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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Infectious Diseases

Ostritsa (Enterobius vermicularis) - almost transparent worms white, 0.5-1 cm in size ( "small thread-like worm"), with a pointed end (hence the name "pinworm"), affects all sections of the intestine, but mostly fat.The disease belongs to the group Nematozov, which includes all nematodes that cause infection.Synonym of pinworms disease - Enterobiasis (from the Latin name of the helminth).

parasite life cycle is less than 2 months, and in the practice of recorded cases of recovery without treatment, if we exclude self-infection.If there is autoinfection - the disease can last for several years and lead to severe complications.The incubation period (the absence of clinical manifestations from the moment of infection) to 15 days.The source is a sick man who infects himself and others.The mode of transmission - the fecal-oral.After severe itching in the perianal region are often forgotten to wash their hands and under fingernails and remain pinworm eggs, which then fall on food and household items.


Causes of pinworm infection:

violation of sanitary regime, disinfection and hygiene regime (especially the habit of taking your hands in your mouth - it provides a self-infection and long-term course of the disease).

symptoms of pinworms:

enterobiosis main manifestation is nocturnal itching in the anal area, and this is due to feature the female of life - they creep out at night in the anal area and lay there eggs (each female lays from 5-15 thousand eggs), then die.The males die soon after fertilization.Deferred eggs can not be detected with the naked eye, and they can remain in the environment to 3 weeks while on household objects and presenting the risk of infection to others, because it is invasive (able to penetrate into the intestine and maturation) they are 5 hours from the moment of birth.

dyspeptic symptoms: abdominal pain, flatulence, nausea, appetite disorders.Also, there may be instability on the part of the nervous system (sleepless nights do not come), and manifest irritability. inflammation of the female reproductive system (since pinworms can often creep into the female crotch region and move forward, causing the corresponding symptoms).But all the signs of a relatively unstable (except itching peranalnoy area), because it will depend on the individual characteristics of each of the immune system in response to a toxic-allergic reaction and mechanical helminth.

Pinworms can cause a cough and, as it happens that their larvae fall into the lower respiratory tract.

Diagnostics pinworms:

Complete blood count (KLA) - increased E (eosinophils) - allergic response to the introduction of the helminth.Perhaps the blood picture show inflammation, but it will only talk about the complicated course of the gastrointestinal tract.

main method in the diagnosis of a microscopy perianal scrape (it is made in the morning or evening, to caving, with an interval of 3 days), the same study was repeated after 3 weeks to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.Perhaps the use of coprological research , but the chances of finding pinworms are minimized, because they are in a state of non-fixed only at the time of egg deposition, otherwise they can not even detect.

method sticky tape also practiced - the use of plastic tape on the perianal region, after which the results observed under the microscope directly to tape.

Treatment enterobiosis:

treatment is carried out antiparasitic drugs for older children and adults, the treatment is almost identical, but there is a separate quota for which the limited range of drugs - pregnant women and children are breastfed.For pregnant women and babies breastfed used drugs piperazine naftamon, pirvinium pamoate, flowers Artemisia Cina.For all other people are using the standard drugs: piperazine, naftamon, Vermoxum (mebendazole), vankvin, adipant.But they need to drink considering anamnesis data (lack of certain pathologies by organ systems), because the drugs have contraindications.The most easy to use Vermoxum (available for children older than one year) 1 tablet 1 time after eating, receiving repeated after 4 weeks.

Child from pinworms should be treated only if the examination showed that the parasites do have.Do not give your child anthelmintics based solely on symptoms.After all, anthelmintic drugs to varying degrees of toxicity.

On the day of the beginning of treatment, especially for kids, is advisable to use a cotton swab (soaked vanilla) in the anal area to reduce itching;You can also ointment anestezin.

Treatment folk remedies as may be excluded if organic lesions zheludlchno tract (otherwise it can lead to perforated ulcer), the main method - is garlic.It is advisable to use in the diet of cereal foods rich in fiber to restore intestinal motility.Application bifidum / or Lactobacillus Linex (in its composition bifidum and lactobacillus are more protected from the acidic environment of the stomach).Drainage therapy in the form of a statement of cleansing enemas with a decoction of camomile.

Complications enterobiosis:

severity of the symptoms and the possibility of complications will depend on the number of worms infecting individuals from their places of attachment in the intestines and on the response of the body (for hypertensive response type symptoms are more pronounced).The most common complications include: the part of the stomach and intestines - appendicitis, goiter.On the part of the female reproductive system - vaginitis, endometritis, salpingitis.

Prevention of pinworm infection:

hygienic standards (in particular a thorough proglazhivanie clothes iron).Periodic use as disinfectants in a flat 5% carbolic acid and 10% Lysol solution.And at the time of treatment of antiparasitic medication should take all who were with the patient closely and used household items.

Doctor's consultation on pinworms and enterobiosis:

Question: How long to treat enterobiosis?
A: The duration of treatment will depend on the condition at the time of treatment to the doctor, and now as a result of the choice of the drug (1-5 days, repeat the procedure in 3-4 weeks).

question: Is Formed immunity to pinworms?
answer this question quite diskutabelen and is still in the project, but at the moment, prone to the negative answer, since reinfection pinworms quite often occur.

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