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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Eye Disease

Barley - an inflammation of the eyelash follicle or sebaceous gland near the eyelash root.

Causes of barley on barley

eye occurs because of getting infections (Staphylococcus aureus) in the sebaceous glands, which promotes friction eyelids with your fingers.By reducing immunity as there is a favorable breeding ground for mites (Demodex) in the hair follicles, which can also lead to the emergence of barley.In the laboratory take eyelash and look under the microscope the presence of demodex larvae.

barley Symptoms on

Proceeds eye disease is acute and begins with mild pain, itching, redness and swelling of the skin century morbid exaltation appears a few days with yellowish tip - is an inflammatory infiltration with barley head.Some time later, on 3 - 4th day, there will be a spontaneous dissection of barley and all of its contents, namely, the pus and pieces of necrotic tissue, will come out.And immediately decrease pain, redness, and swelling of the skin edges century.Full recovery occ

urs on the 7th day.

barley treatment.

If in time to pay attention to moderate pain in the edge of the eyelid, itching, redness and swelling of the eyelid skin the edge, it is quite often (4-5 times a day) to lubricate the damaged area with a 1% solution of brilliant green to 70% alcohol ( "Zelenka").In the presence of inflammatory infiltrate (limited painful elevation) shows dry heat or UHF-therapy.

Apply wet compresses and lotions are not recommended due to the risk of infection in the ducts of the adjacent glands.As the dry heat, you can use salt, cereals, sand or warm boiled egg.

heated in a frying pan to pour salt into a clean sock and apply to the sore spot.The salt should be warm in order not to make the burn.When there is breaking through the barley process heat can not do the procedure, because the heat increases blood circulation and inflammation spreads over a larger area.

Very often, barley can be combined with a bacterial inflammation of the eye (conjunctivitis), mucous membrane, in such cases needs to be done in the laboratory with the ophthalmic clinics bacterial seeding from the eye to determine the sensitivity of infection to antibiotics.According to the results the doctor will prescribe an appropriate antibiotic.If bakposev do not prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics (floksal, Tobrex et al.), The eye instilled every 4 hours for 5-7 days 30% sulfatsil sodium chloride (sulfacetamide).Independently antibiotic better not to drip, as long instillation of antibiotic leads to multiplication of fungal infections in the eye.

Sometimes the inflammatory infiltrate may have several heads of barley and accompanied by headache, fever, increase in cervical lymph nodes on the affected side.Not engage in self-worth, show yourselves to the eye doctor to make a diagnosis and determine the correct treatment strategy.

barley Extrude is totally unacceptable!

Oslozhneiya barley barley

accelerate the process of opening an independent extrusion is not recommended, as it dispels infection in the mucous membrane of the eyes of the century, the orbits and lead to complications such as the meybomit, abscess of the orbit.As the infection can enter the bloodstream (sepsis) and spread through the blood vessels in the lining of the brain (meningitis).

One of the most frequent complications of barley is meybomit.Meybomit- is an inflammation of the prostate cartilage century.Inflammation always purulent.Cartilage century is a convex plate, which forms the shape of the century.The cartilage century have meibomian gland.This gland is a modified sebaceous glands.The infection gets into the ducts and meibomian gland there is inflammation of the glands - meybomit.The disease can be either acute or chronic.Clinic of acute meybomita similar to barley clinic (pain, redness, swelling of the century), but infiltration is located deep in the cartilage and can be seen on the mucous membrane of the century when reversing centuries.Reveals inflammatory infiltrate through the mucosa.Chronic meybomit proceeds differently: on the edge of the eyelid is marked redness, thickening;yellowish-brown karichnevatye arise due to hard work meibomian gland.Infection with greasy discharge meibomian gland enters the eye mucosa causing chronic inflammation - chronic conjunctivitis.Treatment of acute meybomita is the same as the treatment of barley.Chronic meybomit treated with antibiotics, which are selected after bacterial seeding from the eye.Prevention meybomita is periodic extrusion (at least 2 times a year), the greasy content meibomian gland by massaging the eyelids.This procedure makes the eye doctor or specially trained nurse using a glass rod.Course- 10 times.

When appears frequently barley, a general examination by a physician and access to a doctor-immunologist for the purpose restorative treatment (vitamin therapy, autohemotherapy).

barley Prevention

barley Prevention is simple - personal hygiene: clean hands, do not use someone else's makeup and facial stranger towel.A proper diet with enough vitamins (raw vegetables, fruits should be in the diet each day).

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