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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Pubic lice or pediculosis pubis - parasitic skin disease caused by pubic lice.It was described for the first time back in 1668.In contrast to the head and body lice, these parasites are kept on hair only three legs and sideways moves from the hair to the body and vice versa.The female is larger than the male, the length of her body about 1.5 millimeters.male size to 1 millimeter.They feed on human blood.Delays nits (eggs) on the hair roots.

pubic louse under a microscope

Causes infection pediculosis pubis

Most often, the pubic louse is transmitted through sexual contact, contact with the sick person skin during sexual intercourse, can also and use common clothes, bed, baths, showers.

If there was sexual infection, lice settle mostly in the pubic region, the perineum around the anus.When domestic - chest hair, underarm area, eyelashes.In cases of pediculosis pubis children are described and on the scalp.But it's all relative: if you do not treat the disease, it is possible the reproduction and

migration of pubic lice all over his body.When using a common towel, bed, it is possible that head lice and pubic inhabit.

pediculosis pubis symptoms

main symptom is itching of varying intensity, which appears due to insect bites, and depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.Not experienced eye can not see the parasite in his body.The pubic louse looks like a speck of gray-brown color, which is located at the hair root.Nits - grayish color that attach to the hair.

pubic lice on the body at high magnification

Inflammation of the skin after bites pubic lice

With the above symptoms it is best to consult a dermatologist doctor.You may say to me that there have been successful cases of self-medication.But pediculosis pubis can be confused with allergic skin diseases.People are starting to use hormonal ointments, and all living things perfectly grows and multiplies on hormones.Louse "say only thank you."When insects bite "open the gates" to other microbial infections of the skin, pustules appear.It begins not zffektivnoe treatment alcoholic solutions, ointments with antibiotics because the cause (itself pubic lice) are not eliminated.There is a misconception that pediculosis pubis - a disease not cleanly people.Which, of course, is not true.Believe me, lice do not care when you last used the shower, a moment ago, or a year and a parasite on the body which, on the clean or dirty.So do not hesitate and go to the doctor.

Diagnostics pubic lice

itself pediculosis pubis diagnosis difficulties doctors causes.The diagnosis is made by visual inspection.Treated disease well.But I recommend to be surveyed and other infections, sexually transmitted infections.After all, it is possible that with pediculosis pubis get other STDs.

treatment pubic lice

The modern pharmaceutical industry issued a lot of drugs for the treatment of head lice in the form of sprays, shampoos, ointments, emulsions, destroying parasites.For example medifoks from which the solution is prepared.It should also be noted Spray "Spray - Pax", which for half an hour "kills" pubic lice and their nits.All of the above funds can not be used during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).In this case it is better to apply a 33% sulfuric ointment.Of course, the smell is bad (sulfur smell), but it will help preserve the health of your baby.With the localization of parasites on the eyebrows and eyelashes made of mechanical removal and processing of yellow mercury ointment.

application of some shampoos to treat pubic lice, as seen by me, not very effective, and it is possible to use them only as an aid in the next day after the main drug.All medicines sold over the counter.

Since lice and nits can get on your clothes, bed linen, the imperative now, to avoid relapses of the disease, is their thermal treatment: boiling, proglazhivanie on both sides.The same should be done with towels and a washcloth.Bath treat disinfectants.Infected hair completely shaved off, removing the lice and nits that, with the exception of eyelashes.Both partners and the people who were in close contact with the patient, treated with him, regardless, they discovered the disease or not.

Folk remedies for the treatment of pediculosis pubis

Previously, when pharmaceutical industry was not developed, people do resort to folk remedies or drugs that were known at this stage.These means, more often, not how much less toxic agents sold in pharmacies, but can also have a negative result.We live in the 21st century, science and beliefs vary.For example the use of dichlorvos is very harmful for the body and it is now prohibited.cranberry juice processing capabilities as an aid, the day after the primary treatment, but it often occurs allergies and burns, as well as on its spetsefichesky turpentine odor.

Complications pubic lice pediculosis pubis

Complications occur as a consequence of the fact that due to the bites and scratches, formed "entrance gate" for microorganisms.It begins with a banal pyoderma (pustular skin diseases).And then the infection can get into the lymph nodes and (limfodenity), subcutaneously - fatty tissue (boils, carbuncles, abscesses).Then, when the weakened body - in the blood (blood poisoning).In this case, no serious operational measures are indispensable.

prevention pediculosis pubis

most reliable prevention of pubic lice - the complete exclusion of casual sex, use of someone else's clothes and bed linens, the use of the soul after a suspected household contacts better with tar soap, which is detrimental effect on the lice.

Consultation of dermatologist for pubic lice

Question: Is it possible to pubic lice infestation on cats and dogs?
Answer: No.Lice do not live on the body of the animal.

Question: How long is the incubation period for pediculosis pubis?
Answer: Up to 1 month.

Q: How fast are killed by boiling pubic lice?
A: Immediately.That is why it is recommended for the treatment of underwear and bed linen.

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