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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mental Disorders

Homosexuality - a violation of the psycho-sexual development of males, which leads to the manifestation of sexual interest towards persons of the same sex.Homosexuality should be referred to the state associated with the violation of sexual identity - sexual diviatsiyam.As with mental illnesses such as depression, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, required specific therapy.There is a notion that homosexuality is incorrigible, but homosexual behavior is acquired during life, and thus is a reversible process.

is also confirmed by the words of the Dutch psychiatrist Johan Leonard, who has written many scientific papers on the phenomenon of homosexuality: "For many years of my practice I have never seen a healthy and happy homosexual, homosexuality is not a disease, it's just a symptom of a certain neurotic personality disorder."

Homosexual relationships are strong enough - homosexuals frequently change partners, because two people of the same sex can not give each other that give full relations bet

ween man and woman.Patients with disorders of sexual identity are not looking for a permanent life partners, they only try to realize their sexual fantasies into reality.

Causes of homosexuality

1. These are not born! Scientists have long tried to find a biological cause of sexual attraction to persons of the same sex, but "gay gene" has not been found.Experience with identical twins who have the same genotype, showed that they had a distinct sexual preference.
2. Sometimes the development of the disease was preceded by homosexual contact in the past.
3. Sexual abuse or rape in the past.
4. infantilization and self-centeredness are a breeding ground for disease development.
5. Alienation from the father in early childhood contributes to the development of the disease, or if the father is perceived with hostility by other family members, commit acts of violence, was an alcoholic.
6. hostile mother against other females predisposes to the appearance of signs of homosexuality in her child.
7. Too high expectations and excessive protection of mothers leads to the development of the disease in boys.
8. If the mother wanted her daughter's birth more than a son and moved it to the subsequent education of the child (boy planted the interests of the other sex).
9. Sometimes the reason is that the parents brought in the child the wrong gender identity (for example, same-sex parents).
10. The absence, for whatever reason, one of the parents during the period of formation of the person (death or divorce).

Diseases for which can be found homosexuality

symptom in some cases, homosexual activity is combined with other mental disorders:
- social phobia,
- severe depression,
- suicidal thoughts,
- dependence on the surfactant (alcohol, drugs),
- schizophrenia,
- narcissism,
- a reaction to the traumatic experience.

symptoms (signs) of homosexuality


  • am interested parties of their sex.
  • rejection of the same sex.
  • Preferences in fantasy role-playing games or be a person of the opposite sex.Lack of courage, fearfulness.
  • Panic reactions and a strong aversion to team sports.
  • No identification with peers of the same sex.


  • experience sexual attraction to persons of the same sex.
  • sometimes tend to look like in gait, facial expressions, gestures at the women.
  • Pronounced homosexual activity.
  • propensity to engage in extreme forms of sexual behavior.
  • sale of sexual services for money (prostitution).
  • Addiction and other dependencies.
  • suffer from spiritual problems and remorse.
  • often feel jealous of their sexual partner.
  • Self-pity.
  • tendency to create illusions about himself.
  • Patients extremely shy.
  • going, interested in fashion trends, shopping.
  • features in clothing style (bright, tight-fitting, fashionable, bright, open, and so on).
  • not regard their illness as a problem.
  • Having a steady partner, continue to experience sexual attraction to other men.

Treatment of homosexuality

Attempts to treat homosexuals in contemporary society considered acts of discrimination.This is a false opinion as homosexuality (such as skin color) is not innate.This phenomenon is the same as the other unethical actions.The more inner moral disapproval to the disease, the greater the guarantee that the person will be able to change.Homosexuality - a reversible process.

Many people are cured (change) - former patients have married, have a family and live a happy life.The claim that "gay gay forever" - is a destructive myth.

For successful treatment of the patient should be compliance with several conditions.During treatment the patient is very important motivation.A homosexual must make a decision to change your life: do self-knowledge, exercise self-discipline, to reconcile with a healthy self-image itself.In turn, the physician must treat the patient with compassion and understanding, not with disgust.Since the disorder is based on many reasons, and the treatment is also different.

methods of psychotherapy

Hypnosis. The method consists in the fact that under the hypnotic influence of the patient, as it re-opened itself.The task of the psychiatrist - during a session cause true feelings, such as courage, integrity, patience.

Replacing one other sexual activity - sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex, even if the patient is not married.Just can masturbate with sexy female image.

Therapy maturing personality. The therapist helps the patient to understand, where are the emotional difficulties that leads to the formation of sexual attraction to persons of the same sex.The goal of therapy: to strengthen masculine identity and reduce sexually attracted to persons of the same sex, to help the patient to become a full human being.

Group therapy. Treatment with participation in support groups facilitates communication, enables patients to better understand the problem, to change their behavior.The therapeutic work helps participants understand their emotional blockade and improve relations with other people.

Idividualny psychotherapy. helps uncover unconscious motivation to homosexuality in a patient.Therapy takes time and concentration of the therapist on the same patient.The goal of treatment - weaken homosexual tendencies.

Psychoanalytic therapy. type of therapy involves the observance of a certain distance in between the patient and therapist.The therapist's task - to establish a professional manner no verbal communication with the patient.The method reveals the patient's relationship with his parents as a child.

Corrective therapy. important part of this method is that the patient and physician communication in a friendly context.

Prevention homosexuality

  • pediatricians, child psychiatrists and psychologists should be aware of the symptoms of gender identity disorder in children.To carry out early diagnosis and proper prevention.
  • Doctors and other health professionals should familiarize themselves with the latest data, statistics that lead the successful cure of homosexuality.
  • Teachers are required to restrain the aggressive children, forbid them to tease and make fun of their peers.From the school - it is necessary to make demands to adolescents meet the standards, responsible for determining gender.

If the emotional needs of the child by a parent properly satisfied, the low probability that develop attraction to persons of the same sex.Children need affection, praise, love, as parents, and by the brothers and sisters.

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