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All of us know the feeling of anxiety.This feeling appears in a difficult situation, in conditions that threaten our health, and perhaps life.Many felt concern for the health of our loved ones, we often worry because of the failures of our children, someone frightens the uncertainty and instability of the future ... Needless to say, in our daily life there is always room alarm.Alarm signals about any troubles and help us find a way out of difficult situations - in fact this unpleasant emotion triggers the body's production of stress hormones, to help mobilize our internal resources and we can overcome the difficult life of a band.

How we feel anxiety?Quickens the heartbeat and breathing, sweating occurs (most often sweaty palms), can thrill someone pales.This reaction is the result of hormonal changes the body, which triggers the alarm.Samu anxiety can be described as a feeling of tension, discomfort, unpleasant waiting.

clear that anxiety is an integral part of our lives, when there are reasons for i

t.But there are diseases, when anxiety becomes a major symptom, while it does not help a person adjust to the outside world, but rather hinders daily activities.To diagnose a pathological anxiety developed a number of criteria on the basis of which the doctor makes a diagnosis of anxiety disorder.This disease is multifaceted and has many different manifestations.In this article we will talk about panic attacks - this is perhaps the most vivid manifestation of anxiety disorder.

What is panic attack

The term "panic attack" involves a psychiatrist suddenly emerging and recurrent attacks of intense fear.These attacks are accompanied by all the characteristic changes in the anxiety state of health - sweating, rapid heartbeat and breathing, paleness, etc .. Normally, such an attack lasts less than an hour, there 2-3 times a week.Such attacks may occur in different situations, but in most patients, seizures occur in public transport, public places, enclosed space.This apparent reason for the alarm is not present - that is,life and health of the patient and his family are not directly threatened.Seizures occur "as a bolt from the blue."

Causes Panic Attacks

What are the causes of this disease?This question has not yet found a clear and comprehensive response.Most experts believe that panic attacks occur in people who have been in long-term traumatic situations, either singly undergoing severe stress.But at the same time, not every person who visited in difficult life debacles, having panic attacks.So, of course, it has a meaning and a genetic predisposition to such reactions, as well as the features of temperament and hormonal levels.There are studies that revealed a predisposition to panic attacks people with low exercise tolerance.In addition, panic attacks may occur in diseases of the internal organs - the thyroid gland, heart and pancreas.Do people abuse alcohol are at increased risk of occurrence of panic attacks, especially in a state of withdrawal symptoms (so-called "hangoverĀ»)

Symptoms of a panic attack

How can we distinguish between normal physiological alarm reaction from a panic attack that requires treatment?The main criterion here - the quality of everyday life.When a person feels helpless, can not adapt to the outside world when the anxiety is unfounded and achieves high intensity - need help specialist, neurologist or psychiatrist, psychotherapist.Do not put off a visit to the doctor if the panic attacks continued for over a month, spontaneous and entail violations in everyday lifestyles.


Attempts to independently put yourself or your family diagnosed with panic attacks and, especially, self-administration of any drug can lead to tragic consequences.Panic attacks may also occur in the presence of various pathologies from the vital organs (for example, diseases of the thyroid gland and pancreas, cardiomyopathy - a variety of heart diseases, asthma, high blood pressure), as conditions similar to panic attacks may occur in epilepsy, neurosis andsome mental illnesses, so need expert help to determine the condition of the patient and appointment of adequate treatment.

Most likely, you will need to pass the standard and familiar medical procedures: inspection of the therapist, blood tests, urine tests, an electrocardiogram.Sometimes it is necessary electroencephalography - a painless study of the brain.If necessary, your doctor may refer the patient to additional tests to clarify the diagnosis.

Once the diagnosis of panic attacks the doctor prescribe treatment.

treatment of panic attacks

patient pick up medication from the group of tranquilizers - these medications relieve excessive anxiety.The doctor will select a tranquilizer that most closely matches the patient's lifestyle, in addition, panic attacks are possible sleep disorders, mood - these problems can be solved and the selection of the drug.The specialist will take into account when assigning a tranquilizer presence of co-morbidities, the patient, in turn, must inform the doctor about the medications he takes, allergic reactions.Be sure to discuss with your doctor the possibility of driving while taking drugs, and if the patient's profession requires high concentration of attention, must also inform before starting treatment.

course, unacceptable use of alcohol and drugs during treatment with tranquilizers - this combination can lead to irreversible consequences: for example, the possibility of severe poisoning, until death, in addition there is the risk of a psychotic state - when a person ceases to make sense of the surrounding reality, and notcan control their actions.For effective and safe treatment the patient should strictly abide by the dosage of the drug recommended by your doctor to report changes in its and patient partnership - the key to successful treatment of any disease.

There are drugs that are not potent and sold over the counter, but it can alleviate the condition panic attacks.This medicinal herbs such as valerian, sweet clover ordinary, marjoram, motherwort and birch leaves, lemon balm, chamomile.The most common and most effective means of this group is valerian, with the appearance of the symptoms of an attack can take 2 tablets of valerian.Also, there are drugs that are similar in action with tranquilizers, but going down counter in pharmacies.

It normoksan (preparation having the basis of the same valerian), Grandaxinum (weak tranquilizer that does not cause drowsiness) and well-known of the Persians, and afobazol novopassit.Yet even those receiving more or less harmless drug is better to discuss with your doctor.

As for preparations of traditional medicine, folk remedies, though made based on natural ingredients, still contain active substances that can be harmful if they improperly use.Perhaps these drugs serve as a good additional means of treatment of panic attacks, but also after consulting your doctor.

But any, even the most soft drugs can trigger complications during treatment.When taking tranquilizers appear sleep disorders (insomnia and excessive sleepiness), mood changes (in any direction), decreased concentration, as well as allergic reactions, muscle weakness - you must immediately inform your doctor.Timely treatment specialist will help reduce the side effects of the drug, promotes effective and safe treatment of panic attacks.

second most important component of successful treatment of panic attack is psychotherapy.Today there are many techniques of psychotherapy (from anger management to Kurpatova techniques), to understand them and choose the best for a particular patient will help the specialist.

effect of the treatment will be more complete if the patient is to pay attention to not only receive medicines but also their way of life.To completely get rid of panic attacks, it is advisable to get enough sleep, eat regular healthy quality food, excluding from the diet stimulants (coffee, carbonated drinks based on caffeine, strong tea, chocolate, alcohol, too hot and spicy food).Useful moderate exercise, walking outdoors.

Preventing panic attacks

And, of course, as we all know, any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.And for panic attacks is not an exception.A doctor can teach the patient the method of anger management to prevent panic attacks, breathing techniques exist for the same purpose (eg, full yogic breathing, holotropic breathing).It is also possible to assign the weak tranquilizers as drug prevention of panic attacks.A good preventive property has and a healthy way of life of the patient.

timely and proper treatment initiated will help to avoid unpleasant complications of this disease.

Complications panic attacks

As the complexity of the patient's daily life there is a risk of joining a new panic attacks mental disorders - depression or hypochondria.The internal organs can also be negative changes, so when long flowing panic attacks can develop myocardial hypertrophy (that is fraught with violations of the heart rate and increases the risk of myocardial infarction), possible blood vessel disease (which reduces the quality of the blood supply to organs)

Thus, compliance with doctor's appointments, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body will get rid of this unpleasant condition as panic attacks.

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