Volyn fever ( trench , trench fever) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

All rickettsioses clinical symptoms, complications and treatment are identical typhus, but has its own characteristics:

Volyn fever (trench, trench fever, paroxysmal rickettsial disease) - poorly understood rickettsial disease (Bartonella), characterized by recurrent attacks of fever against the background of general intoxication, rash, myalgia and arthralgia.This disease is most often registered among residents of the African continent.

source is the patient, the blood of which the originator is stored up to 2 years and therefore, this disease infection can occur through blood transfusions.There is also information about airborne transmission mechanism.

Pathogen Volyn fever

causative agent is very stable in the environment.Tropism for tissues Volyn fever pathogen is the same as the other Bartonella (Rickettsia): Leather, CMF organs (spleen, lymph nodes, Kupffer cells, etc.), endocarditis, but the most pronounced tropism to bone tissue and is a distinctive feature - it causes severebone pain alrea

dy at the beginning of the disease, and patients complain of pain in the ribs, low and tibia.

Symptoms Volyn fever

Pathogen reproduces mainly in the bone marrow to release pathogen in the blood - the temperature in the normal range, after - rise up to 39 ° C for 3-4 days, then at least of destruction emerged Rickettsia in blood temperature againnormal for 3-4 days until the next "splash" of the pathogen, and the sharp decline in the temperature, which is accompanied by severe weakness and sweating - this type of fever is called paroxysmal.These timings are gradually reduced and usually occurs 2-4 such attack, and then the intervals between them increase, and reduces the duration and severity, and other symptoms to go low.After suffering a recent attack, in 2 weeks can be kept low-grade fever.

Unlike other rickettsial diseases, inflammation in the vessel wall is not involved, which explains the relative ease of flow.


nonspecific diagnosis uninformative, shows only inflammation.Specific reaction Weil-Felix is ​​negative, because this disease does not produce antibodies specific for most rickettsial diseases;Specific serological tests are the same as for other rikketsiozah.

Treatment Treatment is the same as in other rikketsiozah (described in detail in the article typhus).

unstable immunity is formed after undergoing the disease.

At the moment, there are only non-specific prevention of which is to combat pediculosis.Specific prophylaxis has not been developed.

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