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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

mycobacteriosis - a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis are not different from their more rapid growth on nutrient media and some other properties (the ability to pigment, the activity of certain enzymes).There are more than 50 species of mycobacteria, they are divided into:

- definitely pathogenic (dangerous) for human and animal (m bovis - cause disease in cattle, m leprea- cause leprosy in humans;
- shareware (potentially) pathogenic..mycobacteria, which under certain conditions can cause disease in humans: m avium, m kanssasii, m xenopi, m fortuitum, m chelonai, m malmoense, m intracellulare;
- saprophytic mycobacteria (safe for humans).......:m. terrae, m. phlea, m. gastri et al.

Given that mycobacterioses similar to tuberculosis, to refer to those adopted by tuberculosis classification indicating the type of mycobacteria.


Causes mycobacteriosis

patientmycobacteriosis is not a danger to others, as this disease is not transmitted from person to person. it is pr

oved that mycobacteria prevalent in the environment (soil, water).For example, m.avium is transmitted to humans by airborne droplets way as a result of vapor above the water.Often the source of the disease is mycobacteriosis poultry.From soil and water stand m.fortuitum and m.chelonai.

There was a predisposition to mycobacteriosis persons suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, etc., due to violations of the general and local immunity.Just mycobacterioses occur in persons who have undergone organ transplants, stem cells.


mycobacteriosis Mycobacterium cause lung, lymph nodes, and skin.In Russia, the more common pulmonary mycobacteriosis, often in people over 50 years old with a history of various respiratory diseases.In children, there are destruction mycobacteria peripheral lymph nodes (submandibular, parotid).As mycobacteria are growing rapidly, it is often a complication of wound infections, postoperative complications, dialysis, etc.Recently, there dessimenirovannye processes associated with the reception of certain drugs (cytostatics, immunosuppressants), in patients with immunodeficiency syndrome.

mycobacteriosis The main symptom is an acute respiratory illness or exacerbation of chronic not a specific process in the lungs, rarely manifested hemoptysis.In most cases, mycobacterioses detected during preventive examinations.Patients concerned about weakness, malaise, cough, dry, sometimes with sputum, chest pain, low-grade fever (up to 37), weight loss, which makes the disease very similar to proyavleniemi tuberculosis.

mikobaterioz If you suspect that you need to turn to the district physician, undergo examinations range and then the doctor on the basis of a survey of patient complaints is likely to send a TB specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.

methods of research and analysis for suspected mycobacteriosis

basic analysis is the study obtained from the patient's material: sputum, content ulcers and other affected areas of the skin, wash the bronchi water, urine, etc. Carry out microscopy and research material through a variety of nutrient media detect bacteria.

X-ray revealed infiltrates with the collapse, hematogenous dissemination or fibrocavernous process.Perhaps the formation of "tubercles" sections fibrosis.

sometimes can develop generalezovannye processes with central nervous system lesions, which can be fatal in 0.5% of cases.

diagnostic difficulties due to the similarity of the clinical, radiological and morphological signs of mycobacteriosis tuberculosis.


Treatment Treatment is complex and long.The scheme uses the traditional anti-TB drugs.Increasingly they began to use surgical treatment - resection.

used in the treatment of fluoroquinolones (ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin), but their activity is not always effective for killing mycobacteria.The most effective drug of practice is levafloksotsin.Positive results are observed while taking ethambutol, rifampicin.Mikobateriozy considered resistant to streptomycin and 60% of isoniazid.Used in the treatment of karbopenem (imepenem), cephalosporins and aminoglycosides.

disease studied relatively recently, so there is no consensus about its diagnosis and treatment.

advantage is for hospital care, for the selection of drugs, doses and systematic observation.The treatment can take anywhere from several months to a year.Gepatoprotektory must be taken in connection with the effect of antibiotics on the liver function.

diet and lifestyle with mycobacteriosis

recommended to conduct a correct way of life, eliminating smoking and alcohol.High-protein diet (meat, eggs).Do not restrict your diet, do not lose weight during the treatment period.Avoid prolonged sun exposure, hypothermia, saunas.

Folk remedies

may be considered helpful reception aloe, honey to stimulate immunity.Admission badger fat only enhance the process of decay in the lung.Some people refer to eating some peoples dogs, scientific evidence of healing in this manner is not.

Complications mycobacteriosis

may be complications such as hemoptysis, associated with damage to the vascular wall in mikobakterioznom process.Pulmonary heart disease caused by narrowing of the bronchi, blood circulation disorders.Rarely spontaneous pneumothorax occurs because of damage to the visceral pleura.

prognosis of mycobacteriosis

favorable prognosis of mycobacteriosis, with early detection and treatment of the disease there is a full recovery.X-ray can be detected "tuberculoma" and fibrosis, suggesting the need for a permanent radiological control (once a year) to prevent any aggravation of the process of relapse.

Prevention mycobacteriosis

Good hygiene, healthy lifestyles, strengthening the immune system.Annual fluorography.

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