Paratyphoid A and B - Causes, symptoms and treatment.MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Paratyphoid - to build an infectious disease similar in etiology, epidemiology and ptogenezu with typhoid fever, but with a difference in symptoms.
causative agent, as well as in typhoid fever, belongs to the genus Salmonella.The causative agent of type A - Salmonella paratyphi;In - S. schotmuelleri.

In describing the morphology (shape, size, presence of flagella, etc.) are identical to the causative agent of typhoid fever, but biochemically in - is more active (fermentation of carbohydrates to acids and gas), which leads to a lower pathogenicity, that is caused by damage to the body.

well preserved in the environment, drinking water, dairy products.Relatively resistant to physical and chemical factors, and low temperature.Boiling kills instantly.Distribution and susceptibility widespread, as in typhoid fever.

reasons paratyphoid infection

source - the sick person or carrier.Way - fecal-oral contact and home.

Symptoms of paratyphoid

When paratyphoid A, the incubation period is shorter than in ty

phoid fever, and is 8-10 days.Then, as in typhoid fever (passes all of the same steps as the causative agent of typhoid fever), comes the initial period occurring in 2 forms - typhoid at 60%, and 40% of bluetongue.The main manifestations of this:

• facial flushing,
• scleral injection,
• cough and runny nose,
• fever, accompanied by profuse sweating (usually at night),
• rash appears at the end of the week, but it is not always typical, ienot only rozeolёznogo nature, and perhaps a rash very similar to measles exanthema.The rash is more abundant.

Paratyphoid B - the incubation period of 5-10 days or more.The initial period can occur in three forms: GI - 60%, typhoid - 20%, catarrhal - 20%.But whatever the form has not, the beginning is always sharp, as

• gastroenteritis,
• fever with large diurnal amplitude that heavier disease,
• abundant precipitations,
• can also be observed, and muscle pain.

Diagnostics paratyphoid

main method of diagnosis - bacteriological examination of feces, blood, vomit (little informative).Using the IHA for the detection of antibodies to Salmonella.Vidal RA and / or Vi-agglutination with standard sera (to confirm or refute the presence of precisely S. typhi).

Treatment and prevention of typhoid are identical with the exciter.Complications of paratyphoid are extremely rare (0.2%).

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