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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

urogenital mycoplasmosis - diseases of the urinary tract caused by pathogens from Mycoplasmataceae family.This family is divided into the genus Mycoplasma (mycoplasma) and Ureaplasma (ureaplasma).That is ureaplasmosis - it's the same mycoplasmosis, flowing with the same clinical picture, curing the same type, but different from other species of mycoplasma in that it highlights the enzyme that breaks down uric acid.Mycoplasma - little-studied organisms, so reading the article about the disease, different authors interpret information differently.I will try to explain to you his vision of his medical experience.

Mycoplasma - reason mycoplasmosis

These pathogens are intermediate between microbes and viruses, then there are features characteristic of both.In nature there are a lot of mycoplasmas that cause various diseases, parasites but only in the urogenital tract Mycoplasma hominis (human mycoplasma), Mycoplasma genitalium (genital mycoplasma) and ureaplasma urealyticum (Ureaplasma, splits uric acid).

Mycoplasma (mycoplasma) under a microscope

Symptoms of mycoplasma

urogenital mycoplasmosis - a latent infection.In monovide she is asymptomatic.If you notice at any complaints, such as: isolation, cramps during urination, itching of the urethra, the same infection is not limited, and in addition to mycoplasma will need to be examined and other urinary tract infections.When viewed from the banal or just a simple man in the street will not put a diagnosis "mycoplasmosis," but even the doctor.To this end, undertake special analyzes, which I will discuss below.Do not forget to take a survey on the disease, sexually transmitted diseases, even in the complete well-being.

Complications mycoplasmosis

Some doctors, when they find one only a mycoplasma or ureaplasma not prescribe, prescribe other (as I said, this is a controversial disease).How should I do in this case?I believe that

1) you need to carefully examine not only himself, but also his sexual partner for all urogenital infections.
2) and treat all the same it is necessary, moreover, mycoplasmosis lechetsya well.

Why should we be treated: with mycoplasma in my body, it's easier to "get" other diseases, sexually transmitted infections, such as trichomoniasis, HIV and so on.So do not forget us, dermatologists.Especially because:

In a study of women in childbirth Mycoplasma hominis was detected in the amniotic fluid.It is dangerous as in the conception of the child, so that "sits" on the tail of the sperm, preventing fertilization, and hence infertility.So during pregnancy: premature birth, miscarriage.Very often there is intrauterine infection of the baby (mycoplasma pneumonia, or penetration of the pathogen in genital tract as it passes through the birth canal during labor and delivery).

complications happen most when combined with other mycoplasma "infections".Therefore, do not be tempted fortune.Inspect before conceiving a child, with your "second half".

Diagnosis of urogenital mycoplasmosis

"gold standard" in the diagnosis of this infection - is sowing , when the pathogen is growing on a nutrient medium, and PCR - DNA detection of the pathogen, but provided good preparation laboratory clinic, where you have applied.Mycoplasma - is an intracellular parasite and therefore the analysis of the urethra or cervix is ​​taken special brush to hit for the diagnosis and your cells.It can also be taken to examine and semen in men.

Treatment mycoplasmosis

used to treat a variety of antibiotics: tetracyclines (doxycycline, tetracycline).But 10% of mycoplasmas are resistant to them, and therefore are assigned the same and macrolides (Azitroks) klindomitsin.Be sure to resort to immunomodulators (tsikloferon, derinat, polyoxidonium).When complications such as inflammation of the prostate gland in men, and inflammation of the fallopian tubes in women - physiotherapy, resolving treatment (Wobenzym, lidasa).When pregnancy is appointed by the safer drugs such as erythromycin.As I have said, that the disease lechetsya well, and look for the cause failures (surveyed and other infections, inspect the partner).

During treatment, you can not drink alcohol and have sex.Monitoring is carried out in a month after the last dose of antibiotics.If there were complications in the form of prostatitis, or inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries (salpingo-oophoritis), the US is the patient's body.

Do not resort to the treatment of mycoplasma folk remedies, as the main drugs - antibiotics is that good "cope" with infection, and "load" in this case, the body with herbs, I think should not be.The infection does not cure - that's for sure and call stability - definitely.Treatment may appoint a doctor, carefully examining you.

As mentioned above, due to complications such as prostatitis, salpingo "dance" other adversities (infertility, miscarriages, intrauterine infection of the fetus), so as not to complicate life or only to himself but also to his buduschimu offspring.

prevention of urogenital mycoplasmosis

prevention of urogenital mycoplasma such as infections and other sexually transmitted infections.This loyalty to their sexual partner, and condoms (but guarantee less).Not all people know how to properly put on a condom + often poor quality.Mycoplasma are very small and can penetrate through the micropores of the latex.

Horsham if you are within 3 hours after casual sex contact your dermatologist for active prevention.

consultation dermatologist doctor for mycoplasmosis

Question: I was treated by mycoplasma, and my partner is not.It was due after the treatment.How to be?
Answer: turn to the dermatologist, to get tested for the presence of complications and undergo treatment again.

Question: Which is better to use candles for the prevention of mycoplasma
A: Widespread: "Betadine", "Hexicon".

Q: How dangerous combination of mycoplasma and trichomoniasis?
Answer: Above the risk of complications and the difficulty of the treatment of both infections.

Question: After treatment again found a mycoplasmosis, why this might be?
answer or you do not exactly follow the doctor's orders, or re-infected by the partner, or there is some kind of undiagnosed infection that prevents successful treatment.

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