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the first time the concept of "psychopathy", "psychopaths" have appeared in Russian medical literature in 1884.Then forensic psychiatrists IMBalinskii and OMChechett examination conducted some Semenova, accused in the murder of the girl, and came to the conclusion that it can not be considered mentally ill in the conventional sense of the word, but also to recognize her mental health is difficult.The case has caused great public interest and in the newspapers Semenov became known as "psychopath", referring to her difficult character.Until now, in everyday life, "psychotic" refers to people whose behavior brings a lot of trouble to others, and sometimes contrary to public morality.

Today under psychopathy refers to congenital or acquired stable character traits that make disharmony in the human psyche and create substantial difficulties in everyday life.As a rule, psychopathy some character traits are expressed very strongly, while others are underdeveloped.For example, over-expressed anxiety and irrita

bility, and control the behavior of the function is reduced.Or this: a high level of aspiration, self-centeredness and lack of adequate assessment of their capabilities.These traits can be in healthy people, but they are balanced and behavior does not go beyond social norms.Psychopathy is quite significantly different from mental illness.In individuals with psychopathic tendencies no deterioration over time, but also no improvements - ie,no speaker.Also, these people do not have intellectual disabilities, there are no delusions, hallucinations.For psychopaths harakternoodnobokoe perception of the environment, ie,they see only what corresponds to their expectations, and other information is ignored or denied.Therefore, people with psychopathy often have inadequate self-esteem (as overcharge or undercharge) and can not learn from their mistakes.

reasons psihoptii

reasons psychopathy not thoroughly studied.Some scientists believe that the character traits that form psychopathy are genetically determined, like eye color, for example.Others are inclined to think that the psychopath creates unfavorable environment.Also, it is believed that the basis of psychopathy is unrecognized organic brain damage.

symptoms of psychopathy

External manifestation of psychopathy is very diverse.Depending on the prevailing motives in the behavior, the following types of psychopathy:

1. paranoid personality disorder .Such people are prone to suspicion, they have a keen sense of justice.They are vindictive, quarrelsome in the team.In dealing too straightforward.The family is often jealous of his wife.Often paranoid psychopaths passionate litigation - ieinitiate proceedings for any reason, hypochondria common - belief in the presence of any disease and obsession with his health.
2. schizoid personality disorder .It closed visionaries, cranks with non-judgment.At home they are clueless, but passionate about abstract sciences - philosophy, mathematics.Schizoid alone, but not weighed down by that.Often indifferent to close.
3. unstable personality disorder .Such people are distinguished by a lack of willpower.Also, they do not have any interest, its perspective.They are subject to external influence, suggestible.There are no such people and remorse, they are easy to hand out promises and forget about them.Do not feel affection even to close relatives.At school they often have behavior problems in adolescence occurred running away from home (if the parents have tried somehow to discipline the child).As adults, these people tend to dependency and the search for easy money, without thinking about morality.Therefore, in patients with unstable psychopathy many criminals, alcoholics or drug addicts.
4. excitable personality disorder .Externally, these people are no different from others, is not affected by them.In this case, the possibility of inadequate flash of anger, irritation, aggression.Sometimes patients regret their intemperance, but totally do not recognize his guilt.As a child excitable psychopaths constantly had conflicts with peers, in adulthood, they often change their place of work, in all their life troubles tend to blame others.
5. Hysterical psychopathy .People of this type tend to theatrical behavior, the desire to be the center of attention, high self-esteem.They are brightly dressed, sociable, impressionable, suggestible.Interested in art.Attaches great importance to relations with the opposite sex, are constantly in a state of love, but deep feelings for them are uncommon.
6. psychasthenic psychopathy .This anxious, suspicious and insecure people.They are punctual, hard-working, but do not succeed in life because of fear of failure and inability to make decisions independently.Social circle is small, strongly attached to the family.They do not like the public attention.Sometimes, to relieve the constant anxiety may abuse alcohol.
7. Asthenic psychopathy .Its main symptom is fatigue, decreased performance.Astenikov can not long to focus on one thing.They are unsure of themselves, impressionable, quickly tired of society.Concerned about their health.
8. Affective Disorder. For these people, is characterized by frequent changes of mood, including and without apparent reason.Sometimes they are active, cheerful, but after some time, become depressed, sullen.These differences may be related to the seasons.

These are the main options for psychopathy.In practice, they are often mixed, iethe nature of the patients expressed different features.To understand such a variety of options is not easy, and the doctor, as to attempt self-diagnosis of psychopathy, they are doomed to failure, becausea man without a specialization in the field of psychiatry is almost impossible to distinguish between the symptoms of psychopathy and character traits of a healthy person.It is impossible without a verdict psychiatrist whether psychopathic traits in humans confidently say there is, or he is sick mental illness such as schizophrenia or depression.Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms, have a negative impact on human life in society, it is better to see a specialist: a doctor, a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Timely treatment for qualified assistance will help to establish social functioning and avoid many problems in the future (after all, if a serious mental illness is hiding under the guise of psychopathy, then quickly started treatment significantly improves the prognosis for the patient).

survey of suspected psychopathy

When referring to a psychiatrist is likely to clarify the diagnosis will be assigned electroencephalogram - a painless method for studying brain function, and psychological counseling to identify the characteristics of thinking, the state of intelligence, memory.Perhaps the doctor would have to be familiar with the data survey of the neurologist or urinalysis, blood.This is necessary to eliminate some diseases in which the symptoms are similar to symptoms of psychopathy (eg, thyroid disease, effects of stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy) may be observed.

Treatment of psychopathy psychopathy

Treatment medicines out if the pathological traits of character so pronounced that pose a significant challenge for the everyday life of the patient and his entourage.When depressed mood prescribe antidepressants (fluoxetine, Prozac, amitriptyline and others).When an alarm uses tranquilizers (Phenazepamum, rudotel, Medazepam, etc.).If you have a tendency to aggression, anti-social acts doctor will prescribe antipsychotics (haloperidol in small doses, sonapaks, etaperazin, triftazin).Also neuroleptics with sedative properties (hlorproteksen) used in sleep disorders, aspsychopaths easily develop dependence on sleeping pills.When expressed mood swings are effective anticonvulsants (carbamazepine).

must be remembered that in the treatment of psychotropic drugs is unacceptable and alcohol, especially drugs, becauseThis combination can lead to irreversible consequences, including death.Also, during the period of treatment should refrain from road management, at least, it is necessary to clarify this issue with your doctor.The relatives of the patient, it is desirable to follow the dosing regimen, aswhen psychopathy often a tendency to abuse drugs.Without a doctor's prescription in the pharmacy you can buy soft sedatives such as valerian, novopassita, motherwort tincture (in the case of psychopathy excitable type, or there is an alarm), but we can hardly expect them to visible results.

Psychotherapy sometimes gives good results in the correction of the manifestations of psychopathy.Such techniques are used as a psychodrama - a kind of group therapy in which played out scenes from everyday life.In Western countries, popular psychoanalysis - long individual psychotherapy program to detect subconscious complexes and negative attitudes.

happens that people avoid going to psychiatrists, even if there is expressed in this indication.Fearing bad publicity or the side effects of psychotropic drugs, such patients are turning to traditional medicine.But herbalists do not have an effective treatment for psychopathy.All that they can recommend - herbal consisting of valerian, lemon balm, mint, hops and other plants with soothing properties.Maybe it will be offered aromatherapy with essential oils of geranium, lavender, marjoram, or hot tubs with any infusions (usually the same balm extracts or pine).The immediate harm to the health of such methods are likely to not bring, but often fascination folk medicine prevents the patient to receive modern medical care, which leads to deterioration.In consultation with your doctor can apply therapy medicinal plants, along with the main treatment.

Psychopathy is strongly complicates the patient's life in society, and often makes it miserable ones.Psychopaths often fall into the criminal situation, they often commit suicide attempts - sometimes because of the inability to control their impulses, and sometimes for the purpose of blackmail or to attract attention to himself.Astenikov and psychasthenic with good intelligent data may not gain acceptance because of the peculiarities of his character, and awareness of this fact can lead them to depression.Depression, in turn, often leads to substance abuse - this method of relaxation, patients considered the most simple and effective, and in fact the problem is only compounded.Timely and proper treatment saves patients and their families from these ills.Also visit a specialist to help not to miss the beginning of a severe mental illness that may seem from the manifestation of psychopathy.

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