Early Ejaculation - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Groin

Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation (premature, fast, rapid ejaculation) by the definition of the World Health Organization - it is ejaculation, which occurred before one minute after the start of sexual intercourse .

Generally there is no criteria, there are cases where sexual intercourse can last less than a minute, but to bring both partners complete satisfaction.According to various scientific literature, the average duration of sexual intercourse is between two and ten minutes.

Early ejaculation may be primary, that is, there is the first sexual experience, as well as secondary, occurring against the background of a normal sexual life.

Causes of premature ejaculation

reasons for this problem may be psychological:

  • fears, anxiety or habit of rapid ejaculation, which are associated with conditions (unfavorable) of sexual intercourse;
  • rare sex or masturbation is rare, which lead to a very strong increase in excitability;
  • lack of experience to control ejaculation;
  • neuroses and fears c
    aused by a single failure in one of the last times have;
  • early sexual experiences,
  • marital problems,
  • unusual situations.

There are also factors that are associated with organic pathology:

  • reproductive system diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, prostate adenoma, bedwetting, vesicles, kollikulit and other),
  • pathology of the nervous system (increased sensitivity of the glans member- one of the most common causes of fractures of the spine, pelvis, spinal osteochondrosis his lumbosacral)
  • and other diseases (chronic depression, alcoholism, hormonal disorders, erectile dysfunction, drugs).

Diagnosis of early ejaculation

to identify the causes of premature ejaculation is necessary to pass some procedures:

examination, rectal examination, ureteroscopy, radiation research methods (ultrasound and MRI), urine and blood (general and specific), evaluation methodsblood supply to the penis, tests with lidocaine and a condom (to assess the sensitivity of the penis), samples with sedatives (to identify the causes of psychogenic).

Treatment of premature ejaculation

treatment of this problem, doctors can practice the following specialties: Urology, andrology, psychotherapists.

not timely access to a doctor could lead to disastrous results - frequent conflicts in the family, can occur rupture of relations, be men's depression, reduced self-esteem.

treatment of this problem is to carry out specialist and better with the sexual partner.Depending on the reasons exist different methods (depending on the type of early ejaculation) using drugs, physical therapy, surgery, various workout.

You can also use a number of recommendations:

  • firstly, it is not necessary to consider an early ejaculation, if the sexual act is laid in the figures given in the beginning of this article;
  • in case of hypersensitivity of the head, you can use thick condoms and anesthetic ointments;
  • during intercourse periodically stop traffic;
  • should respect the work and rest and lead a normal sexual life;
  • during the act, you can think about something abstract (but careful, you can lose an erection) of the Russian national team game or multiply 736 to 109.