No sperm (no ejaculation ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Groin

In another sign of this can be called anejaculation or absence of ejaculation - a form of sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation delay when the latter is not happening in a lot of time and the patient and his partner complete sexual intercourse.

reasons that there is no sperm

The reason for this may be the following situation:

  • various violations in the vas deferens, which may occur due to nervous system lesions (injury or surgery of the spine and spinal cord), endocrine disorders (diabetes, obesity, hypogonadism),
  • inflammatory disease (any organs of the reproductive system),
  • neoplasm (when there is compression of the duct tumors), anomalies in the development of these ducts (for example, general lack of them);
  • the absence of sperm may be due to the weak intensity of sexual stimulation, so the low level of arousal (occurs due to fatigue, psychological problems, adversity);
  • still such a problem caused by alcohol abuse, medications (antidepressants, diuretics);
  • still have a situation
    where the semen is not ejected to the outside and into the bladder (congenital and acquired defects of the bladder and urethra, spine trauma, drugs).

In addition to this feature it can be accompanied by disturbances of erection and orgasm.

treatment, if there is no sperm

Depending on the reasons to engage in the identification and treatment of diseases, which led to a lack of sperm should urologists, psychotherapists.

Seek medical advice if the problem is necessary, not only because you can skip the serious pathology and there is no conception of the possibility of offspring, but this symptom can badly affect the family relations (the woman perceives it as a lack of attractiveness, for its part, that can not causedithers).

For diagnosis must be fully tell the doctor about the appearance of the sign, not to hide anything, and you need to tell the complete list of drugs that are used, still need laboratory and instrumental methods (blood and urine tests, radiation methods - ultrasound, MRI, psychotherapeutic assessment andothers).