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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Urogenital chlamydiosis - a disease transmitted through sexual contact, characterized mainly defeat urogenital system, as well as other systems (bone, visual).Called urogenital chlamydiosis Chlamidia Trachomatis, one of the 15 species of chlamydia.Living chlamydia in the cells of the body and there live and breed.Chlamydia is unique in that it is in the structure of the bacterium, and behaves like a virus, ie multiplies inside host cells - human.


Causes infection

The main route of transmission - sexual.Chlamydia very neustoichivy in the external environment, when heated to 90 degrees die within 1 minute, so the consumer is unlikely route of infection.During the passage through the birth canal possible infection of the newborn to the development of his conjunctivitis and pneumonia.

Symptoms of chlamydia

Classically during chlamydia are asymptomatic.No wonder it is (together with ureaplasmosis and mycoplasmosis) are called "latent infection".Many authors describe symptoms such as: "p

urulent discharge, cramps while urinating, but I do not agree with this if this is present, then surveyed for other sexually transmitted diseases, mainly on trichomoniasis and gonorrhea Main chlamydia symptoms start to appear when joined..complications, which I will later. the danger is that the person feels completely healthy, but it is not. When the alleged welfare infection does the "dirty work". Therefore, at least once a year to be screened and "latent infection" from dermatologist.

incubation period of chlamydia sostavlyaetot 7 to 30 days, usually 7 -. 14 days

tests for chlamydia

tests for chlamydia are taken special brush (from the urethra in men, cervix and urethra in women), because we need your cellin which they live chlamydia Science offers a range of laboratory examinations I'll tell you about the most common

  1. Probably the most "fashionable" -... it PCR , stands for polymerase chain reaction.The essence of the method is to detect the DNA of the pathogen.The authenticity of its 90%, but it requires very good preparation laboratory.
  2. PIF - direct immunoflyurestsentsiya.The reaction of the protein caused by chlamydia and special reagent formed glow that we can see under the microscope.This is the most accurate method for detecting chlamydia.

Treating chlamydia

There are many different, sometimes diametrically opposite points of view on this problem.It is very difficult diagnosis of infection, the doctors do not have a unified approach to the treatment of this disease, described a lot of different treatment regimens.

But prreparaty of choice in the treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis in any case - is antibiotics.Tetracycline series (tetracycline, JUnidoks), fluoroquinolones (ofloksin 200 abaktal), macrolides (erythromycin, Azitroks).Required appointed immunomodulators (tsikloferon, neovir, Genferon in candlelight).When inflammation of the prostate gland in men and the fallopian tubes and ovaries in women - physiotherapy on the relevant authority (UHF, ultrasound), absorbable
drugs (lidasa, trypsin).

during pregnancy prescribe safe medications for the fetus, such as an antibiotic - macrolide Rovamycinum.Despite the fact that all drugs have in the free market, self unacceptable.In general, with proper treatment, which may appoint a doctor, chlamydia treated well.

If you experience a failure after the first year, then look for the cause - be surveyed on other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

During treatment can not take alcohol and sexual activity.In the appointment of tetracycline antibiotics are eliminated from the diet carbonated beverages and milk and dairy products, as well STAYS in the sun, since while receiving drugs in this group uvelichivyetsya skin sensitivity to sunlight.You simply can easily "burn".

Treatment of chlamydia is held by prescription and under supervision of a physician and lasts 3 weeks or more.General prerequisite to successful treatment is the simultaneity of treatment for both spouses or sexual partners, even in cases where a chlamydia one of them is not found.

After treatment, check-up is carried out in a month.Chlamydia patient is considered cured if after treatment for 1-2 months in laboratory studies had not detected chlamydia.

not use folk remedies, as the main method of treatment of chlamydia, as it is possible to achieve the stability of chlamydia.Means of herbal medicine are used solely as a supplement to the basic treatment - is douching with the infusion of garlic tincture upland uterus, tincture Èl'sgol'ts in the form of drops.

Complications of chlamydia

As I wrote, urogenital chlamydia - a "Scrat infection."Complications such as inflammation of the prostate gland in men, fallopian tubes and ovaries, proceed with scant symptoms.Short-term pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination may not be present.Man feel healthy, and this is dangerous condition.Benign and malignant tumors of reproductive organs, infertility can strike as a "bolt from the blue."

alone among the complications of chlamydia is probably Reiter's syndrome, which occurs with a triad of symptoms:

urethritis - inflammation of the urethra (cramps during urination, mucus), arthritis - inflammation of the joints (of pain, swelling, difficulty in movement), conjunctivitis - inflammationeye mucosa (eyelid edema, photophobia, lacrimation).In patients who were examined at me with this syndrome, in addition to Chlamydia I "found" Trichomonas.Reiter's syndrome leads to disability.Treatment is prescribed in addition to dermatologist and ophthalmologist rheumatologist.Generally always shows screening for urogenital infections, if diagnosed arthritis, especially in individuals at a young age, because this syndrome may be incomplete (eg arthritis + urethritis).

Arthritis in chlamydia

Prematurity, intrauterine infection of the fetus, placenta, birth defects - that the list of diseases that result from urogenital hlamidiz in pregnant women, if not to be examined by a doctor before the child's conception.

Self unacceptable, only a doctor can determine the cause of the disease and prescribe treatment correctly.

Prevention of chlamydia

prevention of urogenital chlamydia is the same as all diseases, sexually transmitted diseases:
try to avoid casual sex, condom use, solution miramistina and chlorhexidine in the urethra in men after casual sex, candles ( "Hexicon") inwomen + processing soap solution of the external genitalia.

Doctor's consultation on chlamydia

Questions whether chlamydia infection in the pool is possible?
Answer: No.Chlamydia unstable in the environment.

Q: How informative blood screening for chlamydia?
A: blood ELISA Chlamydia is a complementary method.According to it, the diagnosis is not exhibited.

Matters: Skills exposed diagnosis of urogenital chlamydiosis, and my partner is not.Should it be treated?
Answer: Yes.If chlamydia detected in one partner, both under treatment.

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