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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

causative agent of herpes infection

Herpetic infection - a group of diseases that affects all organs and systems caused by the herpes virus.Herpes simplex virus (HSV) belongs to the family Herpes viridae.Family, in turn, subdivided into serotypes differ in gene structure.These different types are responsible for many forms of the disease.

Herpes simplex virus is a schematic

As that:

  1. HSV type 1 (herpes simplex virus type 1) causes genital herpes, herpes of the lips, eyes, pneumonia, brain damage.
  2. HSV type 2: the same genital herpes, intrauterine infection of the fetus.
  3. Shingles: causes such infection as chicken pox and shingles.
  4. HSV type 6 (of HHV-6: is a serious contender for the role of the etiological agent (s) for multiple sclerosis and fever newborns with seizures, infectious mononucleosis negative for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV) and associated with HHV-. 6 encephalitis virus HHV-6 is also a cofactor for AIDS, certain forms of cervical carcinoma and nasopharynge
    al carcinomas
  5. HSV 7 type: responsible for what so many say the mass media - is "chronic fatigue syndrome"
  6. HSV..type 8 (HHV-8): Kaposi's sarcoma (malignant tumor in HIV infection and those with depressed immune systems) established that HHV-8 encodes proteins that control growth and proliferation (proliferation) of cells, and has a genetic affinity towards other.. representatives of the subfamily radinovirusov having transforming properties
  7. By herpesviruses include cytomegalovirus, affecting many organs and systems in utero the fetus, as well as the Epstein - Barr virus: infectious mononucleosis, nazofariangialnuyu carcinoma (cancer of the nasopharynx).

the way in 1911 by Francis Routh, and later Russian scientist viral nature of the cancer has been proven Ivanovo in which herpes viruses (and not only them) play a huge role.

Infection with one type of herpes virus does not rule out infection and its other serotypes, ie just a few.

Classification herpes infection

  • from clinical symptoms: the typical form of a rash in the form of small bubbles, atypical form without - or with Just noticeable rashes.
  • by severity: mild, moderate, severe.
  • localization of the local process: genital herpes, herpes stomatitis, skin herpes, herpetic lesion of the central nervous system, herpetic eye disease.
  • with the flow: acute and chronic relapsing primary.

As we see that attacks the herpes infection nearly all organs and systems, and therefore different experts "thrown" at his treatment.After all, according to statistics herpes infected approximately 90% of the population.I will try to tell you about the symptoms, treatment and how to live well with the disease, which is in the competence of dermatology.

How do you get herpes virus

These viruses are highly contagious, that is, they are easy to catch.By the way, herpes and sick animals.But put yourself in the sterile chamber is not necessary, because you can get this infection, do not know about it and normally exist, provided "quality" of immunity.

So, there are many modes of transmission, such as: sex, kissing, air - drop, during birth (from mother to fetus through the amniotic fluid), in contact with the patient's personal belongings: handkerchiefs, toothbrush.It should be noted that Herpes viruses are very steady in an environment that is outside the body.Stored at room temperature for a day, in a humid environment longer and heated to 50 degrees kills them after 30 minutes.Herpes and tolerates low temperature at -70 can survive up to 5 days.

Symptoms of herpes infection

Once in the body, the pathogen is spread across all its systems through the blood, lymph and "settles" mainly in the nerve fibers, endings.Under unfavorable conditions for human and favorable for the virus - it's stress, hypothermia, chronic diseases, that is, their exacerbation, decreased immunity (eg HIV), he begins to "assert itself".

Incubation (hidden) period of 2 to 20, an average of 6 days.Before you "check in" rash, there are so-called prodromal period - a burning sensation, a feeling of "tingling needles", which lasts about 24 hours.At this time, it is important to start the treatment and to stop further development of the disease.

Later, during the classical, pop the bubbles with serous contents (clear liquid), which further "grow" in the crust.The condition can be characterized by malaise: malaise, chills, headache, fever.Localization is different, depending on the virus serotype.It skin and mucous: lips, genitals, different parts of the skin and eyes.

Herpetic infections, rashes on the lips

garazdo heavier flows infection caused by the Herpes Zoster (shingles), in which the infection spreads along nerves with severe pain, high fever.The rash usually are more extensive in nature, or may even be absent, and because of this can be regarded as a trivial low back pain or neuralgia.The patient has to write a medical certificate.The danger is that, particularly if left untreated or improperly treated, that is the destruction of the nerve sheath with the development of chronic neuralgia.Man begins to disturb the constant pain that bad shot painkillers.There comes a disability.Frequent localization Herpes Zoster - it intercostal nerves and limbs.


Herpes simplex viruses can cause inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract. herpetic lesions of the pharynx is manifested in the form of ulcerative changes in the posterior pharyngeal wall.Herpes is caused by herpes simplex virus type I, it occurs 10 times more frequently than virus, caused by herpes simplex virus type II.

There is also herpetic lesion eye is most common in men aged 20 to 40 years.Herpes causes persistent corneal opacity, including blindness.

herpetic lesions matter and meninges .The course of the disease heavy, sharply raises the body temperature, increases muscle, joint and headache, photophobia appears.The mortality rate without treatment is 30%.You can affect other organs and systems.

most severe herpetic infection occurs in patients receiving chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunosuppressants, as they inhibit the immune system.

malignant course characterized herpes infection in HIV - Infected (may be the only symptom of AIDS): frequent retsedivy, necrotizing disease (death of the skin), more common rashes, lesions of the internal organs.Herpetic infection in HIV - infected, has no tendency to spontaneous healing.When combined with HSV type 8 and immunodeficiency virus, developing such diseases as Kaposi's sarcoma.This malignant tumor of vascular origin penetrates the skin, lymph nodes, and almost the entire body.Patients die quickly.

risk of infection and during pregnancy when there is no protection in the form of antibodies in the mother - is G and M. Then a possible miscarriage, intrauterine infection of the fetus, congenital malformations.Other diseases, sexually transmitted infections, when combined with the herpes virus "interfere with" normal body resistance and adequate immune response to the pathogen and the above complications are possible more often.But do not despair, as a rule, with the right behavior births take place without complications, and the child is born healthy.To this end, it is important to be diagnosed herpes infection.

presence in the body of herpes virus type 8 and 6.7 may be asymptomatic for decades, but it is known that the herpes virus type 6 can complicate the course of other viral diseases (including angina, enteroviral infections).

diagnosis of herpes infection

doctor already by visual inspection can make a diagnosis.To help often "come" Laboratory Methods: PCR - detection of DNA of pathogens, detection of the very immunoglobulin G and M in the blood.Assays are taken from various sites, depending on the lesion.Do not forget to be surveyed and for all STDs, especially when genital herpes localization (a very common combination), as well as to donate blood for HIV.

Treatment grepeticheskoy

infection in uncomplicated forms of herpes infection treatment is carried out at home.Compliance with bed rest is required, depending on the patient's general condition.

Herpes, at this time, is not completely cured, but reduce the number of relapses and a much improved quality of life possible.There are new drugs that effectively contribute to this.

most famous and the most inexpensive is acyclovir or Zovirax , which comes in the form of tablets or ointments.By the way, for his invention of Gertrude B. Elion he received the Nobel Prize in 1988.Of the more expensive - it vamtsiklovir .Ointments are used in mild disease, minor rashes.Affected areas lubricated several times a day (preferably herpes ointment covers the affected area of ​​the skin or mucous constantly), at least 5 days, that is to smear even after symptoms disappear.The tablets are used for genital herpes and shingles, as well as in cases where lesions cause pain and significant discomfort.

in the form of injections and tablets of medications used to facilitate the production of protective antibodies (amiksin, tsikloferon, neovir, IFN - lipint).These antiviral agents are very good, and for the prevention of herpes relapses.

actively used vitamin therapy (B12, B1, B6), nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief (nemisil, indomethacin, lidocaine ointment), physiotherapy (quartz).

is mandatory to drink plenty of liquids, in some cases, dieting.Very often rash in the mouth, patients refuse to take food, so the food should be pureed, not hot, not spicy and salty.In severe cases, for example, central nervous system, is shown feeding patients with a special probe.

Patients with severe forms of herpes, especially when struck by the central nervous system, and in herpetic eye disease, hospitalization.

More about herpes treatment regimens in zavistmosti of its serotype and localization in the relevant articles on our site: genital herpes, herpes of the lips, eyes, chicken pox, herpes zoster, cytomegalovirus, infectious mononucleosis.

But whatever successes in this field did not do medicine, drugs that would be sufficiently effective in the treatment of infections caused by HHV-6, 7, 8, has not been found.

Complications of HSV infection

nonspecific complications arise when connecting other viral or bacterial infection.

Specific complications: the spread of the viral process to adjacent organs involved in the process, esophagus, trachea, bronchi, lungs, liver, brain, cancer, etc.

Prevention HSV infection

Prevention - is the cessation of close contact with a patient during an exacerbation.At this time, a chance to catch herpes increases 100 times.The use of condoms during sexual relations, as well as solutions of chlorhexidine miramistina and candles "Hexicon" actively "kill" viruses, after exposure.It is unacceptable to use other people's things and personal hygiene.

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