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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Eye Disease

Asthenopia - subjective symptoms of eye fatigue, manifested in the reduction of visual acuity, blurred or discontinuity of these objects, such as letters, a headache, a veil, a feeling of "sand" in the eyes, photophobia.

Most often these complaints are amplified when working in close proximity, weakened or absent during the holidays.

reasons asthenopia

Risk factors for eyestrain: Reading in dim light, long-term work at the computer or watching TV, long being at the wheel, especially at dusk and at night, working with constant eyestrain, poor correction of ametropia, common diseases, in particularendocrine, intoxication.

There are several kinds of eyestrain: muscle (associated with the weakness of convergence), accommodative (reduced accommodation allowance), mixed (violation of convergence and accommodation), nervous (linked to stress and mental disorders), symptomatic (with different pathology of the eye and nearby organs).

Muscle occurs when uncorrected or improperly selected correction of myopi

a and astigmatism, as well as common diseases in which the muscles of the eye are affected directly, such as endocrine disorders (hyperthyroidism), myasthenia gravis, myositis.

When myopia work at close range comes with increased accommodation, which is carried out by means of the internal rectus muscles.When strabismus muscle fatigue is caused by fatigue because of the desire to overcome the eye deviation.

reasons accommodative asthenopia - spasm of accommodation, inadequate correction of hyperopia and astigmatism, eye and general pathology, leading to weakness of the ciliary muscle, for example, inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the eye.When working in close proximity must be power of accommodation, which is carried out by means of the ciliary muscle.

Diagnostics asthenopia asthenopia

Diagnosis requires special methods of investigation:

- visual acuity with correction and without;
- skiascopy;
- refractometry in the ordinary pupil and mydriasis;
- definition of squint angle method Hirschberg and sinoptofore;
- to determine the nature of using a four-point test;
- measurement of the provision of accommodation - in front of one eye placed an opaque screen and another offer to read the text at a distance of 33 cm is then placed in front of it negative lens with increasing force and give some time "to get used to.".The most powerful lens in which the text can still be read, it is considered a reserve accommodation.In 20-30 years, it is equal to 10 diopters, after 40 years of decreasing;
- definition fusional reserves made on sinoptofore.In this case two images are joined together, and then begin to separate halves drawings and subjectively determined when the eye begins to perceive the image as 2 different.Normally, positive reserves (converged) 15-25 degrees, and negative (divergent) 3-5 degrees.When they reduced eyestrain.It can also be determined by means of prismatic lenses.

Treatment of asthenopia

Treatment long, and largely depends on the willingness of the patient.The main method - the right kind of ametropia correction glasses or contact lenses.Required treatment causes eyestrain, including extraocular disease.To remove the spasm of accommodation and relaxation of the ciliary muscle instilled atropine or midriatiki short steps, for example, Mezaton, Irifrin, Midriatsil, Tropikamid 1 drop every day or every other day at night for a month.

uses hardware therapies for training provision of accommodation, convergence and divergence.This is achieved through positive lenses of different strengths, prisms, simulators.Classes sinoptofore to help train and develop fusional reserves.Laser stimulation of the ciliary muscle relaxes.Akkomodotrener operates the accommodation when you look and near and far, and can be used at home.


various computer programs are also used extensively.To remove eye fatigue and prevention of computer syndrome - EyeDefender, Safe eyes, RELAX.. If you have myopia, hyperopia, or strabismus, the EYE, Strabismus, Blade, Blossom, Crosses, contour, etc.

prevention of eyestrain:

- proper correction of refractive errors;
- respect for work and rest against the eye.Every hour eyestrain need to take breaks.At this time, you can do exercises for the eyes;
- adequate local and general lighting in the workplace;
- the use of special perforation points relieves tension of accommodation;
- vitamins for the eyes (Vitrum-VISION, Okyuvayt lutein, bilberry forte et al.)

forecast asthenopia with timely treatment and prevention of compliance with all the favorable rules.

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