Small penis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Groin

Active Penis growth starts with the beginning of puberty and ends at the end of this period.At what age is a member of increases - individually for every man, with an average of 13 years to 23-24 years, but to say in advance that it will grow more (eg, 18 years) is not possible.Some scientific evidence suggests that the penis grows throughout life (as well as the human nose), but very slowly.About the beginning of puberty and show other signs: the skin of the scrotum and penis becomes thinner, darker than before, there is body hair, voice breaks, the body grows faster poyavlyayutya pollutions or semen during masturbation.

Small penis is a penis that is longer in a state of erection is 9 - 12 cm.The average size of the penis in a state of erection in Caucasian men is about 12 to 16 centimeters, the average length of a penis erection is 8.8 cm. This is not a pathology .In 95% of men penis length in erection is between 10.7 to 19.1 cm - the so-called confidence interval showing the normal range.

Pathology will be micropenis , which length in erection less than 9 centimeters .It is also worth knowing that micropenis syndrome must be distinguished from the hidden penis, which occurs due to excess of fat pubic area or increased the foreskin.

measurement is performed in a standing position on the top surface of the penis from the pubic area up to the head end.The line should only touch the pubes, and not dig into the body.For reliable results, carried out several measurements with a time interval as the length depending on the mood and the degree of excitation can be varied to 0.5 cm -1.

Possible reasons that the penis is very small

necessary to distinguish between small and microfoam normal penis.The length of your growth standards and sizes laid gineticheski while as microfoam is usually caused by disease.micropenis Causes are usually endocrine disorders (namely, the lack of androgens) mainly during embryonic development and sexual maturation.

lack of androgens found in the following diseases:

  • birth - cryptorchidism, anorchia, Klinefelter's syndrome (and similar to them), Noonan, del Castillo, Callamand, Paskulani, Maddock, Reyfenshteyna, craniopharyngioma;
  • acquired - infectious inflammation of the testicles, injury testicles, testicular tumors, medication, temperature, radiation and other effects on the testicles, infectious and inflammatory, traumatic and neoplastic lesions of the pituitary region and the hypothalamus, hyperprolactinemic syndrome, pituitary - Cushing syndrome, adrenal tumors, diabetes.

Also, in addition microfoam may have the following symptoms during puberty and on its completion:

  • infertility,
  • asthenic and disproportionate body,
  • shoulders are narrow,
  • basin wide,
  • absent or weakly expressed hair growthbody of male type,
  • reduced testicular size,
  • mental retardation,
  • deformation ears,
  • defects and malformations of other organs and systems,
  • obesity,
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • depression.

If you have the above symptoms after about 15 years, you must immediately (immediately after detection) address to the doctor.

To which the doctor ask for microfoam

To start to the general, who will decide where to pursue further.It may need to consult doctors of specialties (individually or collectively): a urologist, andrologist, endocrinologist, a geneticist.

Doctors will conduct examinations and appoint appropriate analyzes and studies, including

  • certain hormone levels in the blood plasma,
  • study ejaculate to assess reproductive function,
  • karyotype study, and chromosome analysis - to identify or exclude hereditary diseases,
  • ray techniques for the diagnosis of tumors, inflammatory processes,

as well as other methods that are necessary to be a doctor.

How to increase small penis

independently is not recommended to treat this symptom (various widely advertised pills and ointments), the more traditional medicines.To accelerate the growth and increase penis size alone can not be: the use of hormones, hanging loads, specific exercises with himself or a member of some kind of reflex points, miraculous herbs and dietary supplements still never led to success.

Click to enlarge the penis in a hospital environment is now not so difficult, there are special techniques (operational or not), of which you tell the doctor.An increase of 2-5 cm is possible only surgically, in the absence of contraindications.This problem is solved only internally, at the reception of an experienced surgeon.

much more important to identify the disease, which led to the fact that a member of the very small.And, as seen above, almost all diseases are quite severe.It is clear that genetic abnormalities are not cured, but with the rest can be fought successfully, especially if they are detected in the early stages.

Member erect more than 12 cm - is the norm

to normal sexual life penis size do not have any decisive importance.It is important the presence of an erection!