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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neoplasms

penile cancer - a malignant tumor that develops from the tissues of the penis, which has destructive growth and the ability to spread through the body to form metastases.

reasons for penile cancer:

  • phimosis - a violation of the disclosure of the head of the penis.It is proved that circumcision ( "circumcision" of the skin of the foreskin) minimizes the risk of tumor development.Rather, such a pattern is due to the fact that circumcision prevents the accumulation of smegma
  • Chronic inflammation of the mucous of the glans penis and the foreskin.
  • Infection with human papilloma viruses, especially types 16 and 18.
  • Some benign processes and hereditary diseases.

Symptoms of penile cancer

The first symptom is the appearance of the modified area of ​​the skin in the form of a dense knot or sores, which gradually expands and increases in size, but initially without pain.The modified region may be located on the skin and the glans penis mucosa.

Photo: symptoms

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in in the altered area, are possible pus-like discharge from the surface with an unpleasant odor, blood in the urine or pain during urination.

In identifying such changes should immediately consult a urologist, who will inspect and, if necessary, a number of diagnostic procedures (scraping from the affected area, puncture enlarged lymph nodes).

If necessary, complete the examination ultrasound of the penis in the defeat (to explore the depth of tumor growth, the involvement of the urethra), inguinal lymph nodes and internal organs.

Penile Cancer Treatment

The best results can be achieved by surgical treatment: patients with small tumors - organ-sparing surgery designed to maintain organ function;for tumors beyond the head and having a large size - amputation of the penis.

Such treatments like radiation therapy, laser treatment and chemotherapy are ineffective, and give a large percentage of tumor recurrence.

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