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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

All rickettsioses clinical symptoms, complications and treatment are identical typhus, but has its own characteristics:

Tsutsungamushi - a disease with the same common manifestations in the form of primary affect, lymphadenopathy, makulopapul—Ďznoy rash that and rickettsialpox but severe course.

tsutsungamushi Distributed in the Far East (Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands, Primorje).In other areas the disease is not dangerous, even if there gets sick person, because there is no primary carrier - red mite.

greatest changes occur on the part of the cardiovascular system, because in this case Rickettsioses heart becomes more vulnerable and likely to the fore - a gallop rhythm, sharp drops in blood pressure and frequent collapses, severe vascular disorders accompanied by Crocq's disease.

part of the respiratory system - coughs, against the background of developing interstitial pneumonia, tachypnea.

At the height of fever revealed a total increase limfauzlov poliserazitov and phenomena, ie free liquid appears

with signs of inflammation in the pericardium, abdominal and pleural cavities

When nonspecific diagnosis, in the KLA - leukopenia with relative lymphocytosis, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate.The OAM - albuminuria, or in severe cases, microscopic hematuria.From the second week using specific serological diagnostic methods (RSK, IFA, IHA) and the specific reaction of the Weil-Felix, which allow to define qualitative and quantitative antibody response.Also use the additional diagnostic methods for the determination of the compensation on the part of organs and systems: dynamic ECG, X-ray light.

The treatment besides causal treatment, the standard for all rickettsial diseases (tetracyclines, levomitsitin, and others listed in the typhus), important pathogenetic treatment, namely the appointment of cardiac glycosides and anticoagulants, but the latter is prescribed only if et opportunitymonitor the performance of coagulation

Total prevention system is in compliance with personal protective equipment against ticks and specific - use of a live vaccine in endemic foci in these areas suitable chemoprophylaxis (use doxycycline).

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