Neurosis ( neurotic disorders) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Mental Disorders

Neurotic disorders disrupt only certain areas of mental activity, are not accompanied by psychotic phenomena and gross violations of behavior, but they can significantly affect the quality of life.

The group of neurotic disorders are not included neurotic symptom, accompanying mental (schizophrenia, etc..), Somatic and neurological diseases.

The number of people with neurotic disorders in recent decades has increased significantly.Indicators neuroses prevalence ranges from 2 to 76 per 1,000 for men and from 4 to 167 per 1,000 for women.

Classification of neuroses

  • anxious-phobic (including obsessive-compulsive) disorders;
  • hysterical (mainly conversion) disorders;
  • neurasthenia.

anxiety and phobic disorders

One of the most common forms of mental pathology.

Among psychopathological manifestations of anxiety and phobic disorders, it is first necessary to consider panic attacks, agoraphobia, and hypochondriacal phobia.

1. Panic attacks:

Sometimes anxiety reaction may be a nightmare of

panic.People with whom it happens to lose control over their actions, almost do not realize what they're doing, they think that death is approaching.With the sudden appearance of this threat anyone can fall into a panic.However, some experience recurring and unpredictable panic attacks for no apparent reason, and this corresponds to the diagnosis of the disease - panic disorder.

panic attacks are called periodic short bursts of panic that occur suddenly and reach a peak within 10 minutes.

Panic attacks occur once every month or more frequently, which often leads to social exclusion of patients.

Most of this disorder develops between the ages of 15 to 35 years, and this diagnosis is at least twice as likely to put women than men.

panic attacks are characteristic of at least 4 symptoms of panic from the following list:

  • Gain or heart palpitations,
  • active sweating,
  • small or large tremors,
  • Feeling short of breath or difficulty breathing, feeling of suffocation,
  • discomfort or pain in the chest,
  • Nausea or abdominal discomfort,
  • Dizziness,
  • feeling abnormal lightness or heaviness,
  • lightheadedness,
  • Fear of losing control or go crazy,
  • fear of death,
  • feelingnumbness or tingling,
  • hot flashes or chills.

criteria for the diagnosis of "Panic disorder" (according DSM - IV ):

  1. Recurrent unexpected panic attacks,
  2. For at least a month after one of the attacks is marked atleast one of the following symptoms:
  • concern about the possibility of new attacks,
  • concern about the attacks and their consequences,
  • significant changes in behavior caused by the attacks.

2. Agoraphobia contrary to the original meaning of the term includes not only the fear of open spaces, but also a number of similar phobias (claustrophobia, phobia of transportation, crowds, etc.).Agoraphobia usually manifests in connection (or after) with panic attacks and is essentially a fear of being in a situation fraught with danger of occurrence of a panic attack.As typical situations that provoke the emergence of agoraphobia, becomes a trip on the subway, stay in the store, including large concentrations of people, etc.

3. Hypochondriacal phobia (nozofobii) -.. An obsessive fear of any serious illness.Most often, there are cardio, carcinogenic and insultofobii and sifilo- and spidofobii.At the height of anxiety (phobic raptusy), patients sometimes lose a critical attitude to his condition - refer to a physician profile, require examination.

Types of phobias

Natural phenomena:
Air - anemophobia (Anemophobia)
Cloud nefofobiya (Nephophobia)
Cold, ice and frost - kriofobiya (Cryophobta)
Night - niktofobiya (Nyctophobia)
Darkness - skotofobiya(Scotophobia)
Day - eozofobiya (Eosophobia)
Sunlight - fengofobiya (Phengophobia)
light - photophobia (photophobia)
flashes of light - selafobiya (Selaphobia)
Thunder and lightning - brontofobiya (Brontophobia)
Electricity - elektrofobiya (Electrophobia)
bright lights - fotoaugliafobiya (Photoaugliaphobia)
loud noise - ligirofobiya (Ligyrophobia)
cosmic phenomena - kosmikofobiya (Kosmikophobia) Meteors - meteorofobiya (Meteorophobia)
Comet - kometofobiya (Cometophobia)
-selenofobiya Moon (Selenophobia)
Northern lights - aurorafobiya (Auroraphobia)
Stars - astrofobiya (Astrophobia)
Sun - heliophobia (heliophobia)
Drought - kserofobiya (Xerophobia)
Floods - antlofobiya (Antlophobia)
Mist - gomihlofobiya (Homichlophobia)
Hurricanes - lilapsofobiya (Lilapsophobia)
Lakes - limnofobiya (Limnophobia)
rivers or running water - potamofobiya (Potamophobia)
Seas and oceans - talassofobiya (Thalassophobia)
abyss - kremnofobiya (Cremnophobia)
Rain - ombrofobiya (Ombrophobia)
Shadows -stsiopofobiya (Sciopophobia)
Snow - hionofobiya (Chionophobia)
water -hydrophobia (hydrophobia)
Wind - ankraofobiya (Ancraophobia)
Heights - acrophobia (acrophobia)
Woods - hylophobia (hylophobia)
Plants - botanofobiya (Botanophobia)
Trees - dendrofobiya (Dendropriobia)
Mushroom - mikofobiya (Mycophobia)
Flowers - antrofobiya(Anthrophobia) and smell - olfaktofobiya (Offactophobia)

World animal:
animals - zoophobia (zoophobia)
furs and animal skins - dorafobiya (Doraphobia)
Wild animals - agrizoofobiya (Agrizoophobia)
Ants - myrmecophobia (Myrmecophobia)
people - fear of bees (Apiphobia)
Ptits- ornithophobia (Ornithophobia)
Bulls - taurofobiya (Taurophobia)
Horses - gippofobiya (Hippophobia)
Cats -aklyurofobiya (Aclurophobia)
Cours - alektorofobiya (Alektorophobia)
Dogs - cynophobia (cynophobia)
Mice - muzofobiya (Musophobia)
Rats - zemmifobiya (Zemmiphobia)
Otters - lyutrafobiya (Lutraphobia)
Pisces - ichthyophobia (ichthyophobia)
Sharks - selahofobiya (Selachophobia)
Clams -ostrakonofobiya (Ostraconophobia)
Frogs - batrahofobiya (Batrachophobia)
toad - bufonofobiya (Bufonophobia)
bacteria and germs -verminofobiya (Verminophobia)
Insect -akarofobiya (Acarophobia)
Moli - mottefobiya (Mottephobia)
Parasites - parazitofobiya (Parasitophobia)
Reptiles -gerpetofobiya (Herpetophobia)
Snake - ofidiofobiya (Ophidiophobia)
Spiders -arahnefobiya (Arachnephobia)
Worms -skoletsifobiya (Scoleciphobia)

of Close scrutiny of others - skoptofobiya (Scoptophobia)
Touches - afenfosmofobyya (Aphenphosmophobia)
Sexual harassment-kontreltotofobiya (Contreltophobia)
Rape- virginitifobiya (Virginitiphobia)
Accident - distihifobiya (Dystychiphobia)
atomic explosion - atomosofobiya (Atomosophobia)
Radiation - radiation phobia (radiophobia)
physical or moral nakazaniya- rabdofobiya (Rhabdophobia)
Porky - mastigofobiya (Mastigophobia)
Critics - enissofobiya (Enissophobia)
were tied - merintofobiya (Merinthophobia)
to appear strangled - pnigofobiya (Pnigophobia)
choke - anginophobia (AngmophobJa)
Be in the crowd - ohlofobiya (Ochlophobia)
Dinner and lunch conversations - deypnofobiya (Deipnophobia)
stain - rhypophobia (Rhypopnobia)
be hypnotized - hypnophobia (hypnophobia)
litigations - litikafobiya (Liticaphobia)
Marriage - gamofobiya (Gamophobia)
surgeries - tomofobiya (Tomophobia)
religious ceremony - tepeofobiya (Teleophobia)
Staying alone - izolofobiya (Isolophobia)
Hear the good news - evpofobiya (Eupohobia)
be unnoticed - atazagorafobyya (Athazagoraphobia)
be mocked - katagelofobiya (Katagelophobia)

Alcohol - metilofobiya (Methyphoba)
Wines - oynofobiya (Oenophobia)
noxious fumes- aerophobia (aerophobia)
Dust - amathophobia (amathophobia)
faeces - koprofobiya (Coprophobia)
Rotting matter -seplofobiya (Seplophobia)
Food - tsibofobiya (Cibophobia)
Garlic - alliumofobiya (Alliumphobia)
Meat - karnofobiya (Carnophobia)
Vegetables-lahanofobiya (Lachanophobia)
Gold - aurofobiya (Aurophobia)
Metal - metallofobiya (Metallophobia)
Poison - iophobia (lophobia)

Pain-alginofobiya (Algiophobia)
Vertigo looking down - illingofobiya (Illyngophobia)
Nausea - dinofobiya (Dinophobia)
fainting or weakness - astenofobiya (Asthenophobia)
Fatigue - kopophobia (kopophobia)
Night ejaculation - oneyrogmofobiya (Oneirogmophobia)
Menstruation - menofobiya (Menophobia)
Aging -gerontofobiya (Gerontophobia)
Dreams -oneyrofobiya (Oneirophobia)
Solitude - monofobiya (Monophobia)
Wrath - angrofobiya (Angrophobia)
lesions - kakorrafiofobiya (Kakorrhaphiophobia)
dependent on others - soteriofobiya (Soteriophobia)
Failures - atychiphobia (atychiphobia)
forget something or have forgotten -atazagorafobiya (Athazagoraphobia)
Liberty -elevterofobiya (Eleutherophobia)
Fun -herofobiya (Cherophobia)
Imperfections - atelofobiya (Atelophobia)
Jealousy - zelofobiya (Zeiophobia)
Fool - heliophobia (Geliophobia)
Love - erotophobia (erotophobia)
Love -filofobiya(Philophobia)
Memories - mnemofobiya (Mnemophobia)
Poverty -peniafobiya (Peniaphobia)
Wealth - plutofobiya (Plutophobia)
-doksofobiya Thanks (Doxophobia)
Joy - hedonophobia (hedonophobia)
Responsibility - hypengyophobia (hypengyophobia)

diseases in general - patofobiya (Pathophobia)
certain diseases -monopatofobiya (Monopathophobia)
Angina -anginofobiya (Anginophobia)
memory loss -amnezifobiya (Amnesiphobia)
Blindness -skotomafobiya (Scotomaphobia)
brain disease - meningitofobiya (Meningitophobia)
Cancer - cancerophobia (cancerophobia)
Myocardial - cardiophobia (cardiophobia)
Cholera -horofobiya (Chorophobia)
Constipation - koprastazofobiya (Coprastasophobia)
Infections - molizmofobiya (Molysmophobia)
Diabetes -diabetofobiya (Diabetophobia)
rabies - cynophobia (Cynophobia)
Grippa- febrifobiya (Febriphobia)
Injuries - tripanofobiya (Trypanophobia)
Injuries - travmatofobiya (Traumatophobia)
Madness - dementofobiya (Dementophobia)
pruritus - acarophobia (acarophobia)
Leprosy - leprofobiya (Leprophobia)
Lice - ftiriofobiya (Phthiriophobia)
rhinitis - epistaksiofobiya (Epistaxiophobia)
Phobias - fobiofobiya (Phobophobia)
Poisoning-toksikofobiya (Toxicophobia)
Polio - poliozofobiya (Poliosophobia)
Hemorrhoids-proktofobiya (Proctophobia)
Shock - gormefobiya (Hormephobia)
Sexual perversion - parafobiya (Paraphobia)
skin diseases - dermatoziofobiya (Dermatosiophobia)
Syphilis -luifobiya (Luiphobia)
Tuberculosis - ftiziofobiya (Phthisiophobia)
vaccinations - vaktsinofobiya (Vaccinophobia)
-kipridofobiya Sexually transmitted diseases (Cypndophobia)

Asymmetric things - asimmetrifobiya(Asymmetriphobia)
small thing - mikrofobiya (Microphobia)
Large items - megalofobiya (Megalophobia)
Holy items -agiofobiya (Hagiophobia)
Car -motorofobiya (Motorophobia)
Bicycle -tsiklofobiya (Cyclophobia)
Books - bibliofobiya (Bibliophobia)
Hours-hronometrofobiya (Chronometrophobia)
Computers - kiberfobiya (Cyberphobia)
Crosses and crucifixes -staurofobiya (Staurophobia)
crystal and glass - kristallofobiya (Crystallophobia)
Dolls - pediofobiya (Pediophobia)
new drugs - neofarmofobiya (Neopharmaphobia)
Tissue -tekstofobiya (Textophobia)
feathers -pteronofobiya (Pteronophobia)
Flutes - aulofobiya (Aulophobia)
Machines - mehanofobiya (Mechanophobia)
Mirrors - katoptrofobiya (Catoptrophobia)
money -hrometofobiya (Chrometophobia)
needles and prickly objects - aichmophobia (aichmophobia)
Bullets-ballistofobiya (Ballistophobia)
Firearms - hoplophobia (Hoplophobia)
Nuclear weapons - nukleomitufobiya (Nucleomituphobia)
Paper - papirofobiya (Papyrophobia)
Pines - enetofobiya (Enetophobia)
Razors - ksirofobiya (Xyrophobia)
Phones -telefonofobiya (Telephonophobia)

People generally Anthropophobia (Anthropophobia)
Society - social phobia (sociophobia)
Bald - peladofobiya (Peladophobia)
Bearded - pogonofobiya (Pogonophobia)
Beautiful women - kaliginefobiya (Caligynephobia)
freak teratofobiya (Teratophobia)
own reflection in the mirror -eysoptrofobiya (Eisoptrophobia)
beggars and beggars - gobofobiya (Hobophobia)
Thieves -stselerofobiya (Scelerophobia)
Children -pedofobiya (Pedophobia)
innocent girls - partenofobiya (Parthenophobia)
The Chinese -sinofobiya (Sinophobia)
Clowns - koulrofobiya (coulrophobia)
Dentists -dentofobiya (Dentophobia)
foreigners - xenophobia (xenophobia)
Britons - Anglophobia (Anglophobia)
Frenchmen - Francophobe (Francophobia)
Germans - tevtofobiya (Teutophobia)
Greeks - gellofobiya (Heliophobia)
homosexuals - homophobia (homophobia)
men Androphobia (Androphobia)
the Japanese - yaponofobiya (Japanophobia)
Jews - Judeophobia (Judeophobia)
mother-in-law - penterafobiya (Pentheraphobia)
Starikov -gerontofobiya (Gerontophobia)
Pope - papafobiya (Papaphobia)
Policy - politikofobiya (Politicophobia)
Priests - ierofobiya (Hierophobia)
Prostitutes - kipridofobiya (Cypridophobia)
Robbers - harpaxophobia (harpaxophobia)
Russkih- Russophobia (Russophobia)
Relatives -singenezofobiya (Syngenesophobia)
Women - ginofobiya (gynophobia)
Teenagers - ephebiphobia (Ephebiphobia)
Representatives of the opposite sex - Heterophobia (Heterophobia)
Warlocks and witches - vikkafobiya (Wiccaphobia)

Swim -ablutofobiya (Ablutophobia)
Go to bed - klinofobiya (Clinophobia)
Keep the car - amaxophobia (amaxophobia)
give birth - malevziofobiya (Maleusiophobia)
Moving away -tropofobiya (Tropophobia)
Dress - vestifobiya (Vestiphobia)
work at a computer - kiberfobiya (Cyberphobia)
cooking - mageyrokofobiya (Mageirocophobia)
crossing the street - agyrophobia (Agyrophobia)
Dance -horofobiya (Chorophobia)
Decide -detsidofobiya (Decidophobia)
not fulfill their duty - paralipofobiya (Paralipophobia)
Dermatologic -farmakofobiya (Pharmacophobia)
Going to the doctor - yatrofobiya (latrophobia)
Treat teeth -odontofobiya (Odontophobia)
Drink -dipsofobiya (Dipsophobia)
there, swallow - phagophobia (phagophobia)
Fly - aviafobiya (aviophobia)
Operate (surgeons) -ergaziofobiya (Ergasiophobia)
Writing - grafofobiya (Graphophobia)
Kissing -filemafobiya (Philemaphobia)
Learn - sofofobiya (Sophophobia)
Treat (physicians) - opiofobiya (Opiophobia)
Move - kinetofobiya (Kinetophobia)
Speak your Mind -doksofobiya (Doxophobia)
ride on the train - siderodromofobiya (Siderodromophobia)
Travel - godofobiya (Hodophobia)
Going to school -didaskaleynofobiya (Didaskaleinophobia)
speak -laliofobiya (Laliophobia)
Talking on the phone - phonophobia (phonophobia)
speak publicly - glossofobiya (glossophobia)
sleep -somnifobiya (Somniphobia)
Sit - katisofobiya (Kathisophobia)
think -fronemofobiya(Phronemophobia)
work - ergofobiya (Ergophobia)
walk - ambulofobiya (Ambulophobia)
Wash - abultofobiya (Abultophobia)
Having sex - koitofobiya (Coitophobia)
sinned - enoziofobiya (Enosiophobia)
lost innocence -primeyzodofobiya (Primeisodophobia)
Steal -kleptofobiya (Kleptophobia)
undress in public -disabillofobiya (Dishabillophobia)
urinate -urofobiya (Urophobia)
long wait - makrofobiya (Macrophobia)
plump - obezofobiya (Obesophobia)
Open your eyes - optofobiya (Optophobia)
returns home - nostofobiya (Nostophobia)

body and its parts:
unattractive own body -dismorfofobiya (Dysmorphophobia)
Blood -gemofobiya (Homophobia)
body odors -osmofobiya (Osmophobia)
Eye - ommetafobiya (Ommetaphobia)
total that leftside of the body - levofobiya (Levophobia)
All that on the right side of the body - dekstrofobiya (Dextrophobia)
erect penis - medortofobiya (Medorthophobia)
erection loss - medomalakufobiya (Medomalacuphobia)
female genitalia - kolpofobiya (Kolpophobia)
Hands-hirofobiya (Chirophobia)
Lap - genufobiya (Genuphobia)
nakedness -gimnofobiya (Gymnophobia)
Teeth-odontofobiya (Odontophobia)
Wrinkles - ritifobiya (Rhytiphobia)
Alopecia - falakrofobiya (Phalacrophobia)
that is associatedwith time and death
death and dying - thanatophobia (thanatophobia)
CEMETERY - koymetrofobiya (Coimetrophobta)
time and hours -hronofobiya (Chronophobia)
Corpses - necrophobia (Necrophobia)
rot and decay - seplofobiya (Seplophobia)
Graves - plakofobiya (