do not eat too salty.
* Increase in moderate physical activity!This is a very important stage.Recommended dynamic exercise, better in the open air for 30-40 minutes at least four times a week.But it is not accompanied by discomfort, and bringing pleasure to a slight feeling of fatigue.
* Changing diet with an increase in plant foods.Meat is mainly low-fat varieties.Useful fraction (small portions) and a separate food (carbohydrates separately from the protein).This allows the gastrointestinal tract to digest food better quality, and delivered to the bloodstream more nutrients and protect the body from harmful substances (the so-called slag).

3. Blood pressure above 140/90 mm Hg

Do you have high blood pressure.Now it is necessary to establish the cause of AD.

Diseases accompanied by an increase in blood pressure

symptom of high blood pressure is inherent in many diseases.This diabetes, and kidney disease as pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, kidney disease, narrowing of the renal arteries, polycystic kidney disease (not to be confused with single sinus cysts are asymptomatic), pheochromocytoma (adrenal gland disease).Increased blood pressure and various heart diseases, thyroid diseases.In these cases, symptomatic hypertension call and depending on the cause renal separated, haemodynamic, endocrine and central.

Percentage of all these unpleasant diseases of the total number of hypertension is low, about five per cent (or simply not carried out a detailed study to identify the causes of high blood pressure).Basically revealed the so-called essential hypertension , which causes the so-called deregulation neurophysiological setting body.

Cause - a genetic predisposition, mental strain, lack of exercise, bad habits, poor nutrition.In the advanced stages need constant medication.For the diagnosis to begin with a simple survey methods that are free and available at any clinic.Take your time on costly research, consult with several doctors therapists, make sure that the specification of the diagnosis at the expense of these methods will change the concept of treatment.

standard tests and examinations to clarify the causes of high blood pressure:

  • complete blood count - allows you to specify whether there is inflammation in the body, lowered hemoglobin has many causes, one of them is a violation of kidney function, therefore, further investigation is required, includingincluding kidneys.
  • complete urinalysis detects changes in the urinary system.In diabetes, glucose in the urine is detected.
    Blood sugar reveals a violation sensitivity to glucose for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, one analysis is not enough, if there is an increase or decrease of the results requires examination by an endocrinologist
  • Blood biochemistry (rented from a vein), it is important cholesterol and definitely decompositionfractionating it as low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol), literally on the stick causes a gradual narrowing of the vessels of them also leads to the formation of cholesterol.High-density lipoproteins (good cholesterol), harmful effects can not be held.Therefore, even when a large total cholesterol analysis can be considered normal.
  • Another important component of Biochemistry creatinine, creatinine clearance and better at it we judge about cleansing the kidneys.
  • electrocardiogram, echocardiogram.
  • Ultrasonography.
  • Inspection ophthalmologist retinal vessels gives an indication of the degree of change in the arteries and veins characteristic of high blood pressure.

All of the above is included in the examination standards for suspected hypertension and should be carried out within the framework of social security for free.

treatment and drugs for high blood pressure

The next step in the diagnosis of uncertainty - further examination.When delivered - the appointment of treatment, which is appointed by the doctor individually.Your task is to choose a regular doctor, because the selection of drugs and their dosages, and requires patience from the physician and the patient.The frequent change of doctors, and sometimes do not need to associate advising candidates, professors can lead at this stage to what you pereprobuete whole range of pharmacy.The range of products is so wide that each doctor has their favorite commonly prescribed drugs.

Phytotherapy with increasing

blood pressure at any stage of treatment is possible in parallel with the ongoing medical therapy, the use of herbal medicine (herbal medicine, plant fruits).

Examples: If you feel that the rise in blood pressure occurs after any stress or you are concerned about the internal stress, restless sleep, then the possible appointment of sedative (calming) grasses.Such: as valerian, motherwort, peppermint, Melissa, hop cones.

If high blood pressure is accompanied by edema of the lower extremities, face, periodic intensification of dyspnea can be used diuretics charges containing a sheet of cranberries, bearberry, wild rose, elderberry flowers, white flowers acacia.Admission diuretic herbs should be accompanied by intake of potassium, which is contained in dried apricots, bananas, persimmons, lettuce, buckwheat.I also believe

useful application infusions hawthorn, mountain ash fruits are shown in the presence of flavonoids - substances affecting the elasticity of the vascular wall, and thus contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis, a major cause of high blood pressure.

directly antispasmodic action the fruits of chokeberry (Aronia).

contraindicated high blood pressure:

Aralia Manchu, sandy immortelle, St. John's, Rhodiola rosea (golden root), Galega officinalis, Chinese magnolia vine, thistle thorns, Siberian ginseng.

Cheers!Therapist Alexey Shutov.

February 2011.Revised classification of hypertension

Millions of people who were told that they had high blood pressure, may be back in a group of healthy, because the results of a recent study published in the "Journal of general internal medicine" (Journal of General Internal Medicine), may lead torevision of the existing classification of hypertension.

previously normal blood pressure were considered the standard numbers to 120/80 mm Hg.Art.However, a study involving 13,000 people found that young people who have diastolic pressure exceeds the norm by 20 divisions, as well as in older persons with a systolic pressure of 20 bar level above normal, the risk of death was not increased as compared with thosewhom blood pressure is within normal limits.

significantly increases the risk of premature death only in people older than 50 years who had a systolic blood pressure above 140 mm Hg.Art., and young people whose diastolic blood pressure rises above 100 mm Hg.Art.

"We believe that this approach will allow assessment arterialngo pressure to diagnose hypertension only those people who have it raised to the level of risk", - said the head of Brent Taylor studies.

According to the American Heart Association, more than 56 000 people in the US have high blood pressure is a cause of death in the year.