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first time the term "autism" to describe the disease was proposed by the American scientist Leo Kanner in 1943.He gave the first detailed description of the disease, so the second the name of childhood autism - Kanner's syndrome.

Autism - a mental illness, the first signs of which necessarily appear in childhood up to 2.5 years.However, a definite diagnosis of infantile autism can only be installed at a later age (up to 5 years), when the child's social skills are formed in a group.The main manifestations of autism include isolation, desire for solitude, disorders of emotional contact with others, strange behavior.Most children with autism in boys.

Causes Autism

Causes of childhood autism are not fully understood.Most scientists are of the opinion that the basis of this disease is brain damage that can be caused by intrauterine infection (often, rubella), as well as parents' occupational hazards, in addition, damage to the fetal brain may occur as a result of Rhesus-conflict.

Many scientists believ

e infantile autism result of improper operation of individual genes, ie,recognize the hereditary nature of this disease.

small group of researchers a crucial role in the development of Kanner's syndrome assigns external factors, mainly the specific relationships in the family (dysfunctional families, brought up in an orphanage, lack of emotional contact with his mother).Apparently, in the development of autism in children participating set of reasons.

Symptoms of autism

first thing that usually wary parents of an autistic child, long before referral to a specialist - it is poverty of emotions.These kids later start to smile and do it rarely.They are indifferent to the caresses of their parents, and sometimes it seems that the child avoids tactile contact with his mother.The first games of children with autism also have features such as a clock baby can examine and sort through their fingers, showing no interest in a new bright rattle.Most children with autism are diagnosed with developmental delay.Sometimes it seems at roditeleyi even the doctors that the child is deaf or hard difficulty seeing - so he ignores calls to communicate.

As the child grows, becoming more noticeable deviation in the emotional sphere: the child inappropriately uses facial expressions and gestures when expressing their emotions, avoid eye contact-to-eye (looks like through a person), sometimes refers to people, both in inanimate objects.The child's behavior can dominate both passive and vice versa inappropriate activity.It

child with autism often monotonous, there are lots of repeated words, the child can chant for an adult individual words, or to issue the same type of meaningless sounds.The specific feature is the use of the pronoun "you" instead of "I".

conspicuous unusual gestures, pretentious manner of walking, sit, eat.In games autistic children prefer solitude, games are different stereotype, iein a game dominated by repetitive set of any action.Typically used as a toy various household items (clothes pegs, bicycle wheel), without associating them with daily life.One of the favorite activities of children with auizmom are various manipulations with water - transfusion playing with water.

Some children with autism are prone to self-harm - they bite themselves, pull hair, hit his head on the wall.In this case, parents need urgently to show the child to child neuropsychiatrist or psychiatrist.

sometimes observed in autism seizures, it also serves as the basis for an early visit to the doctor, becauseseizures are harmful to children's developing brain and require immediate treatment.

child with autism Survey

addition of autism in children, and other possible symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, neurosis.Some symptoms associated with autism can be as mentally healthy children and in children with brain damage caused by birth and other injuries, severe infections.Correctly assess the state of the child can only be a specialist in child psychiatry, usually not alone, but in collaboration with psychologists, educators, neurologists and pediatricians.Therefore, parents should not engage in self-diagnosis and the more self-medicate, because there is a serious risk of further upsetting the child's nervous system to work unreasonable use of any drugs.

To confirm the diagnosis of autism and exclusion of other diseases doctor may prescribe an electroencephalogram, psychological consultation.Sometimes, a psychiatrist is important to know the general condition of the child's organism - in this case it will need to familiarize themselves with the conclusion of a pediatrician, neurologist, ENT doctor to evaluate the data of blood tests and urine tests.

Autism Treatment

Most doctors very carefully prescribed psychotropic drugs to children with autism, because there is no accurate data on the positive effects of psychotropic drugs on the symptoms of the disease.The use of psychotropic drugs is justified only in the case of an excited child's behavior, self-harm tendencies to sleep disorders.In such cases, small doses of antipsychotics (haloperidol frequently, sonapaksa, rispolepta), antidepressants (eg, amitriptyline) used for the medical treatment of autism.

Medication autism also includes the appointment of drugs that stimulate the metabolism in brain tissue (cerebrolysin Aminalon, glutamic acid) as well as neuroprotective drugs (nootropil).

Often improvement in the state of a child with autism occurs and after a course of vitamin therapy.Used vitamins B, C and PP.At the pharmacy you can buy nootropil, and multivitamin preparations without a prescription, but it is better to decide on the appointment of a doctor took drugs becausethere are many different nuances.For example, some nootropic drugs can enhance the excitement and preparations, as part of which seems to be the same substance may have different impact on the child's condition (eg, Aminalon and gammalon).Parents need to strictly comply with the prescribed dosage of drugs a doctor and report changes in the condition of the child forthwith.

Medicines autism does not exist, any drugs only help to relieve some of the symptoms.

great importance in the treatment of autism is psychotherapy, family therapy and preferably , because the parents of a child with autism need the support of a specialist is not less than the little patient.We must learn to communicate effectively with your child, understanding, understand the features of the child's interaction with society.Patience and again patience is necessary when raising an autistic child.

The house is everything should be on the child familiar places, because the loss in your opinion fines from obstavnoki can upset the baby more than the absence of mom or dad.And in any case do not raise your voice, when stimulation is better to retire and settle down.

is extremely important for the child, and sessions with teachers.Intelligence in autism is not suffering, but because of specific disorders of the emotional sphere and a special way of thinking, so it is difficult for children to learn in a conventional program.Teacher-psychologist in collaboration with physicians to determine the best way of learning for a child will develop an individual program, which allows full use of the capacities of the child.

psychologist can provide indispensable support to the sick child.With the help of various psychological techniques can develop social interaction skills, overcome the difficulties of adaptation in the children's collective.There are psychological techniques designed specifically for people with autism, for example, holding therapy (method of compulsory hugs), contributing to strengthening the emotional bond between the child and parents.

now everywhere a lot of "courses" for children with autism and their parents, they work in a completely different techniques.Before attending such courses, please read their program and methods of work, qualifications and experience of teachers and psychologists.After all, the wrong approach can not be a step forward and jerked back, and lead to the loss of a child is already enshrined skills instead of the obtaining.You should choose one experienced psychiatrist who will lead your child practically all my life.

most important in raising a child with autism - patience and again patience.It is very difficult to attract the attention of a child with autism, and without that all your actions to him - empty air.Call the child by name, several times, calmly, if necessary, until it will turn its attention to you.In no case do not raise your voice and do not use brute force.This is followed by patient repetition and consolidation of day-to-day received a baby skills (eg tying shoelaces or buttoning lightning), even a long time after their child has seemingly mastered.It is necessary to adhere to the regime of the day, unforeseen events autikov permanently knock out of the rut.

In large cities, and the Internet, there are clubs for parents of children autikov where you can share your feelings and experiences.

need Separately say about child nutrition features with autism.It is proved that children with Kanner's syndrome have a defect in the work of digestive enzymes - these children decreased degradability of some proteins contained in milk and flour products.Therefore, it is advisable to limit the flour and dairy products in the diet of a child.

Some parents turn to traditional medicine for fear of medications used in psychiatry.However, traditional medicine has no effective means for the treatment of infantile autism.All that can offer traditional healers - soft soothing herbal agents, the main component of which is valerian, motherwort, sweet clover drug.However, this usually gives no effect.The harm of such "treatment" is postponing terms of treatment by specialists, and the later the child will receive professional assistance - the worse the prognosis.With the doctor's permission, you can take the soothing herbal teas as an auxiliary method of treatment.

Most autistic children with adequate treatment with age marked improvement in the condition.But, unfortunately, we can not exclude that in the older age of the child may develop a more severe mental pathology, such as schizophrenia.Therefore, it is important for the parents as soon as possible to see a doctor and begin treatment and rehabilitation of the child, in addition, even with a significant improvement of the status should not neglect routine inspections of child neuropsychiatrist or psychiatrist.

Prevention autism

the effectiveness of infantile autism prevention measures are developed.But to reduce the risk of this disease will seriously spouses to plan pregnancy.It should be examined by experts in order to identify and treat infections and chronic diseases.Pregnant woman at the doctor antenatal clinic should be observed regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid contact with infectious patients.

In any case, parents of special children do not need to despair.With the support of experts, you can make your child happy and help him find his place in life.

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