Tick-borne typhus of northern Asia - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

All rickettsioses clinical symptoms, complications and treatment are identical typhus, but has its own characteristics:

Tick-borne typhus of northern Asia - natural focal typhus circular flow, characterized in addition to standard symptoms characteristic of rickettsial diseases, the formation of primary affect insite of the tick bite and regional lymphadenitis.

Causes infection

main distributors - iskodovye mites, they infect rodents, and people in this vicious circle gets accidentally bites.

immune stratum of the population in natural foci high due to latent immunization.

Features diseases

While infecting this rickettsiosis, proliferative processes predominate over destructive.

primary affect and a regional lymphadenitis formed back in the incubation period.The primary affect of looks like a towering plotnovata section from 2-3 mm to 2-3 cm, brown with redness on the periphery and in the center of the ulcer or necrosis ochazhok.Reverse development lasts 9-20 days, it does not leave behind a d

efect.The regional lymphadenitis appears simultaneously with the primary affect and reach the size of 2-2.5 cm in diameter, though he maloboleznenny or painless, not soldered to surrounding tissues, the skin over it is not changed, and the regression lasts about 18 days.

rash appears 2-3 day of illness on a background of fever and its first place on the side of the chest, inner thighs, flexor surface of the hands in the joints, and after that it spreads all over the body, with the ability to capture face, palmarand plantar surfaces.Disappears rash backward from the face, leaving a peeling and pigmentation, this period lasts about two weeks.

Along with other symptoms, patients noted hyperemia (redness) of the mucosa of the soft palate, uvula and tonsils, sometimes with the presence of enantemy.

CNS patients have persistent headache, worse at night, and insomnia.

part of the respiratory system laringotraheobranhity manifested hoarseness, dry cough eventually alternated wet, throat pain resembling angina and so

From the diagnosis and treatment of specific features not found: determination of antibodies in the RAC and Phragmites become positive 5-7 days of illness.Treatment is similar to that in typhus.

Total prevention is the elimination of ticks, specific and emergency prevention has not been developed.

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