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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Eye Disease

eye tumors - neoplasms associated with increased cell division.Tumors can be benign or malignant, and occur primarily in the organ of vision or have metastatic origin.The most common are tumors of additional eye apparatus (eyelids, lacrimal gland).

main neoplasms are the following localization: eyelids, conjunctiva, choroid, optic nerve, lacrimal gland and orbit.There are benign (slow growing without sprouting in the surrounding tissue, not metastasize) and malignant (invasive characterized by rapid growth with invasion of adjacent organs and tissues, as well as metastasis formation).There have tumors from different tissues of the eye and adnexa: skin, muscle, glandular, lymphatic tissue, vascular tumors such as hemangioma, fetal tissue (retinoblastoma), glial tissue (astrocytoma), etc.

Causes eye tumors

causes of tumors.are manifold:. the impact of the physical, chemical factors beam radiation, trauma moles, chronic infections, poor diet high in preservatives, fried foods, genetic predisposition,


Symptoms tumor

most common symptoms of eyelid tumors, in which the physician should be consultedthey are: the emergence of a variety of tumors on the eyelids, especially if they grow, itch, bleed, change color and shape.

When tumors of the conjunctiva may be a slight redness of the mucous, the appearance of tumors from pink to black, there may be spontaneous bleeding, visual acuity may be reduced in the propagation of the cornea.


Intraocular tumor for a long time are asymptomatic, they are often detected during routine inspections.The main features are a local change in color of the iris and pupil shape, during germination in the anterior chamber angle glaucoma symptoms arise, blurred vision, reasons which may be lens dislocation, tumors of the choroid and retina.

Tumors of the orbit manifold.Visual symptoms are an extension of the optic fissure, exophthalmos, is not amenable to reposition, limitation of eye movements, pain in the orbit and head and eyelid edema.

tumor orbit

if you experience any of the symptoms should see a doctor.

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