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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Genital warts - a viral disease that affects the skin and mucous membranes and is characterized by the growth of abnormal epithelium.This pathology can be found in the literature as synonyms such as viral papilloma, genital warts, genital warts.

There warts often at a young age, which is an active sex life.The disease is plohoizuchennym and by reading different authors, you will find a lot of controversy in the mainly to the approach and management of patients.I'll tell you about my observations of practice.

problem is really acute, as evidenced by the emergence of new vaccines against the virus of the disease.It follows that a large percentage of the world medicine retsedivov warts occurrence of malignant diseases, which are caused by the data agent.But first things first.

Causes of genital warts

causative agent of genital warts is the human papilloma virus (HPV).This DNA - containing virus replicates in the nucleus of epithelial cells (cells of the skin and mucous membranes).Now known about a h

undred of its varieties, but are responsible for genital warts are most often 6 and 11 types.These types, as described by the authors do not cause cancer and precancerous lesions, but that "at two ends of the stick."All viruses tend to mutate and it is possible that when you read my article, everything will be completely different.

second point: there is no guarantee that in the body there are no other types of HPV, more dangerous.These types like 16, 18, 31 and 33 are much less likely to cause genital warts, but are responsible for cancer and precancerous conditions.

Infection warts are sexually transmitted or when passing through the birth canal.Infiltrating the skin and mucous membranes, it is being introduced in all new and new cells.Contact path (through clothing) is poorly understood and, if found, is rarely as pathogen in the environment is unstable.

particularly dangerous person to have already developed symptoms.For a long time the virus can be stored in a latent state, not manifesting itself, and therefore the incubation (latent) period lasts from several weeks to several years, and can not express themselves.For this you need a "trigger," which I will call two words: decreased immunity.Very often - sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), as in the genital area where the warts are located, there is a decrease in the body's defenses.And, therefore, I think a mistake to treat only one genital warts or HPV.When the immune system is OK, it just does not propagate the virus that he had somehow started to cause harm to humans.

Symptoms of genital warts

Clinic genital warts can occur in different scenarios:

1) Probably the most favorable, when a person has a virus and the disease does not manifest itself.This condition is called carriage.If the individual "works" normal immunity, but this compensatory capacity of the organism, then he can live safely and for a long time with HPV without knowing about it.After all, in our body contains a lot of viruses, and there is a positive aspect in that it "rests" by producing antibodies (protective substances) and thus contributing to the normal immune response.

2) The disease develops when a certain point there are specific rash.The most frequent localization of genital warts in men - the bridle of the foreskin, the glans penis, scrotum.Women - labia, clitoris, urethral opening, cervix, vagina.Both sexes - the perineum, anus, rectum, oropharynx.The reason vnepolovoe localization can be anal, oral sex.

rashes themselves have a different kind: the classic version is a papule (bespolostnoe education, protruding above the skin) on a thin stalk.The size of warts from a pinhead to the size of a walnut.When they begin to merge, then their views are beginning to resemble a cauliflower.Color papules pink, red or normal skin color.

complaints of itching, pain usually is not.

Photo genital warts

Genital warts: 1. women 2. men 3.On anus

These most genital warts can pass on their own, may remain unchanged, or increase in size.

in HIV - infected disease is characterized by malignant course with a large number of lesions, tendency to relapse.

In pregnant as a consequence of the strengthened immune system not only on themselves but also on the body of a child, genital warts often begin to remind myself, tend to grow in size, appear in new places.Infection of the baby as it passes through the birth canal.

diagnosis of genital warts

At the first sign of the disease should consult a doctor: dermatologist, gynecologist, urologist, surgeon, ENT - doctor (in the localization of warts in the mouth).Differintsialnaya diagnosis is carried out with large warts in syphilis, squamous cell carcinoma, itch limfaplaziey.

When you first visit be sure to pass tests for all STDs with your sexual partner (including blood for HIV).According to my observations, genital warts are often combined with the infection as trichomoniasis.Women have taken cervical cytology, colposcopy is performed.In men, the same cytological method (a piece of the material to be examined), ureteroscopy (if urethral its localization tool inspection).Papilloma virus DNA was detected by PCR (polymerase reaction).

Treatment of genital warts

Often the question arises: "Can I izbyvitsya from this insidious virus?"There are different opinions, but I think that there is.And to reduce the amount and live quietly - yes.Now the high hopes with vaccination.In Russia, the vaccine called Gardasil.I for example, in their practice, not just in a hurry to remove warts.Identify the reasons (for sexual localization most STDs) and after treatment with these same lesions begin to decrease in size or propodaet themselves.Subsequently, during treatment or after removal to take refuge.

Removing warts is done in different ways, and the choice depends on the amount of precipitations.

1) Chemical method - application of various chemicals (solkoderm, podophyllotoxin, liquid nitrogen).It is used in small eruptions.Very often, mistakenly, the method uses a simple man in the street alone.But I want to assure you, this method, too, is an art, and if surpluses drip drug, wait scarring with gross effects (eg partial or full phimosis - inability to open the head of the penis in men).

2) Surgical - excision of warts with a scalpel or with the help of the very uretoroskopa urethra.
3) Physical - the use of the laser, electrocautery (the current level).

last two methods are used for bulk rashes.In the treatment of genital warts you should always use immunomodulators (tsikloferon, neovir, pirogenal).

During treatment should avoid sex until complete healing of the wound, and if found STDs - to total control.

One of the most popular folk methods of getting rid of genital warts - this treatment celandine.The juice of it, by the way, sold in pharmacies, but remember that this chemical method and is carried out in order to avoid complications, but the doctor.Effective with small eruptions.

complications of genital warts

If grammotno approach the issue of treatment of genital warts, the disease does not leave any consequences.

Genital warts while ignoring treatment can fester, injured clothing, when washing.There are cases of degeneration of their cancer.We must remember that it is always a signal to the person that the body is not all right.

prevention of genital warts

prevention is avoidance of casual sex, condom use, chemical solutions (miramistina, chlorhexidine), candles ( "Hexicon") after them.

Medical consultation venereologist:

Question: 3 years ago I suffered genital warts.Can I safely get pregnant and bear a child?
answer fully tested for STDs before you conceive.

Question: Can I get genital warts in the pool?
Answer: Such cases are not described.The virus is not stable in the environment.

Question: Your opinion about vaccination?
Answer: Drugs (gardaksil) were tested in Russia.You can believe that they are safe.But the degree of effectiveness can be judged by the passage of time.

Dermatologist, venereal diseases A. Mansurov