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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Trichomoniasis or trichomoniasis - an inflammatory disease of urogenital men and women.Called the simplest T. vaginalis (translated as Trichomonas vaginalis).Trichomonas - this is not a microbe, a "unicellular animals", ie more adapted to being antimicrobial and conditions of life in the body of a human host.


trichomoniasis is often mistakenly referred to as the clap, but it is not.Gonorrhea - Gonorrhea is, other inflammatory diseases urogenital caused gonokkokom.Trichomoniasis is sexually transmitted - it is not only the traditional contacts, but also oral and anal.

incubation period of 3-5 days (from the moment of infection until the first signs of illness), but given our era of antibiotics and antimicrobials, and their unjustified assignment, I had to advise patients when trichomoniasis delayed and up to 3 weeks.

Symptoms of trichomoniasis

first symptoms of the disease - a foamy mucus-men and women, cramps while urinating, itching in the urethra, the vagina.Quite often, when jo

ining other microorganisms, ie co-infections can occur and pus.But I wrote above that trichomoniasis - a unique, artful, scantily disease.Once in the body, the parasite starts to produce substances that suppress normal immune response of man.Trihomanady in the human body becomes "our own."According to the statistics of my patients (80%), the disease is asymptomatic, and people come with different kinds of complications, when he "rages" chronic form.According to the authors, an acute form lasts for 2 months, but it is very conditional.She shortened by repeated infection, lowered immunity.

tests for trichomoniasis

If you notice at the above symptoms and complications of the symptoms, which will be discussed below, "take" their sexual partner, and go to the doctor.I think that initially it is dermatologist.Why?

1) Neither a gynecologist or urologist will not (if it is "Expert") to treat your other half, and this is important, the problem is common.Very often prescribed treatment to the partner without inspection, which is extremely unacceptable.
2) Only a dermatologist can treat the couple, advise when you can start having sex after testing and treatment.If people are treated in different offices, they often have to deal with such cases: one sexual partner can be cured, and the other not, one doctor says that you can live a sexual life, while the other continues to examination and treatment.Oh, so the person is arranged to follow the path of least "resistance ....".

Sometimes the doctor when you need minihirurgicheskoe intervention (eg moxibustion cervical erosion) or study (ureteroscopy and hardware research urethra) may appoint consultation gynecologist or urologist.

I had to deal with people who explain the symptoms of trichomoniasis in that "I'm cold" (or "a cold"), are beginning to take a completely unnecessary antibiotics, "drowning out" this infection, complicating life for themselves and the doctor, who will then be bound to treat you.

Remember, self-diagnosis and self-medication are not allowed!

So you have a doctor.What tests need to take?Definitely - it smears.The men from the urethra, the vagina of the woman and the urethra.It is best if the stronger sex to come to the doctor with a morning urinary retention (at night to urinate, and in the morning not to urinate).

under the microscope Trichomonas in native preparation

Blood Test for trichomoniasis is ineffective and malorezultativen.Sometimes when a doctor suspects you have an infection, it will ask to make a shot (provocation) or advise on the eve of putting strokes to drink beer, eat something spicy.The fact that the Trichomonas feed your iron, which "take" from erythrocytes
(red blood cells).Therefore, "the cunning parasite" is taken deep into your tissue and "doing his job".In this case, to find it can be very difficult.Often faced with patients who present with complications of trichomoniasis and whose elevated white blood cells in the smear (the cells responsible for the protective function of the body), but the Trichomonas not revealed in any smear.Here comes in good old provocation ... It consists to drastically reduce the patient's immune system and create favorable conditions for Trichomonas, to identify them in the analyzes.

Treatment of trichomoniasis

main group of drugs in the treatment of trichomoniasis - is a 5-nitromedazoly (Trichopolum, metrogil, tiberal ..).Take into account that the dose of the drug, on the packaging, small and ineffective.For the treatment of co-infections used broad-spectrum antibiotics (JUnidoks, Azitroks etc).In the chronic form join immunomodulators (pirogenal, immunal ....), absorbable preparations (Lidaza, trypsin, Wobenzym), preparations improving intestinal flora
(Hilak forte, Normase ...).Local treatment in the form of baths and injections into the urethra (chlorhexidine, miramistin ....).

Sexuality and the use of alcohol during treatment is strictly prohibited.It is advisable, after treatment, particularly chronic forms of trichomoniasis, get treatment products that will improve the intestinal microflora.A person is considered cured of trichomoniasis, if not detected in women Trichomonas - monthly for 2 cycles males 2 weeks after treatment and also after one month.

Folk remedies for the treatment of trichomoniasis

only one folk remedies to cure trichomoniasis is not possible.Phytotherapy is assigned only together with the main drugs.Mono treatment of folk remedies only to "drown out" the infection.Your doctor may appoint you swabs with onions, vanochki Calendula, drink leaf fireweed, but it is only in addition to the basic treatment.

complications trichomoniasis

Let's look at this situation, if you do not go to the doctor.Then join complications such as:

1) Prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland in men.No wonder the prostate called "the heart of man."This gland participates in the conception functions as affect the quality of semen.The main symptoms - abdominal pain, frequent urination, especially at night.
2) Orchitis - inflammation of the testicle.Typically, this "acute condition" - severe pain in the testicles, fever.
3) salpingo women - inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, characterized by abdominal pain, pain during sexual intercourse.

If "skip" and complications - is a direct path to infertility, benign and malignant tumors of the prostate, uterus.Yes, do not be surprised.Due to the reduction of local immunity lifted oncoviruses head - causes cancer.We must remember that if your sexual partners will found Trichomonas, and you do not, then the two are treated.Do not hesitate to consult a doctor, even for the purpose of prevention, especially if you are sexually active.

Trichomoniasis during pregnancy

established an extremely negative impact of trichomoniasis on pregnancy - a miscarriage, malformation, hypoxia (fetal development at reduced doses of oxygen), infection of the placenta.When ovarian failure interferes with the normal function of the endocrine, but this and the normal course of pregnancy.Waste products Trichomonas (toxins) cause the death of fetal cells.Joining secondary microorganisms contributes to infection of the placenta and fetus.

Take 5 nitromedazoly only from 12 weeks of pregnancy and at lower doses.If we do not cure trichomoniasis, that we contribute to a more or less normal course of pregnancy.The conclusion to be surveyed conceiving a child with his wife (spouse) on the disease, sexually transmitted diseases.

Prevention of trichomoniasis

Best trichomoniasis prevention - it is true to its Partner of.Not without reason in the Muslim countries, where strict laws, the high birth rate.But if casual sex can not be avoided, use condoms, but no condom, according to American scientists, does not give a 100% guarantee against infection.Actively used in surface treatment of men genitals and infusion into the urethra and chlorhexidine Miramistin.In women
toilet of external genitals with soap and water and candles, such as "Hexicon".

Doctor's consultation on trichomoniasis:

Question: Does Trichomonas infection is possible in the bath, common toilets?
Answer: In principle, no.There may be isolated cases and only through close contact.Trichomonas die quickly outside the body.

Question: Can be infected with trichomoniasis airborne?
Answer: No

Question: If there was a casual sexual relationship, when better to do prevention?
A: Within 3 hours later it does not make sense.

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