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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mental Disorders

Hypochondria is translated from Greek as hypochondria.The ancient Greeks believed that in this region there is the hearth of human ailments.And we associate with melancholy hypochondria, melancholia, sadness.Modern medical meaning of the term is closer to ancient Greek.Hypochondria is called unreasonable person concern about their health, while it is often thought of pursuing the presence of a disease, often severe, incurable.It is not an independent disease, but a symptom of many mental disorders.

reasons for hypochondria

causes of hypochondria are not precisely defined.The great physiologist IPPavlov believed that hypochondria is the result of dysfunction of the cerebral cortex.A prominent Russian psychiatrist VAGiljarovsky believed that this condition occurs as a result of the perception of the central nervous system signals from the internal organs that are normally suppressed and do not reach the consciousness of man.

symptoms of hypochondria

In the modern classification of mental illnesses i

s the concept of obsessive hypochondria.Its main symptoms - anxiety fears for the health of patients continuously analyze the processes occurring in the body, "listening to him."At the same time they recognize the excessiveness of their experiences, but they can not get rid of the distressing intrusive thoughts.This condition can develop when viewing advertising medical content, medical students who start studying the symptoms of diseases (so-called "disease of the 2nd year"), after the rash utterance doctor.But apart from external factors provoking the development of obsessive hypochondria hypochondriac it contributes to anxiety and personality type - people like doctors call psychasthenic .

Sometimes a man sensitive to the slightest physical discomfort or lack of.He begins to exert tremendous efforts to achieve the perfect (in my opinion) the state of health.Then it comes to overvalued hypochondria .These people adhere to a special diet, which often develop themselves, or come up with a set of physical exercises to improve their health.They do not consider themselves sick, it happens that patients with overvalued hypochondria excite lawsuits against doctors if they believe that professionals underestimate the severity of their condition or deny them treatment.A similar pattern can be observed at the onset of schizophrenia, or exacerbation of psychopathy.

Delusional hypochondria - is confidence in the presence of severe incurable disease (eg, cancer, AIDS).Thus any attempt to dissuade the patient's physician are treated as fraud and failure in the operation or appointment of treatment assures patients with delusional hypochondria in despair state ( "doctors refused", "medicine is powerless").Often there are hallucinations, delusions in this variant of hypochondria.This is the most severe degree of the disorder, usually occurs in schizophrenia, sometimes with deep depression.

patient survey with hypochondriasis

When a person has no complaints in the first place you need to see a doctor (most reasonable, to the therapist).Only a specialist can tell whether there are grounds for concern about the health of the body, or it is a syndrome of hypochondria.To clarify the status of the patient the doctor will prescribe a blood test, urinalysis, electrocardiogram.These simple survey show the overall condition of the body.If necessary, ultrasonic or X-ray studies, consultation of various experts can be appointed to rule out certain diseases.If the part of the internal organs pathology is not revealed, and the patient continues to disturb the alarm for the health, it is advisable to come to the appointment with the psychiatrist or psychotherapist.This doctor read the results of the survey clinics may refer the patient to a psychologist to determine personality characteristics.

can not put off a visit to the doctor, if the thought of serious illness or anxiety about health for no apparent reason lasting for several days.Firstly, you need to really make sure that people are physically healthy.Secondly, hypochondria, left unchecked, can lead to tragic consequences.Thus, hypochondria and depression - rather dangerous condition.Such a patient who has decided that he is terminally ill, such as cancer, can take their own lives, not to be a burden to the family or not experience suffering.With hypochondriacal symptoms can begin serious diseases such as schizophrenia, depression, and it is very important not to lose time: the earlier the treatment starts - the better the prognosis for the patient.

Treatment of hypochondria hypochondria

Treatment is aimed at correcting the underlying disease.

If neurotic disorder or psychopathy - are used tranquilizers (Phenazepamum, Medazepam, Grandaxinum, etc.), soft neuroleptics (sonapaks, Seroquel, neuleptil).If we are talking about depression, use of antidepressants (amitriptyline, Luvox, Fluoxetine and other).More powerful antipsychotic drugs used for schizophrenia (haloperidol, rispolept, hlorproteksen).Of course, the drug should pick a psychiatrist.

Treatment folk remedies are unlikely to bring a noticeable effect.Hypochondria relatively stable state, and even with the use of modern medicine it is possible to overcome immediately.But if the patient insists the doctor approves the use of herbal sedatives (with valerian, lemon balm, hops), or herbal preparations with tonic properties (for example, having a part of rose, aloe) as a supplement to the basic treatment.Of course, the hypochondriac is not necessary to pick their own treatment yourself - even if the patient has the appropriate education.After all, he estimates his fortune inadequate!

Patients with hypochondriasis important understanding and support of loved ones.Their support, as well as collaboration with a physician will allow to achieve good results in treatment.

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