The rash on the penis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Groin

The appearance in the glans penis rash may be a sign of some skin, infectious or sexually transmitted diseases, as well as any allergic process.

special place among these are those diseases that are sexually transmitted (venereal), because often only a rash at first may be the only manifestation of the venereal disease.Below, we consider the most dangerous and widespread diseases that manifest a rash on the head of a sexual member.

Diseases accompanied by a rash on the glans penis

appearance of lesions in the form of red spots or specks on the head of the penis can be a symptom of balanoposthitis - inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin.It can be caused both infection transmitted by polovm and allergies.

When genital warts can appear on the head of a rash in the form of protuberances and bumps or pink flesh, its surface may be smooth or bumpy, the size may vary, over time, they may increase in size.This disease is caused by infection papilomavirusnoy.Other symptoms - rashes that may

be located in the body of the penis or scrotum and provoke discharge from the head and itching.Treat papilloma removal by various methods.

When syphilis rash can look like this: a deep, small, painless sore (chancre), which will have a brilliant flat bottom and a thick edge, and it occurs between 10 and 90 days after sexual contact with syphilis.A common not only on the head, but also throughout the body, fine pink rash that occurs in one - four months after the appearance of the chancre is not attempted when the treatment - which means that come the second stage of syphilis.When this rash need special antibacterial treatment.

When contact dermatitis rash on the head of red is also a swelling of the genitals.The causes of contact dermatitis is irritation of cosmetics member (soaps, gels and other products), or latex (condoms).

When candidiasis (thrush) on the head is a red rash in the form of spots, they can be painful and itchy, sometimes formed plaque cheesy nature.

To which the doctor ask for a rash on the penis

When a rash, as well as any other, you must immediately contact your doctor or urologist venereal diseases, and the sooner the better.Especially if there are common symptoms, such as fever or increased inguinal lymph nodes.