Ureaplasmosis ( ureaplasma urealitikum ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Ureaplasmosis - a disease transmitted through sexual contact, which affects the urogenital area.Currently, the term "ureaplasmosis" is not officially used in modern medical literature to describe diseases and conditions associated with infection by ureaplasma, used the term ureaplasma infection.

reasons ureaplasmosis

Called this pathology ureaplasma (Ureaplasma urealyticum), which in turn is divided into two subspecies 1) parvum and 2) the T-960.But this information will be more useful, perhaps, technicians and nauchnyi employees, not patients.I told about it, because often write on analyzes of these two forms, but the symptoms and treatment in both cases are identical.

Ureaplasma urealitikum schematically

Ureaplasma urealitikum view of an electron microscope

ureaplasmas allocated for the first time in 1954 from the urethra.They belong to the family Mycoplasmatales, ie uraplazmoz - it's the same mycoplasmosis.Ureaplasma different from other species of mycoplasma that breaks down uric

acid to ammonia.Sexually transmitted infections, but can be transmitted from mother to child through amniotic fluid (mostly girls).

There is still no consensus on whether to consider a ureaplasma pathogen that is harmful to the body, whether it belongs to the category of infections, sexually transmitted infections, prescribe whether the treatment when it is detected, if there are no symptoms.And yet the order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation № 315 from 2000 ureaplasmosis was excluded from the list of infections that are registered as a sexually transmitted disease, but according to the 2006 WHO classification of genital infections g Ureaplasma urealyticum (Ureaplasma urealitikum) refers to the agents of genital infections.

disease is poorly understood and different authors interpret it differently.As always, in his article, I will draw on personal experience and not repeat what is written in other materials.

Symptoms ureaplasmosis

If we talk about the symptoms of ureaplasma infection, it is necessary to remember that ureaplasmosis - a latent infection.In monovide he is asymptomatic, ie discharge, there will be no rezey.Much worse, if ureaplasmosis combined with other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.At this point a man "pass the buck" many complications that I will describe below.

So remember, the diagnosis does not put you and reveal ureaplasmosis only in the clinic, taking the appropriate analysis.As I wrote earlier in his articles: Do not forget at least once a year, tested for diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Treatment is not possible with accurate diagnosis.

What ureaplasmosis dangerous during pregnancy or conception?This infertility, because, like all urogenital mycoplasma, she "sits" on the sperm, preventing its movement toward the egg.Miscarriage, premature delivery, intrauterine infection of the fetus, it is a common complication, especially in conjunction with other infections.So do not forget to thoroughly examined by a dermatologist before the planned pregnancy.

Assays for determining ureaplasmas

Arriving at the clinic, you will be offered to hand over analyzes, which are taken from the brush just the urethra in men and cervix in women.Often prescribed seeding, where the presence of the pathogen it is growing in a nutrient medium, because the conventional smear microscopy ureaplasma is not defined.

can oprededelit and sensitivity to antibiotics.But my relation to it is ambiguous.All the same pathogen in the body and out of it - it's a different state.And 100% say that ureaplasmosis will be well treated in some drug difficult.

Lovely method and identification of the pathogen DNA (PCR).Good to know that I will smite this or that body or not, this is ultrasound of the uterus in women and prostate cancer in men.If treated ureaplasmosis without considering this, we will not achieve the desired concentration of the antibiotic in a sick body, as it is remote and Patriotic.

Treatment ureaplasmosis

Ureaplasma urealitikum - is conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, that is, they cause disease under certain adverse conditions, in particular, if there are other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.In identifying the patient a ureaplasma, I'm starting to be treated with immunomodulators (pirogenal, immunal), physiotherapy (magnetotherapy, inductothermy), resolving treatment (lidasa).In short I prepare the body to receive antibiotics and spend diagnostics of other infections, sexually transmitted diseases.

Very often during treatment with "get out" such terrible diseases as gonorrhea and trichomoniasis, which "climbed" deep in the body.

Because antibiotics are well treated ureaplasmosis, used macrolides (Hemomitsin, josamycin).Just use tetracyclines (JUnidoks), but to them at the present stage there was stability.Virtually all drugs can be freely buy at the pharmacy, but correct treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor through accurate diagnosis, you can not do on their own in a flat.

During treatment will need to refuse sexual relations and drinking.Upon receipt of tetracycline - from the sun and tanning, as this period increases the skin's sensitivity to UV light.It is impossible at the time of their admission to eat and drink milk and dairy products, carbonated and mineral water.

control after the treatment is carried out one month after the last use of antibiotics.If there were complications, it is assigned a check-up in the form of diagnostic ultrasound.

Cure ureaplasmosis some folk remedies can not, you can simply start the infection.Folk remedies are assigned to the main treatment - these are different fees herbs like yarrow, violet tricolor, lungwort.As you may have realized that without antibiotics "do nothing".

Complications ureaplasmosis

As I mentioned, in addition to the pathology of pregnancy, ureaplasmosis dangerous such severe complications as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate in men), and inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries in women (salpingo), leading to infertility.These complications occur very often, as seen from my practice, particularly if ureaplasmosis combined with other sexually transmitted infections.The bad news is that these complications can occur without apparent complaints from the sick person.People simply do not seek help.That is why it is useful to pass routine inspections and submit at least once a year tests for STDs.

Prevention ureaplasmosis

ureaplasmosis Prevention - Prevention is the same as all the STIs.

1. Avoidance of casual sex
2. Active prevention with a doctor after them (the sooner the better).
3. Use of condoms and their correct use.
4. Antiseptic solutions (miramistin, chlorhexidine) in the urethra in men, after sexual intercourse, as well as candles (farmateks, terzhinan, "Hexicon") in women.

doctor Consultation ureaplasmosis

Question: Is it possible to ureaplasmosis infection from animals.
Answer: No.Ureaplasmosis - anthroponosis is (transmitted from person to person).

Question: After the treatment, I was monitoring a month.Analysis of the negative, ultrasound of the prostate gland is normal.Can I consider myself cured?
Answer: Yes.

Q: If I have found ureaplasmosis, then treated with two sexual partner?
Answer: Yes.

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