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Premature ejaculation - ejaculation is the rapid onset and peak of sexual arousal.It can happen before the start of sexual intercourse or at the beginning of the latter.In addition, ejaculation can occur without any sexual satisfaction.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Most often, this problem is only a functional disorder that do not have any reason.During the maturation process and the permanent acquisition of the sexual experience, men are beginning to get rid of this disease.Also, involuntary ejaculation can occur after long-term holding period of sexual intercourse or during sexual intercourse with a new partner.

among pathological causes of premature ejaculation can be identified psychological factors.Most often, it may be depression, stress, unbelievable expectations from sexual intercourse or other factors that leave a negative imprint on the human subconscious.

addition, officially proven is the fact that premature ejaculation can occur from a lack of magnesium in food.Particularly relevant

is the question for the Western countries, particularly the United States.

conducts research, which allegedly revealed the fact that premature ejaculation is inherited, although until today maintained sufficiently serious debate on this issue.

symptoms of premature ejaculation

disease name places all points above the clinical picture of the disease.Indeed, the main feature of this problem should be considered early onset of ejaculation.At a time when none of its partners or unwilling to expect.As a rule, such a fact leads to dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse both partners, which further exacerbates the problem.

In the most severe cases of the disease ejaculation occurs even before the penetration of the penis into the vagina of women.Also, it is often a fact of ejaculation in men with only one form of female external genitalia.

As mentioned above, premature ejaculation has samorazreshatsya property that is held over time, and the acquisition of a specific sexual experience.Although there are cases when the solution of the problem does not occur for years that delivers quite serious difficulties.In this case it is better to consult a specialist.To date, the problems of premature ejaculation in our country engaged two specialists.It is a psychologist and sex therapist.It is not necessary to treat such symptoms to the urologist, because rarely the cause of premature ejaculation can be organic pathology, for example, penile injury, although the latter also do not need to be excluded.

diagnosis of premature ejaculation

In the first stage of diagnosis of premature ejaculation patient to be a constructive conversation with the doctor, during which the doctor will try to find out the possible causes of diseases.If this method does not give any result, then most likely diagnosis move to the second stage.

At this stage, need the intervention not only of the patient but also his sexual partner.It is carried out so-called lidocaine test.Lidocaine - a local anesthetic drug used for anesthesia of the skin in surgery and other specialties where practiced surgery.Lidocaine treated skin of the glans penis in the bridle.After that, the patient is recommended to perform a sexual act in which he shall record the results of the study.

If in the course of the study was not noted any positive changes, carried out a full lidocaine test.To this end, the glans penis is fully processed lidocaine, after which the patient once again invited to address the sexual act.

Other methods worth mentioning determine the sensitivity of the penis skin and checking his reflexes, which is carried out using special equipment.

Treatment of Premature Ejaculation Treatment

arbitrary ejaculation depends on the nature and severity of the process.For example, if the peak of sexual arousal occurs within 2-3 minutes after the onset of sexual intercourse, then in that case we can confine ourselves to psychological suggestion, which makes the sex therapist, and constant training.

If sexual intercourse does not last even two minutes, it is best to take advantage of medical drugs.Especially since they can be easily purchased in almost any drugstore.Among the most famous is called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor and Prozac as the bright representative of this group.

In the event that medications do not have a positive effect, resorting to a surgical solution.The volume of transactions is determined on the basis of previously conducted lidocaine test.If normal ejaculation during anesthesia only frenulum of the penis, then resorted to selective denervation of the site, which means the intersection of the nerve innervating the area.

Operation - denervation head

If the function of the penis normalized only after the lidocaine test, then during operation intersects nerve trunk innervating your entire head.Carrying out such an operation without the test of lidocaine is dangerous because it can completely disrupt the process of ejaculation.

In addition, there are alternatives to surgery.These include, for example, the use of special silicone ring that is worn on the penis in his neck.During intercourse, the last just less contact with the walls of the vagina, and therefore less excited.This method of treatment is used in those patients who refuse surgery or recently they just contraindicated.

Silicone ring for the treatment of premature ejaculation

Feeding habits and lifestyle

Lifestyle modification with premature ejaculation is the normalization of mental status.Whenever possible, you must get rid of stress and mental strain.If this need to change their place of work or residence, there is no need to oppose this decision.Sometimes, wealth can not block the damage that can occur due to sexual dysfunction.If self-regulation of the psychological state is not possible, it is best to seek help from a psychologist.He will be able to help solve the problem.

rehabilitation after illness

Often, after a few case of premature ejaculation in humans arises a kind of psychological block, which does not allow him to have sex the next time.In this case, the patient must be sufficiently serious psychological support, which can only have a professional psychologist.Several psychotherapy sessions to help the old man to return self-confidence and begin to live a sexual life with renewed vigor and desire.

treatment of premature ejaculation folk remedies

Premature ejaculation and impotence - that's probably the two diseases in which traditional healers have come off in full.Nothing else, these two problems are not worried about the men and gives them a sense of shame.That is why the majority of patients with premature ejaculation are not treated in health facilities, and traditional healers.The only problem is that those funds are assigned to traditional healers, have absolutely no effect in relation to this issue.Of course, nothing wrong with the fact that you will have a drink of natural rosehip tea, will not happen, but the miraculous effect should not be expected from him.

Sure, there are times when such therapy has an incredible effect.This is nothing more than a placebo effect, that is, self-hypnosis.A man taking a completely ordinary tea, inspires your subconscious mind that this drug should be effective.As we know, premature ejaculation in most of its manifestations, psychological disease, and therefore, such therapy has a definite meaning.

Complications of premature ejaculation

As for the complications of premature ejaculation, they tend to have a purely psychological in nature.For example, if a young man once had a bad sexual experience with the occurrence of an episode of premature ejaculation, then he may develop some sort of psychological block, which leads to a fear of sexual partners and subsequent intercourse.Later in the life of this young man there is a sufficiently long period of abstinence, that is simply can not affect the functional state of the penis.And even if theoretically it a few years and there will be an opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse, it does not mean that he will be able to make it physically.Thus, by complicated psychological mechanism, even a single episode of premature ejaculation can cause erectile dysfunction.

There is also such a thing as social complications of premature ejaculation.Quite often, men who suffer from this problem, ejaculate in a woman's vagina, which in some cases leads to an unwanted pregnancy.

Prevention of premature ejaculation

carry out prevention of premature ejaculation is only recommended after the first episode of any ejaculation.It is proved by the fact that the psychological attitude of the young man before the onset of sexual activity itself contributes to the occurrence of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The prevention of premature ejaculation are used exclusively psychological methods.They should only be carried out by specially trained psychologist or sexologist.A few decades ago, it was a popular method of preventing premature ejaculation by means of masturbation.At the moment, it was disproved and benefit fully proved the fact of further exacerbating the problem.

An important is the fact that medical interaction.For example, if before the episode of premature ejaculation patient was taking any drugs or medications, it is recommended to remove them or replace the use of other pharmaceutical groups.

By the way physicians treat when there is premature ejaculation:

psychologist, sex therapist.In rare cases, you may need the help of a urologist.

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