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Under sexually transmitted diseases in the Russian-language scientific literature is considered to be diseases that predominantly sexually transmitted.A special focus should be on "predominantly" word, since almost all sexually transmitted diseases are other mechanisms and ways of transmission.Probably, many people know that the origin of the name dates back to ancient Greek mythology, where the name of Venus wore a goddess of love and beauty.

As for the representatives of this group of pathologies that historically and today there are several diseases that occur more frequently than others.Firstly, it is a well-known syphilis, which affects not only the medieval women of easy virtue, but also members of the nobility.Moreover, many famous people went to the light because of this disease.It remains relevant to this day.Naturally, the number of deaths from syphilis decreased dramatically, but recorded the disease is still common.

The second most popular is gonorrhea, more popularly known as the French r

unny or gonorrhea.From this, and the historical, disease and suffering before our time, albeit in a smaller form.

Among other bacterial sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and should allocate ureaplasmosis that occur less frequently previous forms.

Quite often the cause of venereal disease is a viral infection.The most common viruses that are sexually transmitted, are the AIDS virus and genital herpes.

Do not forget that the cause of venereal disease may be fungi or parasitic organisms.In such cases, the patient faces candidiasis, trichomoniasis, or pediculosis pubis.Several less common sexually transmitted scabies.


sexually transmitted diseases As you might guess from the definition, the most common route of transmission of these diseases is sexual.With this, the infection can be transmitted during sexual intercourse, that carried both natural and unnatural way.Proof of this is the high rate of AIDS among homosexuals.

But whatever it was, it's silly to believe that sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted only through sexual contact.No less dangerous is the use of common hygiene items, through which can also spread the pathogen.This pathway is called contact-household and can be performed through wet towels and clothes.

there are special ways of transmission for some diseases.For example, AIDS can be spread from mother to child.This is called vertical transmission through.This disease can also be transmitted during blood transfusions, which in this case is called parenteral transmission mechanism.

Signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases in men

Signs of sexually transmitted diseases can be very different and depend on this or that disease.For example, at the initial stage of syphilis manifested by the presence of only one defect ulcerative skin or mucous membranes.This is called chancroid.Later, develops generalized rash and chancre, which appears with the edges of ulcers, which have cartilage-like consistency.

Syphilitic chancroid

main symptom of gonorrhea is a discharge from the urethra green pus.This process is accompanied by severe pain in the penis, which occurs during the act of urination and ejaculation.If at the initial stage does not stop the process, it may develop necrosis of the penis.Also, do not forget about the possibility of spread of the disease to other organs and connective tissue.

Genital herpes is manifested Vesicular eruptions on the genitals.It has exactly the same character as a rash on the lips of the ordinary herpes.After a gap of transparent capsules in their place are formed crust.

most terrible venereal disease today is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) , which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus.Due to the relative youth of the disease and its malignant course, to date, have not yet invented a cure for AIDS.The clinical picture of this disease is very diverse and can occur in almost any infectious or purulent disease, occurring in a particularly severe form.

Any changes in the genital area, the appearance is not typical for you smell or precipitates should get wary and seek medical advice.


STDs Besides the clinical picture, which almost always gives you the ability to accurately determine not only the nature but also the stage of the disease, these patients often have to take a huge amount of other additional analyzes for the final confirmation of the diagnosis.

Perhaps the quickest and easiest method is to smear microscopy, which is widely used in syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and other sexually transmitted bacterial diseases.In most cases, this method makes it possible to have within 20 minutes to find out the exact diagnosis.

smear microscopy is examining scrapings from the genital organs through the magnifying glass of the light microscope.So I can not see the body of bacteria that have become agents of disease.Unfortunately, the causative agent of the viral disease so can not be detected.

smear microscopy gonorrhea

In that situation, when microscopically can not identify the pathogen or to definitively confirm the diagnosis, often used culture method that is sowing the pathogen in the culture medium, where entire colonies grow soongerms.This method is more expensive and it is necessary to conduct a lot more time.

the following methods, which are often used in the sexually transmitted diseases are serum samples.They are designed to determine the amount of antibodies in the blood that had worked out to deal with a foreign agent.This method applies even more to the definition of the disease, and to determine the degree of his progression.To carry out this analysis of the human vein is taken about 5 milliliters of blood.

All the above methods except the last, may be used exclusively when the bacterial disease.As for the viral etiology of the disease, it may be necessary here for a few more modern methods.For example, by polymerase chain reaction from human blood can be isolated RNA or DNA of almost any virus that can confirm venereal diseases such as AIDS or genital herpes.

Symptomatic treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Symptomatic treatment of this group of diseases is possible only when it is combined with adequate antibiotic therapy or protivirusnoy, that is, with the etiological treatment.If symptomatic therapy is taken on their own, without the etiologic and pathogenetic treatment, then it can only lead to the development of complications.

As for the combination of symptomatic therapy, then it can be used as a wide variety of drugs.For example, if the disease is accompanied by pain and fever, it is possible to use drugs such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, are very well reduce the body temperature and at the same time have an excellent analgesic effect.

In principle, as regards the national treatment, there do not exist any rigid framework, which limit its use.If the treatment of gonorrhea and syphilis will be accompanied by a tray for a penis of herbs with antiseptic properties, it will have only a positive effect on the course of the disease.However, if you want to limit ourselves to just one popular treatment, it is better not to do this, since the type of gonorrhea or syphilis the disease progresses very quickly without antibiotic treatment.

Recourse to

specialist From the very first day of occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases are considered shameful in the society, so the majority of patients are not to treat them in a specialized medical institution and doctors at home or traditional healers.It would seem, what's the difference where the doctor will treat gonorrhea in the hospital or at home.It turns out that there is a very big difference, because the house is very difficult to create all the necessary sterile conditions for adequate treatment of the disease.Still quite often, cases of treatment at home turned into cases quite serious complications.

As for national treatment, there is probably unnecessary additional comments.Although in past centuries it is known a lot of cases, a cure sexually transmitted diseases such ways.This can only be explained by early-stage recourse.In addition, all healers use different methods of treatment and it is possible that one of them could be used for a popular antiseptic substance, that in certain situations can provide a positive influence on the course of the disease.

Now, in the era of modern electronic technology and pharmacological substances, just stupid to seek assistance from traditional healers.At worst, if you want to that the fact that your treatment remains a secret, private clinics will be happy you make concessions.Not for free, of course.

Now, as to the treatment itself.Seek the help you need, not when there were first signs of disease.This must be done even earlier.One may ask, how do you determine the disease before the appearance of its symptoms.Show on the fact of infection may be a fact of untested sexual intercourse.Of course, the latter is best avoided, but if the fact has already taken place, it can only help an immediate trip to the doctor.Probably, it is not necessary to remind you that the problems involved in such a plan is not only skin and venereal diseases, but also a urologist, who, if he will not be able to cure, make sure you send the first.

clear that you can not always predict the infection, the more that it can happen in a public bath.In such a situation an incentive to refer to venereal diseases could be the appearance of the first clinical symptoms.As a rule, in the early stages of venereal disease manifested by itching in the penis, redness of his skin, secretions of various kinds from the urethra and other unpleasant symptoms.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN