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Intertrigo - non-infectious skin lesions (primarily to the stratum corneum) in the natural skin folds (most often in children - and pahovobedrennyh mezhyagodichnyh), resulting from the action of endogenous (internal) or exogenous (external) factors.These lesions are subsequently infected with a second conditionally pathogenic microflora of the skin and, as a consequence, leads to inflammation (response protective reaction of the organism).Medical terms for diaper rash - intertriginous dermatitis or intetrigo.Most diaper rash occur in infants and inactive children are more likely in infants of overweight.

Causes of diaper rash in children

presented clinical forms of the most common in the classification causes of diaper rash, to more rare:

1. Intetrigo (in areas of the skin friction)
2. Contact dermatitis (in places of contact with diapers)

Contact dermatitis

3. Allergic ring (results from irritation of food allergens, formed around the anus)

Predisposing factors: these should include the

features of the structure of children's skin.Inadequate differentiation of cells in layers, thin collagen fibers and an insufficient number of intercellular connections (desmosomes) - all these factors make 3 layers of the skin more vulnerable to mechanical and chemical damage.A cause of secondary infection is a neutral medium pH (a measure of the acid-base balance).In contrast to the slightly acidic environment is normal, this neutral environment creates favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria that live on the skin and not only.

Causes of diaper rash in children is:

  • greater number of zhёlёz (1 cm² is necessary in 4-8 times more glands than adults) and as a consequence - irritating to skin secretion products;
  • particular structure of the skin that have been given above;
  • unfavorable allergoanamnez (for suspected diathesis).

provoke the appearance of diaper rash may be inadequate care or frequent rubbing of skin contacting surfaces.

symptoms of diaper rash

are 3 degrees of severity, which correspond to certain symptoms, predetermining the tactics of treatment at each stage:

I degree - in the form of erythema, ie a limited skin redness without clear boundaries


IIdegree - the formation of surface cracks and minor surface erosion.At this stage, it may have felt a burning sensation, itching and rawness.
III degree - a sharp maceration (softening and Moisture), education mockney extensive erosion surfaces without clear boundaries.

Intertrigo launched form

Contribution subjective sensations described in the II degree.

Infetsirovnie often happens coccal (stafilokokokki, streptococci, etc.) or fungal flora, to which the following morphological criteria indicate:

- clear
scalloped edge - a tendency to peripheral growth
- lesion surrounded raznomorfnymi elements (mottled, or vezikulёznymipustular rash)
- at untimely beginning of treatment there is a risk of microbial eczema (loss glublezhaschih layers of the skin)

But even with such a seemingly seemingly trifling problems faced by every parent, we should not be vigilant, please refer topediatrician for primary differential diagnosis, so as not to miss the cutaneous manifestations of a more serious disease (erythrasma, athlete's foot, eczema, psoriasis).

diaper rash treatment in children

treatment is carried out in accordance with the degree.

When I item - can be limited only to the observance of hygienic principles and excluding harmful factors (tight swaddling, frequent wearing diapers).The tray can be added to a solution of potassium permanganate (sold in the pharmacy) to purchase the water a pale pink color.

At II stage - after hygienic bath used indifferent powder (powder podsushivayuschee): Children, talc and zinc.After 3 days of starting to use anti ointments containing corticosteroids (such as dexamethasone) and / or antibiotics (for example sintomitsina).Upon accession, a fungal infection, can be used complex ointment containing and antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory components (eg Triderm).Parents are better not to take that responsibility and does not prescribe treatment itself, because sometimes it is better to use corticosteroids (prior to the beginning of the inflammatory process, ie prior to the dissemination opportunistic / pathogenic microorganisms), and sometimes better antibacterial.Selecting a group of drugs will depend on the predominance of a particular process.

In Article III - apply the lotion, and then use the ointment.At this stage of consultation on the choice of drugs should be solved only with the doctor, because the opportunity to combine a landmark and prescriptions taking into account the individual tolerance and sowing microflora.It can also be assigned to systemic treatment

prevention of diaper rash in children

Prevention is the scrupulous implementation of the rules of child care and a clear tracking of power, with the reduction or complete exclusion of food allergens (under unfavorable allergoanamneze).

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